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Engineering & Mechatronics

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1 Engineering & Mechatronics

2 Is there an Engineer in you?
When something breaks, do you throw it away or do you try to fix it? If you know its broken, do you still take it apart for the fun of it to see how it works? Do you look at the world around you and try to figure out How did they do that? How was that made? How does that work? Do you enjoy solving challenging problems and working with a team? Do you consider yourself a lifelong learner? Do you do well (even like) your math and science classes? Do you consider yourself a strong student?

3 Why is Engineering a Great Career Choice?
There are more jobs available than there are Engineers to fill them. It’s been like that for a long time. Most Engineers are paid very well. Even when they first start out. Most Engineers can build a career around their hobbies and interests. There are a wide variety of Engineering and Technical degree scholarships available. Particularly for minorities and females. Many engineers have a job lined up even before they graduate from college.

4 There are many different types of Engineers Here are just a few examples
Aerospace Agriculture Biomedical *Chemical *Civil Computer/software Ceramic *Electrical Environmental Industrial Nuclear Materials *Mechanical Mechatronics

5 So how do I decide if Engineering is a good career choice for me?
Explore . . . Engineering camps Visit engineering schools Talk to Engineers about their jobs Keep an eye on new and emerging technologies Make a list of all the things you like to do and apply a career to it.

6 Engineering Schools in this Area
NC State is in a class by itself GA Tech Clemson Duke UNC UNC Charlotte/Ashville Western Carolina Etc . . . The school you choose to attend is a very big decision and should not be taken lightly. It should be a good fit for you. Educate yourself visit as many college campuses as you can Talk to people who have graduated from various schools about their school choose the school that is the best for you, not your friends.

7 What is Mechatronics? It’s a synergistic approach in applying control systems, mechanical, electronic, and computer systems (IT). It is not just limited to Industrial Applications, however manufacturing has adopted the term for the next generation of Industrial Technicians. Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field of engineering, that is to say it rejects splitting engineering up into separate disciplines. Originally mechatronics just included a combination between mechanics and electronics (Mechanics & Electronics). As technical systems have become more complex in recent years it now has been updated to include computer and control systems.

8 Synergistic? Synergistic: Comes from the Greek word “Synergy” which means “working together”. Someone trained in Mechatronics will be able to look at control systems, mechanical systems, electronic systems, and computer systems which are all “working together” to perform a function. Manufacturing has changed significantly during the past few years. It’s filled with hi-tech equipment and highly trained employees. Industry needs people who can solve problems with a synergistic approach.

9 Who solves problems with a Synergistic Approach?
A good example of this would be an auto mechanic. Cars have electrical systems, hydraulic systems, computer controlled systems, suspension systems, ignition systems, etc. All these work together. The mechanic must be familiar with all systems and how they interact with each other in order to solve and fix problems with cars. Can you name any other examples of someone who solves problems with a synergistic approach?

10 Mechatronics Diagrams

11 Mechatronics Diagrams

12 Mechatronics Diagram

13 Applications of Mechatronics?
Mechatronics is not limited to industrial applications. Some Examples . . . ABS brakes: Antilock breaking system Clothes Dryer Programmable Thermostat Can you think of any examples of mechatronics systems which use electronics, mechanical, computers, and control systems?

14 “Mechatronics” … not a new term.
First started in Japan in 1969. There are colleges in Norway which have been graduating students in Mechatronics for over 25 years. There are people who work for the FESTO corporation who have PHD’s in Mechatronics. It’s a relatively new concept to United States (Read article) In the United States it used to be called “Industrial Technology Maintenance” or “Industrial Technician”. It’s not a dirty job any more. Industry environment is changing and is cleaner and more technical with computers and PLC’s operating hi-tech machines.

15 Mechatronics is a New & Emerging Field in U.S.
This is not a saturated career choice. There are more jobs than people to fill them. Are you willing to pioneer this exciting new career field (in the United States)? Describe my personal experience with “Technology Education” back in the early 90’

16 What is the difference between a Mechatronics Technician and a Mechatronics Engineer?
Be very careful to believe someone when they tell you they’re an “Engineer”. Look for the “PE” (Professional Engineer) after their name. Technician They systematically solve problems at an application level. They will have a certificate or an associate degree. Engineer They are heavily involved in the initial design and testing of an idea. They solve problems with a systematic approach at a theoretical level applying math and science principles to solve the problem. They will have at least a four year degree.

17 Questions?

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