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3 OUR VISION To create an integrated Supply Chain for the Customers by providing High Quality and Cost Effective Logistics Services which will be the best of its class in the Industry in all its practices and procedures. 3

4 MILESTONES Established in 1971 Formation of MRC Logistics (I) Pvt. Ltd. in 1997 to cater to third party logistics clients needs Accredited with ISO 9002 Awarded Best Transporter award by All India Motor Transport Congress MRC Global Logistics Division established in 2008 to serve Freight Forwarding and Global Sourcing needs 4 MRC celebrated 40 years of service in the Logistics industry.

5 RESOURCE & FACILITIES National network of 90 branches Over 1 million sq.ft of warehouse space in over 20 states Over 100 Mobile Hydraulic Cranes & Fork Lifts. Dedicated fleet of over 1000 company-owned & attached vehicles and trailers. Manpower resource of around 1400 trained employees Comprehensive ERP system covering TMS, WMS, CRM, etc. 5 MRC Regional Office, Wagholi

6 CREDENTIALS You can trust MRC Customer Centric Organization Strong Financials Disciplined HR Total Solutions Approach 6


8 CLIENT PORTFOLIO 8 MRC offers its services to 300+ esteemed clients in India & Overseas.

9 CASE STUDIES Tata Motors Ltd. & Cummins India Ltd. INBOUND LOGISTICS Cummins Generator Technologies (CGT), Cummins India, KSB Pumps, KBL WAREHOUSING Kirloskar Oil Engines REVERSE LOGISTICS Crompton Greaves Ltd. THIRD PARTY PURCHASE Tata Motors Ltd. & Kirloskar Oil Engines OUTBOUND LOGISTICS Tata Motors Ltd. VENDOR COORDINATION Cummins India Ltd. MATERIAL HANDLING Kirloskar Oil Engines, Hematic Motors, Mercedes-Benz PACKAGING SOLUTION KSB Pumps, L&T INPLANT LOGISTICS KSB Pumps CONTRACT MFG. Reliance Digital, Hypercity RETAIL DISTRIBUTION 9

10 INBOUND LOGISTICS Milk run collection from 190 Vendors in Pune as per TML schedule Dedicated Vehicles for despatch to TML Warehouses at Chakan, Faridabad, Kolkatta & Bangalore Optimisation of Milk run and Long Haul Cost MRC provides Inbound Logistics support for Tata Motors. 10 MRC collects from Pune, Bangalore, Kolhapur & Chennai hubs.

11 INBOUND LOGISTICS Milk Route Collection from 148 Suppliers Collection from Pune, Mumbai & Bangalore Suppliers Consolidation & Storage at Daman Warehouse of 50,000 sq.ft. Allocated 15 dedicated vehicles, Forklifts/Stackers/EOT Cranes for CIL JIT Supplies to the Cummins Assy. line at Daman in 24 hrs (7X24 service) MRC provides Inbound Logistics support for Cummins, Daman. 11 MRC provides JIT Supplies for Manufacturing CNG/PG Engines.

12 WAREHOUSING Receipt of Alternators from CGTL Stacking of Alternators Invoice-wise for maintaining FIFO Daily Stock Verification & Daily MIS Daily movement of Alternators as per orders Reverse Logistics for Skids 3PP & Packaging of Wooden crates for alternators MRC manages the Finished Goods Warehouse for Cummins Generator Technologies, Ahmednagar. 12

13 WAREHOUSING Receipt of Inbound material from various vendors. Quality Checking as per CIL Quality Norms Online GRR preparation Stacking of material Part-wise, Invoice-wise for maintaining FIFO Daily Stock Verification & Daily MIS Daily movement of materials (Engines, alternators, radiators, etc.) to CIL, Pirangut plant Reverse Logistics for Skids MRC manages the Transit Warehouse for Cummins India, Pune. 13 MRC has set up a 20,000 sq.ft. facility at Pirangut.

14 WAREHOUSING Customers include: o KSB Pumps, Gurgaon o KBL, Patna & Guwahati Activities include: o Finished Goods Receipt o Inventory Management o Distribution to dealers o Invoice preparation o MIS Generation (Inventory on- hand & Sales/month) MRC operates on a percentage of Finished Goods Sales MRC works as Warehousing & Distribution Agents for KSB Pumps & KBL. 14 MRC has set up a 3500 sq.ft. facility for KSB Pumps.

