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Talisma CRM © Interactions 1Proprietary and Confidential.

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1 Talisma CRM © Interactions 1Proprietary and Confidential

2 Proprietary and Confidential 2 What is a Talisma Interaction Record of communication between Users and Contacts Collection of Messages E-Mail Text Messages Phone Calls Chat Printed Letters

3 Proprietary and Confidential 3 Key Features Logical grouping of messages Organized Threaded Collaboration with colleagues Transfer/Assign Forward Submit for Review Consult a Specialist

4 Proprietary and Confidential 4 E-mail address that an organization uses to send and receive e-mail Two Types Incoming: Receives e-mail for a Team Outgoing: Sends e-mail to Contacts About Talisma Aliases Incoming Alias 1 Outgoing Alias Team 1 Incoming Alias 2 Incoming Alias 3 Team 2 Team 3

5 Proprietary and Confidential 5 Interaction Windows

6 Proprietary and Confidential 6 The Interaction Window

7 Proprietary and Confidential 7 Historical record of all messages associated with the Interaction Record of other specific events such as Assignment to a User Transfer to a Team Changes in Status/Priority Opening by a User Sub Interactions The Conversation Pane

8 Proprietary and Confidential 8 The Conversation Pane Individual Messages can be expanded or collapsed by clicking on the or next to the Message header + -

9 Proprietary and Confidential 9 Used to compose and send e-mail replies The Reply Pane

10 Proprietary and Confidential 10 Reply Pane is replaced by Forward when Forward is selected from the Interaction Menu The Forward Pane

11 Proprietary and Confidential 11 Reply Pane is replaced Consult when Consult a Specialist is selected from the Interaction Menu The Consult Pane

12 Proprietary and Confidential 12 Items from the Properties Tab can be placed in the Preferred Properties pane for easy access The Preferred Properties Pane

13 Proprietary and Confidential 13 The Tabs Pane includes the Tab Bar and the Tabs associated with the Interaction The Tabs Pane

14 Proprietary and Confidential 14 The New Interaction Window

15 Proprietary and Confidential 15 Interaction Table View

16 Proprietary and Confidential 16 The New Message Window

17 Proprietary and Confidential 17 Creating an Interaction – New Interaction Window Viewing an Interactions – Interaction Window Demo

18 Proprietary and Confidential 18 Create a new interaction from a Lead. Select the media as Phone. Put in some text in the contact message box and the user message box. Assign the interaction to yourself while logging. Locate & open the relevant interaction using one of the search methods. Notice how the contact message and user message are captured on the interaction. Training Exercise

19 Interaction States Interaction StateIcon Open Pending Resolved Closed Expired Pending, Closed and Expired states cannot be set manually. Expired cases cannot be re-opened.

20 Proprietary and Confidential 20 An Interaction can have a Priority of Normal or High Priority is automatically computed by the system based on the priority of the associated Contact and the time- based priority definition defined by the Talisma Business Administrator Priority can be set by the User (with permissions) Two Options Force High Priority AutoCompute Recorded as event in the Conversation Pane Prioritize Interactions

21 Actions on Interactions Add Message Add Comments Set Interaction State Set Interaction Priority Edit Interaction Subject

22 Proprietary and Confidential 22 Assign/Transfer Interactions Transfer - Transfer to different team Assignment - Assignment to specific user User can assign and transfer together if user is part of both the teams only Team 1 Team 2 User 1 User 2 (Assignment) (Transfer)

23 Proprietary and Confidential 23 Add a message to the interaction created earlier. Observe the state of the interaction Add follow up contact message Add comments Make interaction as high priority Assign the interaction to the trainer Training Exercise

24 Proprietary and Confidential 24 Forward Used to send Interaction details via e-mail Used to send to someone who is not a Talisma user, or to a another Talisma User when no reply is expected Forward Options Forward (as email message) Forward as an attachment Forward Interactions

25 Proprietary and Confidential 25 Consult a Specialist Interaction is sent to Specialist (not a Talisma User) as an e- mail Interaction Property data is sent if configured in Business Administrator Interaction owner is notified when the Specialist responds Submit for Review Typically used to monitor responses by new employees Can only be sent to another user in the same Team Remains assigned to original User Can include comments to for the reviewer Can be recalled if reviewer has not taken any action on the review Requesting Assistance

