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Port Moody Secondary School Exit Interviews How to guide.

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1 Port Moody Secondary School Exit Interviews How to guide

2 Graduation Transitions Checklist  Healthy Living: Students are to Document 100 hours of physical activity  Community Connections: Students are to Document their participation in at least 30 hours of work experience and/or volunteer service Provide evidence (proof) that the experience was performed. For example, paystub Reflect on the activity. A reflection consists of describing the duties performed and connecting the experience to life skills or demonstrating the benefit to the community and to the student.  Career and Life Students are to Complete the Transitions plan Include a current resume  Exit Interview – April 27 th, 2012 – Exit Interviews will be posted next week around the school and online.

3 Exit Interview The Exit Interview at PMSS is a 15 to 20 minute presentation and/or discussion with a panel of adults. Students will be given a time and place where they are expected to present

4 What are students expected to present? ALL Grade 12 students are expected to… Introduce themselves –Describe who they are, where they came from etc. Reflect on some important moments from the past 18 years that have shaped who they are –People that have influenced them etc. Discuss future plans –School, career, travel, life IT IS IMPORTANT TO BRING EVIDENCE  Such as an acceptance letter, photos, awards etc.

5 How should I present this information? Power point Scrapbook Poster Music Book Video Bring your own laptop/ tablet etc.

6 Remember… Dress appropriately Arrive on time and be prepared to discuss your achievements Provide evidence to the interviewer(s)

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