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Baroda Electrical SEZ © Abhay Developers Pvt Ltd © Dr Rajesh Khajuria TEAMPro Limited UK – India Electrifying Futur e ©

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2 Baroda Electrical SEZ © Abhay Developers Pvt Ltd © Dr Rajesh Khajuria TEAMPro Limited UK – India Electrifying Futur e ©

3 Dr R Khajuria TEAM2 Promoters Abhay Developers Pvt Ltd, Baroda (SPV) –BRG Group: Mr Bakulesh R Gupta, Chairman –Mr Sargam Gupta, MBA (UK), Director –IT SEZ, Schools and Real Estate business –Rs 100 Crore Net worth –Rs 200 Crore Baroda Knowledge City: IT / ITES SEZ approved by Government of Gujarat. Dr Rajesh Khajuria, Director, TEAMPro Limited, London UK / Baroda India.

4 Dr R Khajuria TEAM3 Presentation Scheme 1. Indias Electrical Industry in World: 4 2. Electrical Industry in India: Slide 5-9 –Hydro, Ultra Mega Power, Transmission, Rural. Future Power Scenario: Power Capacity Addition: FDI and Exports in Electrical Industry:16-23 Barodas Potential in Elec. Industry: Project Details: Why TEAM? Knowledge Partners: 36-37

5 Dr R Khajuria TEAM4 Electrical Industry India has in the world the… 5 th largest electricity generation capacity. 5 th largest telecom services market - US$ 17.8 billion revenues in FY nd largest road network million km.

6 Dr R Khajuria TEAM5 Hydro-Power Unexploited There are still 1.6 billion people in the world with no access to electricity, almost all of them living in developing countries. 23% of total technically feasible hydropower potential is exploited in China, 82% in USA, 65% in Canada, 73% in Germany, but only 5% in Africa and 13% in Asia as a whole. »Source: UNIDO

7 Dr R Khajuria TEAM6 Hydro-Power 150,000 MW

8 Dr R Khajuria TEAM7 Ultra Mega: 20,000 MW Source: Economic Survey, Government of India

9 Dr R Khajuria TEAM8 Transmission: 60,000 KM

10 Dr R Khajuria TEAM9 Rural: 56% Yet to Elec.

11 Dr R Khajuria TEAM10 Future Power Scenario 1 Interactive Session on Current and Future Power Scenario held on 25th May 2006 in New Delhi. Present: –Honble Minister of Power Shri Sushil Kumar Shinde –Shri R.V. Shahi, Secretary Power –Shri Anil K. Agarwal, President, ASSOCHAM, –Shri Rakesh Bakshi, Managing Director, Vestas RRB, –Dr. V.K. Garg, CMD, Power Finance corporation

12 Dr R Khajuria TEAM11 Future Power Scenario 2 Need for huge capacity addition in the power sector since only 34,000 MW expected during the 10th Plan ( ). –100,000 MW required by India. For 50,000 MW hydro initiatives already launched, progress needs to be stepped up. –State Governments need to expedite procedures for land acquisition and other approvals and the Centre needs to ensure effective coordination, so as to have matching transmission capacity coming up.

13 Dr R Khajuria TEAM12 Future Power Scenario 3 To Privatise 50% of New Power Capacity. To ensure contribution of renewable energy in the overall energy scenario of the country… –2% to 20% by Y 2020 in India. –5% to 20% in USA and Europe. »Sources: ASSOCHAM, TEAM Research.

14 Dr R Khajuria TEAM13 SEZs Need Electricals 150 SEZs approved by BOA, Ministry of Commerce, Government of India shall need Power and Electrical equipments on a massive scale –Worth Rs 25,000 Crore over Y approx.

15 Dr R Khajuria TEAM14 Power Capacity Addition 1 Result: Massive Demand for Electrical Equipments

16 Dr R Khajuria TEAM15 Power Capacity Addition 2 Result: Massive Demand from Thermal-Hydro Sectors

17 Dr R Khajuria TEAM16 Foreign Investment India's foreign exchange reserves stand at US$ 165 billion ( ). India has become the second-most attractive destination for foreign direct investment (FDI) among manufacturing investors… »Source: as per A T Kearney's latest FDI Confidence Index rankings.

18 Dr R Khajuria TEAM17 FDI in India

19 Dr R Khajuria TEAM18 FDI Rise Due to Elec. FDI flows to India rose by 36% in , mainly due to Electrical Equipments, Computer Software, Electronics and Services sectors. »Source: India Budget, Ministry of Finance, Government of India

20 Dr R Khajuria TEAM19 Electrical Export Share India's … Total Exports account for less than 1% of Global Trade. Power Generating Machinery & Equipment Exports account for only 0.2% of Global Market. Electrical machinery, apparatus and appliance also account for 0.2% of Global Trade. –Result: Tremendous Scope to increase Export of Electrical & Power Equipment, Apparatus, and Appliances

21 Dr R Khajuria TEAM20 Engineers Strength:India

22 Dr R Khajuria TEAM21 Electrical Machinery Electrical Machinery industrys share in Indias Value Added Registered Manufacturing has increased from 5.82% in 1970s to 8% by –Result: It is one of the very few sectors with 33% rise in overall share. –Value Added Registered Manufacturings share is 66% in total Manufacturing sector.