26 Proprietary and Confidential 26 Forward Consult a Specialist Submit for Review Demo

27 Proprietary and Confidential 27 Adding Comments Comments can be added to Interactions using the Interaction->Add Comments menu action Interaction comments appear in the Conversation History Pane Attaching files Files can be included in the Interaction Comments by using the Insert File option in the Comment window Adding Supporting Information

28 Proprietary and Confidential 28 Send and set state with single click Auto load next message Replying to Interactions

29 Message Object Interaction is composed of messages Are internal to the system and can be viewed only after logging as an interaction Each message has a direction (incoming/outgoing) Have a unique identifier, Message ID Interaction ID is independent of Message ID How to view Message object?

30 Talisma Message Workflow

31 Proprietary and Confidential 31 Workspace where all outbound messages are held Options available to: Delete Reply Rush Reply Pause Reply The Outbox

32 Proprietary and Confidential 32 Additional Actions for Interactions

33 Proprietary and Confidential 33 A single e-mail response can be sent for multiple Interactions at the same time In the Interaction table view, multi-select the required Interactions From the Interaction Menu select Reply or Reply All Type the response in the message area of the Multiple Interactions Reply Window Click on the appropriate send option Responding to Multiple Interactions

34 Proprietary and Confidential 34 Interactions may be saved as a file on the system HTML Text Save Options Interaction – Interaction data including Conversation Pane with Messages and Properties. Message Window Attachments Saving Interactions to a File

35 Proprietary and Confidential 35 Reminders can be set by a User for oneself or for another Talisma User to perform an activity related to an Interaction. To set a reminder On the Interaction Menu Bar, select Interaction->Set Reminder… By clicking on the Set Reminder icon on the Interaction Toolbar Note: Reminders can be set for multiple Interactions at the same time by invoking the Set Reminder action from the Interaction Table view with multiple Interactions selected Reminders

36 Proprietary and Confidential 36 Message Enhancements

37 Proprietary and Confidential 37 Attachments File attachments can be added to messages Signatures Signatures are Team Based The Signature for the Interactions Team will be used Message Enhancements

38 Proprietary and Confidential 38 Properties Properties from the Interaction and related Objects (Contact, Lead, Message) can be directly inserted into an Interaction Response Lists A list of properties, from an Object that has a Many:One relationship with the Interaction or related Object, can be inserted into an Interaction Response Message Enhancements

39 Proprietary and Confidential 39 Pictures Hyperlinks Knowledge Base Solutions For systems with integrated Talisma Knowledge Base Message Enhancements

40 Proprietary and Confidential 40 Inserting Attachment Inserting Signature Inserting Properties & Property Lists Inserting Pictures Inserting Hyperlink Demo

41 Proprietary and Confidential 41 Maximize the reply pane to pan the entire Talisma window. Locate a file from your local computer and attach it to an existing interaction response. Insert the Date of Birth property of a contact in a response. Locate a picture on your local computer and insert in a response. Include the following text in your response Click here to visit Talisma. Make the text as a hyperlink to Training Exercise

42 Proprietary and Confidential 42 Canned Responses Pre-defined messages that can be inserted into Interaction responses Shared Object Canned Responses can be personalized by including properties from the Interaction and related Objects (Contact, Lead, Message) Conditional Merges Most Recently Used (MRU) Can be inserted with a shortcut Message Enhancements

43 Proprietary and Confidential 43 Rapid Responses Up to three Canned Responses can be identified as Rapid responses Rapid Responses can be included in a Message by a single click on a Tool Bar icon Message Enhancements

44 Proprietary and Confidential 44 Create the following CR and share it with the home team. Hi Thank you for contacting Indiana University. You will get a response to your query within >. ((if Lead.City = Bloomington then include the text below)) Indiana University is hosting its annual music festival on Mar 1, 2013. Click here to find out more information. Regards, Training Exercise

45 Proprietary and Confidential 45 Auto Correct Automatically correct commonly miss-spelled words Spell Check Auto Text Auto Text shortcuts may be used in Messages Auto Text shortcuts will be automatically expanded in the Message – e.g. ASAP is expanded to As soon as possible Typing Tools

46 Proprietary and Confidential 46 Questions? Clarifications? Wrap Up

47 Proprietary and Confidential 47 Thank You

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