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Introduction to Perfect Jury Welcome to the Perfect Jury PowerPoint overview. Perfect Jury was designed to enhance the speed and accuracy of jury administration.

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1 Introduction to Perfect Jury Welcome to the Perfect Jury PowerPoint overview. Perfect Jury was designed to enhance the speed and accuracy of jury administration and the Voir Dire process by combining state of the art data capture technology with a continuously managed database application. Perfect Jury automates and makes simple all of the following processes: Import Jurors Manage Juror Lists Uniquely Identifies Jurors Randomizes Lists of Jurors Seats Jurors Moves Jurors Creates and Changes Jurors Status Creates a Format For Juror Evaluation Keeps a Record of All Questions and Answers Allows and Maintains Notes on Jurors Questions and Answers Tracks All Challenges (Peremptory, Cause, etc.) For All Parties More … Enter to Continue

2 Perfect Jury – Accessing the Data Perfect Jury is a desktop application designed to run on a Notebook, Net Book or Tablet, that connects to an online database via an encrypted virtual private network. It does require an internet connection, but it is not an internet application and does not use browser windows such as (for example) Internet Explorer or Firefox. Access has been designed to be simple and fast, requiring just 2 clicks as shown here. Perfect Jury uses the same data encryption that is used for Internet Banking making information transfer safe and secure. Password retrieval can be accessed on the spot through the use of stored security information, without ever leaving the screen if necessary, avoiding unnecessary delays while maintaining the highest degree of security.

3 Perfect Jury – Getting Started From Left to Right … the user is greeted and the date is displayed. The users primary assigned location will appear on the main screen and the user is also identified by user name, title and firm in the title bar. The right side bar will add information as it is selected. Any trial that is assigned to a firm and is active in the system will appear in the trial list. Once a trial is selected, any seated jurors and their seat assignments will fill the Juror-Seat list box. Application Navigation has been limited to four major categories for quick access and learning.

4 Perfect Jury – Client Administration Selecting the Client Admin button loads a page with 5 sub categories. These tabs allow the instant adding and editing for trials, users, and user access information. Note that a trial has been selected here and that the Jury-Seat list is showing that three jurors are already seated. Details to follow…

5 Perfect Jury – User Pages The User Pages have 5 sub categories. The tab displayed above is the private note feature. This allows a judge (or other user) to make notes about the case as jurors are being processed. Notes are saved forever by default or can be deleted at any time. Perfect Jury uses instant memory to keep the last sub category page on top when leaving this section. This allows immediate return and access to note taking and review while conducting the Voir Dire of each Juror. Notes are personal to each user, even if multiple users are accessing the same trial.

6 Perfect Jury – Managing Jurors - Add Jurors Managing Jurors - An entire list of Jurors (any number) can be added into the system with just 2 clicks. Perfect Juror can accept lists from either simple test (,txt) file format or from an Excel (.xls) spreadsheet file format. Previously added jurors are displayed above (13). Newly proposed additions are displayed on the right (18). SUBMIT will complete the process and add the new list to the old. This is first of a 3 step process that begins Voir Dire. Once the jurors have been added, they will be seated by selecting the Manage Trial button. After they have been given a seat assignment, this page will again be accessed to begin the second acceptance phase which we term Initialization. Also note here that Perfect Jury can seat multiple juries.

7 Perfect Jury – Initializing Jurors The INITIALIZATION process has 2 pages of questions, normally delivered by the judge. The first group is displayed above. Note that the only write in here is the zip code, used for location tracking. All other information is file selected. This makes for fast and error free data entry. Also note that the jurors ID has been shortened to their last 4 digits and that their seat assignment has been added to their ID. When CONTINUE is selected ….

8 Perfect Jury – Inclusion / Exclusion Criteria The second page of initialization, termed Inclusion/Exclusion criteria, is now displayed. Here, a group of questions has been given to jurors to read and answer. The default response to these questions is No. A Yes answer will require an explanation. If Yes is selected, a new window will appear automatically to accept an explanation as shown above. Each Yes answer will in turn produce this window and all answers will be held in memory until final submission is selected.

9 Perfect Jury – Juror Notes Notes about the viability of each juror can be added at this point. These notes are attached to the jurors file and can be recalled as part of their record later. Included information is the author, the date, and the content of the note. As many notes as desired can be added by the user. Unlike User Notes described earlier, these notes are visible as part of the jurors Voir Dire evaluation to anyone that has permission to use the system and access this trial information.

10 Perfect Jury – Initialization Complete Upon submission, a success window will appear to confirm that the information has been accepted. Additionally, notice that this juror, assigned seat number 4, has now appeared in the Juror-Seat list box of Initialized jurors. Once a juror has been initialized, all their information can be examined by going to the Selected Juror tab on the page.

11 Perfect Jury – Selected Juror Information Once a juror appears in the Initialization box, you may review all that jurors information with a single click. When the Selected Juror tab is selected, you can compare all the jurors in the list by scrolling through them. Selecting the ANSWERS button will reveal all their Inclusion / Exclusion answers to questions. Selecting the NOTES button will reveal any notes that were added during Voir Dire. These are shown on the following pages. When Voir Dire by each counsel has been completed, selecting the COMPLETE button will identify those jurors as completed with a green box on the Manage Trial page and they will then be available for Challenges.

12 Perfect Jury – Answers to Voir Dire Questions All answers to Voir Dire pre composed questions are available here by selecting the ANSWERS button.

13 Perfect Jury – Juror Notes Displayed Juror Notes are displayed by selecting the NOTES button. Additional notes can be added here without leaving the page.

14 Perfect Jury – Edit Selected Juror Information All juror information can be quickly and accurately edited using the UPDATE button on the selected juror screen. Available edits include additional information on the Initialize page and also new answers to more questions from the Inclusion/Exclusion criteria. Additional notes can also be added to the juror notes.