15 15 REVERSE LOGISTICS CHALLENGES OF SKID MANAGEMENT Skids were not available on time at Khadki & Kagal plants Daily skid transactions on all India level were not recorded properly Skids stock at various OEMs/GOEMs were not reported. Handling damages & Mismatch of skids MRC collects skids for Kirloskar Oil Engines from its customers all over India and feeds it back to manufacturing plants at Khadki & Kagal. KOEL Outsourced the end to end solution to MRC. KOEL UNITS: 2 OEMS/GOEMS: 43 MRC WAREHOUSES: 2 Pune Kolhapur

16 REVERSE LOGISTICS 16 VALUE ADDITIONS BY MRC Eliminated use of wood and introduced skids Optimized vehicle utilization by carrying skids in dismantled condition Introduced Codification system of skids for better material accounting Ensured 100% availability of Skids Use of Ramco ERP system to provide online stock positions across all plants, warehouses & GOEMs.

17 17 THIRD PARTY PURCHASE REASONS FOR OUTSOURCING Rationalize vendor base & introduce single window supplier concept Reduce follow-ups with vendors Reduce documentation like GRR, P.O., Invoices Release Stores space Direct supply of parts to line on 2-Bin concept MRC manages the Third Party Purchase activity for Crompton Greaves Ltd, Ahmednagar. MRC performs Purchasing, Warehousing & Sale of goods to CGL VENDORS: 100 PARTS: 1200 MONTHLY VALUE: 1 CR.

18 THIRD PARTY PURCHASE VALUE ADDITIONS BY MRC Un-interrupted supplies to line Prompt payment to CGL Vendors Developed alternate vendors in consultation with CGL to reduce purchase cost Help to reduce excess inventories Efficiency in the Supply Chain Use of Ramco WMS system to provide online information to CGL 18

19 19 OUTBOUND LOGISTICS MRC manages the Outbound Logistics for Tata Motorss Spare Parts Division. MRC has established routes in Maharashtra & Gujarat. ROUTE I Dedicated vehicles of MRC make Outbound milk run Parts are delivered to individual dealers on a regular basis Length of milk run: Km Route Map: Pune – Solapur – Sangli – Kolhapur – Satara - Pune

20 20 OUTBOUND LOGISTICS ROUTE II Length of milk run: Km MRC ensures vehicle optimization & better route planning MRCs services has enabled TML to provide guaranteed time-bound deliveries to dealers Route Map: Pune – Ahmednagar – Aurangabad – Nashik – Gujarat – Thane – Pune

21 OUTBOUND LOGISTICS MRC transports the entire output of Engines, DG Sets, Pumps & Spares MRC manages despatches from 3 plants of KOEL – Rajkot, Kagal (Kolhapur) and Khadki (Pune) to its customers MRC provides up to 200 trailers/ HCVs/ LCVs per day and also ensures optimization of vehicles MRC manages the Outbound Logistics for Kirloskar Oil Engines – Pan India. 21 MRC is the only transport service provider for KOELs 3 plants for the last 12 years.

22 VENDOR COORDINATION Vendors: 600 Parts: 9000 MRC Coordinators: 25 MRC manages the Vendor Coordination activity for Tata Motors, Spare parts division. 22 MRC is responsible for collection of Spare Parts as per schedule. NCR Pune-Mumbai Jamshedpur/ Kolkata Chennai Bangalore VALUE ADDITIONS BY MRC Improved communication between TML & Vendors Improved availability of spare parts in R & S category Support TML to achieve customer satisfaction (190) (230) (20) (110) (60) (x) No. Of Vendors

23 MATERIAL HANDLING SOLUTIONS MRC has provided Forklifts & Cranes at Cummins, Phaltan, Maharashtra MRC has also provided Operators to Operate the MHEs Training on Safety & MHE operation has been done by MRC at their Training Centre Proficiency certification awarded through Cummins recommended Agency MRC provides Material Handling Solutions for Cummins India. 23 MRC has provided MHEs to Cummins at IPDC, Phaltan.

24 PACKAGING SOLUTIONS MRC designed and provided packing material to KOEL MRC established QC process to inspect against specifications MRC developed SOP & managed packaging process as per SOP MRC undertook primary transportation to optimize vehicle utilization MRC provided warehousing for proper handling & storage of pump sets at destinations MRC took full responsibility for damage-free delivery MRC provides Packaging Solutions for Kirloskar Oil Engines, Kolhapur. 24 MRC IS THE SINGLE AGENCY IN VARSHA PUMP SET DELIVERY PROCESS.

25 PACKAGING SOLUTIONS Hematic Motors are engaged in manufacture & supply of hermetic motors to Kirloskar Brothers Ltd. MRC provides end-to-end packaging solutions to Hematic Motors MRC is involved in design, purchase & packaging of motors MRC is responsible for Distribution to dealers/distributors all over India. 25 MRC provides Packaging & Distribution Services for Hematic Motors, Karad.

