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Environmental, Civil & Drainage Services. About ChiRho Environmental Services ChiRho Environmental Services Ltd was established as a multidisciplinary.

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1 Environmental, Civil & Drainage Services

2 About ChiRho Environmental Services ChiRho Environmental Services Ltd was established as a multidisciplinary engineering group offering civil, water and environmental services to the Nigerian economy. We are recognised for the excellence of the engineering solutions we offer our clients. Our years of experience in both the public and private sectors and our commitment to excellence have earned us an Excellent reputation within the industry. Our multi-disciplinary project teams work alongside clients to look beyond original specifications and requirements to understand how projects can be done better or more economically and always with the minimum possible environmental impact. We use our construction and engineering experience to develop innovative and value added services to enhance our clients businesses. Our teams of consultants offer expert technical advice at strategic, corporate and project specific levels. We also have strong relationships with a large complement of associates in the United Kingdom and Nigeria and can call on further resources through our established networks. 2

3 Our Values Leadership: At ChiRho, you receive the kind of quality and service you expect from a leader. Our company is always evolving as the needs of our customers change and as new opportunities are created in the market. You can be rest assured that, working with ChiRho, you will enjoy the latest services, technology and developments in the industry. Teamwork: We make it our responsibility to know you and your business. We work closely with you to ensure that the solutions we provide are tailored to meet your unique needs and challenges. We are committed to your success. Customer Relations: At ChiRho, our highest priority is satisfied customers. You are important to us and you can expect us to go the extra mile for your business. Superior customer service is the hallmark of ChiRho. We are proud to serve you and work hard to earn your business 3

4 Services We Offer Engineering Services Civil & Geotechnical Engineering Water Supply & Treatment Drainage & Sewerage Rehabilitation Environmental Policy & Strategy Environmental Strategy & Policy Development Developing of Best Practice environmental guidelines Environmental Management Systems & Environmental Impact Assessments Environmental Services Pollution Control Industrial Waste & Facility Management Contaminated Land Investigations Solid & Liquid Waste Management Sewage Treatment Specialist Services Carbon Reduction Projects & CDM Projects Biofuel / Biomass Technology Flood Alleviation Studies & Projects Waterproofing / Damp Treatment 4

5 Management Staff of Chirho Environmental B. Osibamowo M.Sc – Managing Director B.Sc (hons) 1978, civil engineering, University of Lagos, M.Sc Environmental Engineering, 1981, University of Newcastle upon Tyne. Mr Osibamowo has had many years experience managing civil engineering and environmental projects both in the United Kingdom and within Nigeria. As the Assistant Engineer in Hertsmere Borough Council, he was responsible for the maintenance of all roads and the sewer and drainage networks, his role included planning, managing the tendering process and supervision of all contractors. His duties also included investigation and the design and project management of flood control schemes. He joined Ford Motor Company in 1996 as Plant Environmental Engineer at the Dagenham Engine Plant. In this role he was responsible for the environmental performance of the plant, managing the ISO14001 accreditation, waste management and the control of hazardous substances. A major success was the rehabilitation and upgrading of the sewerage and trade effluent network serving the Ford Estate. In 2000 he joined Group Staff. In this role he was the Ford U.K representative on the FMC Global Core Environmental Leadership Group. Main functions in this role included the review and updating of company environmental policies, standards and procedures as well as strategic environmental planning. A major success was the upgrading of the trade effluent (industrial waste) plant, with a significant reduction in amount of sludge generated. Mr Osibamowo was responsible for the the development and establishment of environmental strategies for New Engine Programmes. Responsibilities included the carrying out of environmental impact assessments for all activities. He also provided environmental leadership and advice to Ford Motor Company Powertrain plants in Dagenham, Bridgend, Cologne and Valencia, to ensure the maintenance of their ISO14001 accreditation and supported or lead the resolution of environmental concerns. Some of Mr Osibamowos strengths are development of innovation and the encouragement of the use of best available technologies. 5

6 Management Staff D.C. Nkemeh M.Sc - Director B.Sc. (hons) 1977, Geology, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, MSc. (Eng) 1981, University of Newcastle- Upon-Tyne, England. Fellow Geological Society of London, FGS. Member Nigeria Geotechnical Association, MNGA. Member International Society for Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, MISSMFE Member Nigeria Water and Sanitation Association, MNIWASA. Mr Nkemeh has had many years of experience in geotechnical and water engineering. Projects he has managed include soil investigations, piling, water borehole drilling and the design and installation of water treatment and storage facilities. Mr Nkemeh has undertaken the drilling of water boreholes in varied geological settings, ranging from the crystalline basements rocks to sedimentary coastal aquifers. These wells range from shallow depths to over 300metres and up to 400mm diameter. Concurrently, he has also re-activated aged and abandoned boreholes using state-of- the art techniques such as in-situ screen replacement and down- the hole video camera surveys. 6

7 Specialist Drainage Services 7 Our trained operatives have many years of experience of rehabilitating sewerage networks utilising non-dig methods, in that way eliminating the disruption that would result from digging up busy highways. We effectively install a new pipe within the existing damaged pipe without excavation, with minimum disruption and no annular gap or loss in pipe capacity Survey will identify and locate exact positions of all defects such as cracks, broken pipes, fractures, total & partial collapses, blockages and root infestations. CCTV camera to be used is the latest fully rotating digital camera with steerable tractors and a range of up to 500m on an individual setup.

8 Waterproofing & Water Damage Treatment We provide waterproofing services and repairs to existing water damage. We have had many years waterproofing experience and provide solutions to a wide variety of water damage problems in many different environmental conditions. Unlike the majority of firms that provide waterproofing services, we are not affiliated to any supplier or manufacturer and select the waterproofing chemicals that we believe would provide the best solution to a specific job. The choice of water proofing chemical used is critical, e.g. some chemicals will not work if applied to wet surfaces or substrates with a high moisture content, or a substrate with cracks. 8

9 Types of Waterproofing There are 2 main types of waterproofing treatment, there are treatments that penetrate the substrate providing waterproofing. For example, zycosil, a nanotechnology treatment process that penetrates the substrate and seals it or Brushbond, a crystalline water proofing technology. The crystals grow within the pores of the masonry blocking the gaps through which water can pass, effectively waterproofing the walls. The other types of treatments are the barrier type treatments in which membranes of physical barriers are placed over the substrate to stop the entry or egress of water.

10 Waterproofing Services Our services include the waterproofing of underground structures such as water / sewage tanks, swimming pools, basement areas, foundations, concrete roofs. We also provide remedial treatment where water damage has occurred. The full process includes identifying the source of the water, surface preparation and then application of the appropriate chemical treatment. 10

11 Waterproofing & Remedial Works

12 Contact Details. 12 ChiRho Environmental Services Ltd 4a Ademola Street Ikoyi, Lagos Tel: 0703 0906107 0802 8673059 Email: Web Site:

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