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Repeaters What is a repeater? Receiver, Transmitter, Controller, Duplexer, Power Supply and an Antenna.

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1 Repeaters What is a repeater? Receiver, Transmitter, Controller, Duplexer, Power Supply and an Antenna

2 Types makes and models. Fundamentals. Controllers. Audio. Duplexers Coordination Brief description of IRLP, echo_link and other internet related linking systems Overview of the Basics

3 Coordination John Gebuhr WBØCMC 2340 N 64 th St. Omaha, NE Mid-America Coordination Council Nebraska Frequency Coordinator

4 Requirements Rpt callOutput OffsetLAT/LON ContactSponsors AccessAuto-patch Emergency powerDirect access to 911 Gen coverageARES/RACES/CD RTTYMailing address HAATERP

5 Fundamentals RX TX CAT 300 DX KØASH Power Supply Antenna Site Coordination

6 Types Makes and Models



9 Controllers Accepts incoming logic and applies and outgoing logic Logic = Audio, Voltage Can be as simple as a switching transistor The controllers of today come with timers, iders, and some form Of remote control via DTMF. This is true of most home-brew controllers also. You wont find many features in the aforementioned style controller BUT the new controllers like

10 Cat 1000

11 Features Include: Voice Synthesizer DTMF Regenerator Forty Voice Messages DTMF Pad Test Digital Voice Clock DTMF Audio Muting Grandfather Clock DTMF Paging Two CW Identifiers DTMF or Pulse Dialing Programmable Courtesy Tones DTMF Window (64) Control Functions DTMF Repeater Access (60) Position Scheduler DTMF Command Generator Full Feature Auto patch Link Serial Tuning (300) User Speed Dials TS-440 HF Remote Base (10) Emergency Speed Dials FT-767GX HF Remote Base Reverse Auto patch RS-232 Interface Last Number Redial Hardware Inputs Auto patch Cover Tone DVR Controller Ready Auto patch Time Extender Programmable Prefix Codes Macro Strings TTL Computer Interface Phone Number Read Back Programmable Timers Memory Saves Two-Tone Paging Caller ID Suppression 300 baud on Board Modem User Function Switches Link Auto Disconnect Phone Number Lock-Out Area Code Discrimination Doug Hall RBI-1 Interface Link Preset Frequencies Features

12 Cat 300 DX

13 NHRC (New Hampshire Repeater Controller)

14 Voter 4 in Nebraska KØRPT(2), KØLNE, KBØTDY,

15 RVS

16 Audio Pre-emphasized or emphasizedOr discriminator VS speaker Brick low and high pass filtering Flat VS dynamic ranges Delay Forwarding the audio to the controller or voter

17 Hysteresis Audio from the RX to comparator where converted into a numeric value then forwarded to Hysteresis module for switching then onto The controller and out to transmitter.

18 Duplexers WP 641WP 639 BpBr circuit One side pass the high frequency While notching the low Other side passing the low Frequency while notching the low

19 Power Supply Astron RM 50 M, RM 35 M, RM 20 M Any power supply that will handle the load

20 Antennas Hustler G6, G7, HX DB Products DB224E Diamond X510 and others Comet GP9 and others Any antenna will work, look out for those that have multiple couplings, Brass fittings with Caesar screws. These need to be soldered over After tuning as they will produce snap, crackle, pop in the signal as well as add potential de-cense.

21 Internet Gateways IRLP (Internet Repeater Linking Project) ECHOLINK ILINK WIRES (Wide coverage repeater enhancement system)


23 Taking Measurements

24 Inventory

25 Bill Frost WØBX

26 Tower Company

27 Overlooking Lincoln

28 Waiting While Climbing

29 ½ Way There

30 Still ½ Way There

31 Setting up Feed Line

32 Ready to Pull

33 Final Resting Spot

34 Heave Ho

35 Antenna up

36 Grip


38 KTØK Rain Dance

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