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Everything you wanted to know about web performance* *but were afraid to ask.

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1 Everything you wanted to know about web performance* *but were afraid to ask

2 The impact of performance on business metrics


4 4.4 seconds is the average delay in website response times when business performance begins to decline. Source: TRAC Research

5 The average revenue loss of one hour of website slowdowns: $4,100 Source: TRAC Research

6 Website slowdowns can have twice the revenue impact on an organization as an outage. Source: TRAC Research

7 Load timePage viewsBounce rateConversion rate 3 seconds- 22%+ 50%- 22% 5 seconds- 35%+ 105%- 38% 10 seconds- 46%+ 135%- 42% Source: Strangeloop

8 Speeding up a page by just 4 seconds decreases abandonment by 25%. Source: Gomez

9 The psychology of user expectations


11 Website performance is second only to security in user expectations. Source: Forrester Consulting

12 Brain wave analysis reveals that people must concentrate up to 50% harder when using badly performing websites. Source: Foviance

13 > 0.1 seconds gives us the illusion of instantaneous response. > 1 second keeps our flow of thought seamless. > 10 seconds keeps our attention, just barely. > After 10 seconds, we start thinking about other things, making it harder to get back into our task when the website finally responds. Source: Jakob Nielsen

14 A user who has to endure an 8-second download delay spends only 1% of their total viewing time looking at the featured promotional space on a landing page. In contrast, a user who receives instantaneous page rendering spends 20% of viewing time within the promotional area. Source: Jakob Nielsen


16 Theres a fascinating study (and podcast) that claim the truth about download time. The findings were that when people complete their task, they perceive the site as fast, although it may be slower than another site that frustrated them. Source: Stoyan Stefanov

17 77% of European consumers blame either the website owner or the website host when an online application fails. Even if the problem is due to external factors, such as connectivity, slow site speed becomes a defining characteristic of the website in the minds of many people. Source: CA Technologies

18 …time also flows differently depending on age – perceived 3 minutes for a 20-year-old are in reality 3:03 and, for a 60-year-old, 3 minutes are in reality 3:40. Source: Stoyan Stefanov

19 How web pages have changed


21 A survey of Fortune 500 websites found that: 75% contained third-party javascript 42% had third-party ads Source: Dasient

22 TechCrunch is a behemoth of a site, weighing in at just over 4 MB of data, 329 page elements, and a whopping 65 domains. About half of this comes from them directly. The rest comes from over 20 third parties. You read that correctly: 65 domains in total and half the content originates from someone else. Source: Keynote

23 Mobile web performance


25 The majority of study participants said they expect to be able to complete simple transactions like checking their bank balance in a minute or less [using their mobile device], or they will abandon the site. Source: Equation Research

26 Mobile web users over the age of 45 are more impatient – not less – than members of Generation Y. Source: Equation Research

27 The browser wars

28 IE6 is still used by 4-5% of the slightly older than average shoppers at In China, 60% of online shoppers use IE6. Each retailer must consider its own customers and the browsers they use when deciding how important each browser is. Source: Internet Retailer

29 In a survey of the Alexa-ranked top 200 retail sites, Internet Explorer 9 has very little impact – and possibly even a negative impact – compared to Internet Explorer 8, in terms of page load time and time to start render. Source: Strangeloop

30 Search engine ranking

31 After speeding up load time by 45%, a test page experienced a 15% increase in Google search traffic. Source: Light Speed Now

32 If your page load time exceeds 4 seconds. Source: Webmaster World discussion forum

33 For more web performance research, visit the Strangeloop WPO Hub : web-performance-optimization-hub

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