15 Perfect Jury – Group Information Group evaluations are made possible from the Jurors tab selection. All the jurors in the system can be viewed as a group by choosing any column header on the page for sorting. Columns can be grouped and ordered alpha numerically in both standard and reverse order with a single click. For example, if you wanted to see all the jurors that were Female or Married or had children or (whatever), this is easily accomplished. Additionally, the Jurors page can produce a dated report so that excused jurors can be sorted, identified for pay when excused, and/or entered into the system for administrative purposes such as time served.

16 Perfect Jury – Trial Management When the Manage Trial button is selected, a replica of the jury box is displayed. Seated jurors are defined as either seated only (Red – no questions), Initialized (Yellow, court questions only completed), or Voir Dire (counsel questioning completed). Open seats are blank. Also on this page is a seat assignment section and a section for challenges.

17 Perfect Jury - Randomization Perfect Juror includes an advanced mathematical algorithm for randomizing the juror list. Prior to initial seating, a new list can be generated and then saved for recall in the event that the process goes to multiple days.

18 Perfect Jury – Initial Seating Initial juror seating is easily done by selecting a juror from the Randomized Juror list and then simply choosing the desired seat number. Note that the list can be ordered numerically or by seat number after seats have been assigned. Any juror with an unassigned seat will appear with a zero next to assigned number.

19 Perfect Jury – Perempt and Causal Challenges Executing a juror challenge is easily accomplished with Perfect Jury. Select the juror from list, either by seat or by ID number; state the reason and identify your authority (eg; Prosection as above). Then choose the UPDATE button.

20 Perfect Jury – Wheeler Motion You will be prompted for a wheeler motion entry, which is optional. This can be submitted blank if desired.

21 Perfect Jury – Move Jurors Juror # 1 has now been dismissed and the seat is vacant. Procedure is as follows; Juror 13 now moves to seat 1. This is accomplished easily and quickly as follows: a single click on the Number 13 ID label (4890) removes that juror from that seat and a double click on the empty Number 1 label places 4890 in that position (next page)…its that easy. All data that is attached to this juror is transported as well, including the updated status of the juror (in this case, red indicates seated only). Also note the following; the Next Up Prosecute label is now highlighted in red and the Defense is in green, indicating that Defense is next up for challenges. If either party passes, use RESET to restart the process. Additionally, the remaining challenges for each party have been updated as well. Here, the Prosecution was reduced from 19 to 18.

22 Perfect Jury – Shift Left For the final action, click on the SHIFT LEFT button and all the jurors in the bottom row are moved to the left (next page), opening seat 16. From this point, you simply use the seat assignment menu to add the next juror defined by the Randomized list…. fast and accurate….no more stick notes!

23 Perfect Jury All operations complete … continue until finished.

24 Perfect Jury – Multiple Juries & Dfendants With a simple click, Perfect Jury can track 6 defendants and 2 Juries simultaneously.

25 Perfect Jury A different background is used for the 2 nd jury box. Remaining challenges are itemized and charged to the proper defendant automatically as they occur. Switching between juries and screens requires only a single click action! In the case above, there is one additional Defendant (D2) and no challenges have been used by either party. In the event there is an error or reversal, challenges can be easily reset on the spot.

26 Perfect Jury – Networking, Security, Architecture Networking - Perfect Jury stores all information in a commonly accessed data center making it possible to have multiple users have access to the same information. Since it is the preference of some Justices to assign all or part of Voir Dire to their clerks, Perfect Jury was designed as a network capable application. Where applicable, a simple click of the refresh button updates the users screen to the most current information from the data center, even when the users are accessing the same information at the same time. The most recent changes in the system will always be available to any user with the proper permission. Security - To maintain the security and integrity of the system, users can only access information based on a court permission model. The owner of the application might be (for example) the State Of California, however, the highest level of permission is set for any particular court house location in the state. So a judge that is using the application in Lancaster cannot access information about a trial that is being processed in Ventura. Likewise, if a County (such as Los Angeles) was the application owner, the same rule would apply within the county….the Van Nuys court assignments are not visible to the Simi Valley court house. Architecture - The Software-Dynamics architecture is set up with significant care and no expense has been spared. Perfect Jury uses multiple servers at multiple locations to handle the tasks of the courts. These include internal multitier raid arrays for data integrity, multiple offsite redundancy for simultaneous data access, storage and backups at three different locations (one in another state). Our data collection can withstand a hit from the San Andreas Fault (GOD forbid).

27 Software-Dynamics Thanks You Mr. Duecker: I composed this general overview of Perfect Jury for you as an introduction to the application. It is in no way complete nor does it show all the capabilities of the application. However, I think that you can get a good idea of how it was designed to work in a courtroom setting. The logic has been applied in such a way so that even modest computer users can easily and simultaneously navigate through the functions without difficulty. In fact, the operations that take five minutes to explain actually happen in just a few seconds. The honorable Carol Koppel, a young woman of 70 years, was comfortable with it after just one training session applied during her 90 minute lunch break. Certain aspects, primarily external data input, are taken as a given. The jurors need to be imported into the application to begin, however I have made this a very simple 2 click process. Obviously, in order to import a file such as a list of jurors, a file must exist and it must be in the proper format. That is why I designed the application with the ability to accept information in multiple formats, and other acceptable formats could be included as well, as long as I am told what they are so I can adjust the application accordingly. As stated in my earlier email communication, I would enjoy the opportunity to bring the actual application to your facility and to demonstrate it for you alone and/or for any person or group of persons that you decide should be included. Please feel free to call me or email me with your preference. You have all my contact information. Thank you again for your interest and consideration. Patrick Tuminaro

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