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2 Message from Our PTSA

3 Durgee School Counselors Mrs. Hungerford Mrs. Dwyer Mr. Marciniak Mr. McMahon

4 Durgee Administrative Staff Mrs. Bonnie Van Benschoten Principal Miss Dee Sherb Assistant Principal – (9th Grade) Mr. John Birmingham Assistant Principal –(8th Grade)

5 Health Office School Nurse: Ms. Hinkle Health Office Aide: Mrs. Mills Open from 7:45 to 2:45 Medications Medications

6 Attendance Attendance Phone Number: 638-6159 Attendance Phone Number: 638-6159 Attendance Aide: Mrs. Scouten Absence from School Absence from School Early Release Students arriving after 7:45 should sign in at the Attendance Office

7 First Day of School Wednesday, September 8, 2010

8 Student Schedules

9 Agenda Books School Rules Helpful Tools for Parents Great Organizer Homework Assignments Parental Monitoring

10 FYI of Our Building

11 School Resource Officer Officer Christine Weeks Officer Christine Weeks Code of Conduct Review Code of Conduct Review School Security Doors Open at 7:35 Doors Open at 7:35

12 Academic Support and Recognition Durgee 3 to 5 Program Durgee 3 to 5 Program Learning Centers Learning Centers Help Centers Help Centers Parent Conferences Parent Conferences Certificate of Achievement Program Certificate of Achievement Program National Junior Honor Society National Junior Honor Society Honor Roll/Merit Roll Honor Roll/Merit Roll

13 Opportunities to Get Involved Athletics Book Club Chess Club Durgee Musical Freshman Council Honor Society Math League PA Announcers School Store Ski Club Student Council Tone Colors Yearbook

14 Durgee Success Formula

15 Special Thanks Our DLT Our DLT Our PTSA Our PTSA Our Counselors Our Counselors Our Secretaries Our Secretaries Our Custodians Our Custodians

16 Frequently Asked Questions Q: How will the Durgee bus loop be impacted by the change in traffic pattern? A: The direction of the Durgee bus loop will remain the same. Busses will line up in front of Durgee and release students curbside. The only change will be the way busses enter the loop. Instead of entering from Albert Palmer Drive busses will enter the loop from the Baker side of campus.

17 Frequently Asked Questions Q: When will we receive a supply list? A: Students should have the following basic supplies for the first day: pen, pencil, paper. Each teacher will discuss his/her specific supply list the first day of school. Q: What time does the building open? A: Doors open at 7:35. If your student is a walker please time his/her arrival with this in mind. We do not have an indoor holding area where students can wait.

18 Frequently Asked Questions Q: Where does my child report the first day of school? A: Each student received a schedule indicating his/her homeroom. On Wednesday, September 8th students will report to homeroom. Schedules and materials (locker combinations, agendas, etc.) will be distributed during this time. Beginning Tuesday, September 9th students will report to their 1st period class upon arrival and homeroom will be in the afternoon.

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