26 PACKAGING SOLUTIONS MRC supplies Export/Speciality Packaging to Mercedes MRC has tie-up with a Japanese Packaging Board manufacturer, who has a network of mfg units in India The box is environment friendly, UV & Water resistant and has a strength equivalent to a wooden box The box is for packing Mercedes Spares - Wind shields (carrying 2 Nos.) 26 MRC provides Packaging Services for Mercedes Benz India. TOP VIEW FRONT VIEW

27 IN-PLANT LOGISTICS MRC performs various in-plant operations for KSB Pumps foundry division. Operations include Fettling, Shot blasting, Pre-machining, Heat treatment and loading and unloading of castings MRC also coordinates with KSB vendors to get required output of C.I and Steel MRC has reduced rejections at KSB by doing PDI at Vendors end Monthly tonnage for C.I is 200 tons and for Steel is tons MRC provides In-Plant Logistics support to KSB Pumps, Vambori, Ahmednagar. 27

28 IN-PLANT LOGISTICS MRC receives Finished Goods from L&T production dept MRC consolidates material from three modules of L&T MRC verifies material/pallets receipt MRC prints Delivery Notes & segregates as per delivery locations MRC arranges vehicle and despatches to all domestic and export consignments Monthly stock verification MRC provides In-Plant Logistics support to L&T, Ahmednagar Switchgear Works. 28 MRC is also responsible for transportation from FG Store to L&T Regional Warehouses.

29 CONTRACT MANUFACTURING MRC has set up a new manufacturing facility of 50,000 sq. ft. for KSB Pumps MRC has invested in the requisite infrastructure such as Machinery, Material handling equipment, Manpower, etc. MRC performs various activities like piping, fabrication, assembly, hydro testing & packaging at the facility MRC provides Contract Manufacturing support for KSB Pumps, Pune. 29 The facility is located at MIDC Chinchwad, within 1Km of KSB PPD Division.

30 30 Pipe StoragePipe GrindingPipe BendingPipe Cutting Pipe DrillingPipe Beveling Pipe Welding/Crimping Pipe Demurring Pipe ChamferingPipe CheckingPipe AssemblyPipe Fitting PackingDespatch MANUFACTURING OPERATIONS CONTRACT MANUFACTURING 30

31 RETAIL DISTRIBUTION MRC has established a dedicated warehouse facility of 20,000 sq. ft. at Wagholi This facility is RDILs Distribution Center for IT & Accessories, Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances & Mobile Telephones Receipts from RDIL warehouse and also from their vendors MRC has arranged dedicated vehicles for deliveries to RDIL stores or directly to Customers address MRC manages the Retail Distribution Warehouse at Pune for Reliance Digital. 31 MRC also manages the RDIL distribution network at Lucknow.

32 RETAIL DISTRIBUTION MRC has established a dedicated warehouse facility of 6,500 Whitefield MRC receives consumer goods from Hypercitys various vendors MRC checks indents for the day and does GRN entry in ERP system Deliveries of Consumer goods are made either to Hypercity stores or directly to Customers address Perpetual Inventory done every quarter MRC manages the Retail Distribution Warehouse for Hypercity, Bangalore. 32

33 GLOBAL SOURCING MRC has developed a sourcing network from Asian Countries. The network enjoys relationship with manufacturers in China, Thailand, etc. MRC has started Global Sourcing of specialty products based on customers needs. MRC has helped customers to reduce product cost & also improve the availability Our Customers are Piaggio, Bajaj Auto, Mercedes Benz etc. 33

34 GLOBAL LOGISTICS We have set up a Global Logistics Division with offices at Pune, Mumbai, JNPT & Chennai We are equipped with IATA & MTO certification We are also a WCA family member & our strong international network with agents enable us to manage our customers freight movements Our Customers include Fleetguard, AAM India, ADM Engineering, Bilcare Inc., Bhilosa Industries, Sesagoa, Pratap Plastics, Gargi Chemicals, etc. MRC provides Freight Forwarding support for its customers. 34 MRC provides End to End Services in Sea/Air Freight Forwarding.

35 MEMBERSSERVICES OFFERED Air Freight – Air Exports, Air Imports, Consolidation & Chartering Ocean Freight – FCL, Export/Imports, LCL, Chartering & RORO Customs Clearance Multimodal/Intermodal Services – Truck+Air, Truck+Ocean, Air+Ocean, Ocean+Truck, Ocean+Air 35 GLOBAL LOGISTICS


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