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Cost Effectiveness of Non- Traditional Marketing By: Susan L. Sipe, President SLS Consulting PowerPoint Presentation by Heather Sheldon.

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1 Cost Effectiveness of Non- Traditional Marketing By: Susan L. Sipe, President SLS Consulting PowerPoint Presentation by Heather Sheldon

2 What Good Is A Web Site? Millions of people use the Internet now as their main source of information. Law students do most of their research online. A web site can do more than provide facts and figures; it can offer a window to prospective clients and job applicants into your firms history, culture and values. Think of a web site as an online firm brochure or Internet business card, instead of considering it advertising.

3 Continued... In this day and age, you cant afford NOT to have a web site. Our society is so web savvy that it is becoming an expected courtesy to have a web site to offer information about the firm and its lawyers. Three quarters (3/4) of all law firms have a web site. If you dont have one, you are invisible to those people who are using the Internet as their source for information.

4 Examples of Search Numbers Lawyer: 113,000 Attorney: 95,000 Legal Advice: 35,000 Law Firm: 24,000

5 What is a Good Web Site? There are many components to having a good web site, but the most important is Content, Content, Content. Your Content should accomplish the following: Describe the firm and portray its values and history Describe the areas of law the firm accepts cases in List the qualifications and accomplishments of the firms lawyers List and give access to all firm publications and articles Give updates on current legal issues

6 Your Web Site Should Also… Look professional Be user friendly Be consistent with other firm marketing Have readable text and minimal graphics Have proper keywords and descriptions Be kept up to date Offer an online contact form and alternate contact information Be in keeping with your State Bars Rules for Lawyer Advertising

7 To Market or Not To Market Your Web Site? There is no rule that says that if you have a web site that you must use it as part of your advertising or client development strategy. Some firms use their web site for informational purposes only and others use their sites to aggressively market their firms online in place of, or in addition to, traditional methods.

8 Continued... The traditional methods of marketing a law practice (I.E. yellow pages, radio, television, print media) are more expensive. Firms who rely on referrals as their main source of new clients should consider having a web site. Even if a prospective client is referred to a law firm, they may want to do their own investigation and the Internet puts that information, literally, at their fingertips.

9 Is Internet Marketing Cost Effective for Lawyers? Online marketing CAN BE the most cost effective method to market your law practice, if it is done with the correct tools and knowledge. How much you spend depends upon the size of your firm, your marketing budget and your goals for your site. You can purchase advertising spots for much much less than most traditional ads.

10 Continued... Important things you should consider before beginning an Internet Marketing campaign: What can you afford to spend? What are your goals? Realistically how soon do you expect to attain those goals?

11 Continued… Do your homework: Do Internet searches and see what lawyers or law firms come up in your search results, then call those lawyers or their marketing personnel and get some ideas. Comparison Shop - Get quotes from different companies who build web sites and compare them. Get examples of previous sites they have built and get solid time estimates for completion.

12 Continued... One of the most incredible things about the Internet is… you can set your budget, big or small, and still be effective. The Internet levels the playing field of lawyer marketing and gives new firms the same opportunities as the firms that were established one hundred years ago. Done properly, your Internet marketing campaign can improve your image, increase your client base and improve your client relationships, all within your pre-determined budget.

13 What Types of Internet Marketing Can I Purchase? Finding your way through the Internet marketing maze is sometimes difficult. There are many forms of online marketing available to lawyers and law firms.

14 Some Examples... Search Engine Optimization- Optimizing your web site so that it is more easily found on the search engines. Legal Portal Sites (Attorney Directories)- Legal web sites where you can purchase a geographic and practice area specific listing and take advantage of the marketing the portal is engaging in to bring more qualified traffic to your site.

15 Continued... Banner Advertising- Purchasing banner rotation ads on the search engines or other legal portals- usually on a cost per impression basis. Keyword Bidding- Search engines that let you bid on your desired keywords and placements and paid on a pay per click basis. Keyword Purchasing- Flat fee, pay per click traffic.





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