23 Dr R Khajuria TEAM22 Auto Electrical Parts Automobile with Auto Parts industry has a –Turnover of Rs 1440 Billion, –Investment of Rs 800 Bn, –Exports of Rs 1000 Bn, –Employment for 45 mn direct, 100 mn indirect. Auto & Parts Industry is 16% p.a. in Production and 35% p.a. in Exports.

24 Dr R Khajuria TEAM23 Select Elect. Production Provisional figures. Global companies are eying expansions in India.

25 Dr R Khajuria TEAM24 Barodas Potential 1 Baroda has Indias three largest and oldest Electrical Companies, all growing fast: –ABB Ltd (Swiss giant) – Locomotives to Complete Electrical systems on turnkey basis. –Novino Batteries Ltd (Matsushita, Japan) – Largest in Dry Cell Batteries, Torches etc. –Jyoti Ltd – Mini Hydel Power Stations, Motors, Switchgears and Rotating Electrical Equipments.

26 Dr R Khajuria TEAM25 Barodas Potential 2 80% of Transformers of Gujarat State are manufactured in Barodas 100 SSI Units. Over 500 Electrical & Engineering Units. Electrical Supplier-industry like CRGO Laminations, Control Panels, PCBs, Lighting, Battery Cell, Switches, Wires & Cables etc have developed locally.

27 Dr R Khajuria TEAM26 Barodas Potential 3 Halol 40 KM from Baroda has expanding cluster of General Motors (GM). Punes thriving Auto industry with 9 major Automobile plants source Auto Parts from Baroda and Halol. Baroda is known for Engineering Design (L & T Chiyoda) and Manufacturing industry.

28 Dr R Khajuria TEAM27 Government Agencies Electrical Research And Development Agency (ERADA), Government of Gujarat/India, Baroda – for testing and certification. Gujarat Engineering Research Institute (GERI), Baroda. Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA), Baroda – Nodal Agency of Government of Gujarat for Non-conventional Energy (Wind, Solar, etc). Gujarat Electricity Boards Head Quarter, Baroda.

29 Dr R Khajuria TEAM28 Electrical SEZ Location 100 Hectare (250 Acre) Land at GIDC Savli, Baroda Airport – Baroda (Domestic) – 15 km Ahmedabad (International) km Railway Station – 20 km Dry Port (CFS Oppo. GSFC) – 15 km Ports–Kandla (440 km), Mumbai (440 km) Manpower: 100,000 Graduates in 200 km.

30 Dr R Khajuria TEAM29 SEZ Infrastructure No Pollution Zone. Developed Land with Plots of ¼ - 5 acres each. Direct Road access from Expressway Baroda- Ahmedabad), only 12 km from Baroda. 100% Power (GEB/Gas/Wind), Internal Roads. Water, Engineers and Skilled Manpower. 100% Security, Regulated Entry, Insurance, International Banking & Finance, Post Office, Transport, Warehouses, Offices, Parking, Garden, Service Apartments.

31 Dr R Khajuria TEAM30 SEZ Project Cost (Rs Million approx.) Land – 100 Hectares 250 Development 250 Buildings 300 Utilities & Power550 Equipments 500 P & P Expenses 150 Total 2,000 (200 Cr)

32 Dr R Khajuria TEAM31 Sources of Finance (Rs Million)* Equity 500 FDI 300 Term Loans1,200 Total2,000 (200 Cr) » * (Approx.)

33 Dr R Khajuria TEAM32 Export & Employment (Y )(Rs Million)* Project Investment in SEZ: 2,000 SEZ 100 Units Investment: 8,000 Total Investment in SEZ: 10,000 (1,000 Cr) Electrical/Power Sector Investment (10 Years): 2000,000 (2 Lakh Cr) Exports expected from SEZ: 20,000 (2,000 Cr) Employment Potential in SEZ: 20,000 Persons » * (Approx estimates).

34 Dr R Khajuria TEAM33 Permissions Land Acquisition. Gujarat SEZ Act, SEZ Act 2005 and SEZ Rules 2006, Ministry of Commerce, Government of India. In-principle / Formal Approval. Notification in Official Gazette.

35 Dr R Khajuria TEAM34 SEZ Project Planning Feasibility Study by TEAM Applications by TEAM Fund-raising Tie-ups by TEAM Government Permissions Construction Permissions Implementation Team

36 Dr R Khajuria TEAM35 Implementation Schedule* Project Planning3 Months Permissions-SEZ3 Months –Sub-Total6 Months Implementation 54 Months Total 60 Months * (approx.)

37 Dr R Khajuria TEAM36 Why TEAM? Since 1983 in India, then London UK. 220 Projects Advised successfully. Electrical Industry Knowledge & Clients. Total US$ 10 Billion investment catalysed. Invited by Governments of India, UK, Singapore, HK, Thailand, Sudan, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman for development assignments in technology and trade.

38 Dr R Khajuria TEAM37 Knowledge Partners TEAMPro Limited, UK Dr Rajesh Khajuria, Director MBA (Fin), PhD (Management), CMC, FIMC, MIoD India Baroda M: London T: (Sunil Vaghani) Electrifying Futur e ©

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