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Michigans New Medicaid Program for Working Individuals with Disabilities.

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2 Michigans New Medicaid Program for Working Individuals with Disabilities

3 The Freedom to work for individuals with disabilities law enacted as Public Act 32 of 2003 R equires that a Medicaid program for working individuals with disabilities be established by January 1, 2004.

4 Fruits of Collaboration An example of what collaboration can achieve Department of Community Health Department of Human Services Department of Labor and Economic Growth –Michigan Rehabilitation Services Social Security Administration MiJob Coalition

5 Eligibility Factors US citizen/qualified alien, Michigan resident, SS#, non-institutional, etc. Disability determined by Social Security Aged 16 through 64 Eligible for Medicaid without spend down Employed or self-employed Net UNEARNED countable income <100% Federal Poverty Guideline

6 On Freedom To Work Medicaid Asset (resource) limit of $75,000 with standard exclusions (house, car) No limit on retirement accounts recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) No EARNED income limit May pay a premium on a sliding scale based on earned income Keep net UNEARNED countable income limit <100% Federal Poverty Guideline

7 Current Medicaid Services An individual enrolling in the Freedom to Work program will keep or obtain current Medicaid services. Current services do not include personal assistance services in the workplace.

8 Monthly Premiums in 2005 Premium payable on gross earnings above $3,995 a month (more if have allowable Impairment Related Work Expenses) Premiums start at $50 a month Maximum premium for gross earnings over $6,250 a month: based on annual Medicaid cost of care

9 What happens if you stop working? If you stop working because of medical necessity or involuntarily layoff, Medicaid services will continue for up to 24 months for each instance.

10 How to Apply Apply to the Department of Human Services (formerly FIA) and ask for the Freedom to Work Medicaid program described in PEM 174.

11 Before Enrolling Talk with a Benefits Planning Assistance and Outreach specialist The BPA&O specialist will help you understand how working relates to your cash, medical, housing, food stamps or other benefits Working usually leads to more income and greater independence

12 For more info Contact your local Department of Human Services office and ask about Freedom to Work Medicaid and PEM 174 Call Michigan Protection and Advocacy Services, Inc. at 1-800-288-5923 for referral to a BPA&O specialist in your area Visit this web site:

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