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MOLECULES ARCHITECTURE ETRA - M.José Durà 27th – 28th March.

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1 MOLECULES ARCHITECTURE ETRA - M.José Durà 27th – 28th March

2 Objectives Open Architecture for smart connected electro-mobility Objectives: To define a reference architecture and principles common for the three pilot sites, considering the requirements and use cases specified in the project. Identify a common Information Model. Specify ICT Services granting integration of the electro-mobility modes of transport with the rest of public transport systems. 2

3 Objectives Open architecture Specifications are public Easy add-on products: Allow third-parties to evolve the application Common terminology Interoperability Availability of data: Standard (open) interfaces 3

4 Approach Bottom-up approach Piecing together of systems to give rise to grander systems, thus making the original systems sub-systems of the emergent system. 4 Individual base elements already developed Scenarios: Use cases Link together these elements to form larger subsystems

5 Approach Starting from the use cases in each pilot site. 5 General Open electromobility Architecture Molecules Open Architecture Molecules Barcelona Architecrure Molecules Grand Paris Architecrure Other CIP projects Molecules Berlin Architecrure

6 Work flow 6 Business analysis RequirementsDesign Implementation and integration TestingDeployment

7 Work flow 7 UML diagram types Static model Dynamic model Components diagram Deployment diagram Use cases diagram Sequence diagram

8 Principles The architecture is a high level structure of the system, specifying the diferent commponents, its properties and the external relationships between them. BASIC PRINCIPLES TO CONSIDER: Hide complexity. Separate concerns. Design using interfaces. Separate / distribute responsibilities. 8

9 Thanks for your attention. Any questions? 9

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