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ADC Energy System AC & DC Unification February 19, 2014.

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1 ADC Energy System AC & DC Unification February 19, 2014

2 Web Address: ADC Energy is located in Cypress, California and moved in October 2013.

3 ADC Energy was established in 2012 with the vision of providing solutions to efficiently use one of the worlds most valuable resources: energy. ADC Energys main product, the ADC Power System, was created based on an invention developed by its CEO, Hun Y. Choe. Since then, the invention has been the basis of providing several more solutions to make the use of energy more efficient. Developing new solutions and designs to combat the worlds energy issues is now a common goal at ADC Energy, so much so that our motto is, Expect Innovation. Hun Y. Choe Chief Executive Officer Inventor Web Address:

4 ADC Sample products ADC ModuleADC BoosterADC Charger Prototype ADC Module for in-home use

5 Many more to come in near future….. ADC Sample products

6 History and Background 1. DC Energy – Developed by Edison Cannot travel long distances Must be inverted to AC in order to be used with high energy appliances (ie. Electric Stove, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner) 2. AC Energy – Developed by Tesla High Voltage – Deadly on Humans Must be converted to DC in order to be used with the majority of electronic devices Video: AC vs. DC - War of the CurrentsAC vs. DC - War of the Currents Science Online. "AC vs DC." YouTube. YouTube, 22 Apr. 2013

7 Finally! We can reconcile both AC and DC 1. AC is the best way to transport Energy between long distances 2. DC is the more stable, safe and sustainable form of Energy History and Background (contd)

8 ADC Energy System Description ADC Systems accommodate both AC and DC 1. No new wiring required: Avoids costly modification Easy Installation 2. Lighting can accommodate DC LED light bulbs without converter More than 95% savings vs. incandescent bulbs Pure LED bulbs are more reliable and cheaper w/o a converter 3. Allows use of existing AC and DC devices More than 50% power savings AC to DC Converter

9 AC Appliances Large size Solar Panels Wind Regulator Stereo DC to AC Inverter Loss Reg. bulbsReg bulb LightsAC LED/Reg. bulbsAC LED/Reg. Lights Electronics Lighting LED TVPCInternet Regulator AC Input AC Meter AC to DC Converter Loss

10 Reg bulb Lights DC Generator No Change Current Power Grid No wiring Change Required Direct Use w/o any loss : No Change in AC Regulator Reg. bulbsPure LED Lights DC PCDC InternetDC StereoDC LED TV Point of common Connection ADC Module Electronics DC Lighting Pure LED bulbs No Converter Regulator Wind DC Small size Solar Panels StereoLED TVPCInternet AC Input AC Meter AC Appliances AC to DC Converter Loss Regulator

11 Both AC and DC Power In case of blackout Lighting, DC powered PCs, electronics and security system have no effect for many hours Solar panels (small portable) can sustain lighting and DC electronics Can run essential AC appliances (ex. Refrigerator) ADC System accommodate

12 1. No new wiring required: Avoid costly mod 2. Lighting can accommodate pure LED light bulbs without converter More than 95% savings vs. regular bulbs Pure LED bulbs has better reliability and should be cheaper 3. Signal & Street Lights LED Bulbs in a Signal Cluster have burned out prematurely due to AC power fluctuations. No impact in case of Blackout: Signal still Works! 4. Other applications Commercial Sign, Visual & Stadium light, etc. 5. Drastic Reduction of Government Electricity Utility Budget ADC Energy System in Commercial

13 1. Support to achieve Executive Order goals by 2020 Executive Order (EO) 13423: Jan Federal Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management Executive Order (EO) 13514: Oct Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance 2. Significant Reduction of Utility Budget & GHG Leading by Example in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance With more than 1.8 million civilian employees, 500,000 buildings, and $500 billion in annual purchasing power, the Federal Government has a responsibility to lead by example when it comes to its environmental, energy, and economic performance. 3. Support Miscellaneous H.R.s H.R. 2126, the Better Buildings Act H.R. 3826, the Electricity Security and Affordability Act, ADC Energy System in Government

14 Implementation of EO on Federal Sustainability Sustainability Priorities: Energy and Water Goals Reduce energy intensity in facilities by 30% by 2015 as compared to 2003 baseline. Ensure that at least 5% of agencys annual electricity use comes from renewable sources, with at least half of that generated from new sources (post-1999). Reduce potable water intensity by at least 26% in 2020 as compared to 2007 baseline. ADC Energy System in Government

15 Applications (Commercial Lighting) Indoor lighting Signage Library Interior School Classroom

16 Applications (Municipal Lighting) Stadium lighting Traffic Light Street light Street Sign

17 Applications (Residential Lighting) Indoor Outdoor Pool Seasonal

18 ADC Power System DC Energy Source AC Energy Source DC Devices AC Devices Zero Conversion Required ADC Power System

19 ADC Power System Patents Korea Patents 1) ADC Power System ( ) 2) ADC Switch-Mode Power Supply ( ) 3) ADC Power Booster ( ) 4)AC/DC Power Controller ( ) Pending Patents China European Union Japan United States

20 ADC Power System Patents US Patent and Trademark Offices Foreign Filing License (13/846,537): Granted Aug. 23, ) ADC Power System & ADC Switch-Mode Power Supply 2) ADC Power Booster & AC/DC Power Controller

21 ADC Power System Status & Future ADC Energy USA, Inc. is our exclusive firm in USA ADC System is produced and consumed by USA Main ADC Modules and many components Even future DC electronics to be converted by license agreement Help to offset unemployment and boost economy Unit cost will be developed with Federal or State Government programs Approval Process In progress to obtain UL Needs to develop DC Electrical Code Work with IEEE and Academic Communities Interested Organizations Power Engineering Services, INC. Brea, California ENABLE-IT, Las Vegas, Nevada Traco Power, Baar, Switzerland

22 ADC Power System Status & Future Working Countries Korea: ADC CEO Sung Y. Myung Produce & Develop prototype of ADC module and components Philippine: ADC CEO Eugene Polendey Working recovery from Typhoon Haiyan Mexico: ADC CEO Antonio Meza Estrada China: ADC CEO Thomas Mao In progress with Australia South Africa Canada Indonesia

23 ADC Energy System Summary Saving Energy More Employment Eliminate need for new power plants

24 Thank You ADC Energy System

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