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ASSA ABLOY is the global leader in door opening solutions, dedicated to satisfying end-user needs for security, safety and convenience 1.

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1 ASSA ABLOY is the global leader in door opening solutions, dedicated to satisfying end-user needs for security, safety and convenience 1

2 2

3 3 ASSA ABLOY in brief 2012 Own operations in more than 70 countries Authorized distribution covering the world About 43,000 employees Sales of about SEK 47 billion

4 ASSA ABLOY timeline 1994 – 2012 4

5 Operating income* (EBIT) Quarter, SEK M 12 months, SEK M *Excluding restructuring costs 2006, 2008, 2009 and 2011. Run rate 7,501 MSEK (6,624), +13%

6 6 We have built a world leader A clear and well adopted strategy Trend towards higher security Acquisitions successfully integrated

7 7 Our vision To be the world-leader, most successful and innovative provider of door opening solutions To lead in innovation and offer well-designed, convenient, safe and secure solutions that create added value to our customers To be an attractive company to work for

8 8 Market presence Product leadership Cost- efficiency Growth and profitability ASSA ABLOY Strategy ++ =

9 9 + A world-leading market presence is achieved by exploiting the strength of the brand portfolio, increasing growth in the core business and expanding into new markets and segments. Market presence

10 10 Solid market position The leading brands Large installed base A strong sales channel position Local standards adds to stability

11 Our business is total door opening solutions seamlessly connected to the building

12 Our solutions meet customer needs Large customers Institutional and commercial customers such as airports, hospitals, schools, shopping malls universities and industry Small and midsize customer Characterized by each customers need for professional advice and installation Residential and Consumers The majority of consumer sales are replacements or upgrades of existing security products

13 13 Our brand strategy ASSA ABLOY as master brand United sales force and progressive implementation on products Product brands capitalizing on installed base Four Global brands where market position is unique Product brands, non endorsed - Not associated with the ASSA ABLOY brand

14 14 + The Groups product leadership is achieved through the continuous development of products offering enhanced customer value and lower product costs. Product leadership

15 Product leadership through innovation We are convinced that innovation is the most important driver for growth Investments in R&D has more than doubled since 2005 and we have over 1 350 engineers We assure long term competitive advantage by continuously improving our products in terms of benefits, costs and quality

16 Increased share of fast growing products – electromechanics 2000 14 sek bn 2012 47 sek bn 42% 36% 22% Mechanical locks & accessories 66% Electronics/ electromech 20% Security doors 14% Electronics/ electromech 46% Mechanical locks & accessories 36% Security doors 18%

17 17 Some ASSA ABLOY products

18 18 Some ASSA ABLOY products

19 19 + Efforts to increase cost- efficiency continue in all areas, including common product platforms with fewer components and common product development. Cost efficiency

20 Efficient manufacturing footprint

21 21 = ASSA ABLOY creates opportunities for increased growth and profitability through a strong focus on the strategys three areas of market presence, product leadership and cost-efficiency. Growth and profitability

22 Our growth drivers The new electronic world: –electromechanical and digital locking –access control and secure identity & issuance –automatic doors Geographical and emerging market expansion Increased need for security Higher expectations Acquisitions Branding Innovation – new solutions

23 23 ASSA ABLOY divisions 2012 Mech & el mech locks, cylinders & security doors Electronic access & identity Entrance automation Americas 21% EMEA 28% Asia Pacific 14% Global Technologies (HID & Hospitality) ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems Product Offering Organization % of Group Sales 63% 13% 24%

24 EMEA division 2012 Europe, Middle East and Africa In 2012, EMEA grew by 3 percent and sales totaled SEK 13,382 M The division has 10,260 employees Some of the leading brands are ABLOY, ASSA, TESA, Yale and Vachette 34 Sales Operating income (EBIT) 30 31 Share of Group 28 29

25 Americas division 2012 North and South America In 2012, Americas grew by 9 percent and sales totaled SEK 9,671 M The division has 6,620 employees Some of the leading brands are Corbin Russwin, Curries, Emtek, Medeco, Phillips, SARGENT, Ceco, Yale and La Fonte 30 26 Sales Operating income (EBIT) 21 25 Share of Group

26 Asia Pacific division 2012 Asia, Australia and New Zealand In 2012, Asia Pacific grew by 9 percent and sales totaled SEK 7,224 M The division has 15,284 employees Some of the leading brands in Asia are, Baodean, Guli, King, iRevo Pan Pan, Shenfei, Tianming, Wangli and Yale. In Australia and New Zealand Lockwood and Interlock Sales Operating income (EBIT) 14 12 Share of Group

27 Operates worldwide with focus on access control, secure issuance of cards, RFID identification technology and hotel security In 2012, Global Technologies grew by 9 percent and sales totaled SEK 6,262 M The division has 3,029 employees Leading brands are HID, Fargo, Elsafe and VingCard Global Technologies division 2012 Sales Operating income (EBIT) 14 13 Share of Group

28 Entrance Systems division 2012 Supplies complete solutions for automatic doors and after-sales services In 2012, Entrance Systems grew by 33 percent and sales totaled SEK 10,979 M The division has 7,429 employees Leading brands are Besam, Crawford, DITEC, EntreMatic, Flexiforce and Normstahl Sales Operating income (EBIT) 24 20 Share of Group

29 ASSA ABLOY Financial overview

30 Financial overview 2012 Sales increased to SEK 46,619 M (12%) Operating income (EBIT) SEK 7,501 M (13%) Earnings per share SEK 13.84 (13%) Operating cash flow SEK 7,044 M (6,080)

31 Earnings per share

32 Sales split Group overview End users Recurring businessProduct mix Commercial and institutional 75% Residential 25% Mechanical products 36% Electronic products 22% Entrance automation 24% Security doors 18% New construction 33% After market 67%

33 Emerging markets comprise Africa, Asia, the Middle East, South America and eastern Europe.

34 People make it all happen Our basic convictions and beliefs We have discipline and a focused approach We reward result and performance We give access to information We learn from our mistakes We never hide We practice business ethics We promote diversity We grow people through a clear task and the authority to act We continuously recruit competent and well educated people We give priority to internal recruitment We are each in charge of our own professional career


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