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2 Just a quick discussion on how it can be interpreted.

3 INTRODUCTION Social networking sites – what are they and what are they used for. Consequences for actions made online Safety – how to make your children safe online and simple easy tips to reduce potential bullying and online ASB. Q & A

4 WHAT IS A SOCIAL NETWORK DEFINITION - We define social network sites as web- based services that allow individuals to (1) construct a public or semi-public profile within a bounded system, (2) articulate a list of other users with whom they share a connection, and (3) view and traverse their list of connections and those made by others within the system. The nature and nomenclature of these connections may vary from site to site. In short, a format for friends to socialise via the web and/or a business to advertise and communicate.


6 WHAT ARE THE RISKS? Bullying Sexting Intimidation Means of organising criminal activity A format for paedophiles to communicate with young vulnerable people Pornography Consequences for future careers

7 ONLINE GAMING PEGI rating is there for a reason. Games have been given an age rating due to content – please follow instruction as it could potentially put your child at risk.

8 BULLYING Bullying occurs online as it is felt as though it is a safe place to do so with no consequences. You have as much time as needed to make a response or initial statement. Easy for high numbers of people to view what is occuring and get involved. In extreme circumstances it can result in suicide!

9 PORNOGRAPHY A Study has been conducted to show that from any one website, you are only 3 clicks away from accessing pornography material. Another study has been conducted and shown that since the internet was introduced there has been a correlation between a steady increase in porn accessibility on the internet and the age of young people having viewed porn. Do not give your children your bank details without viewing what is being bought.

10 SEXTING There has been an increase in these kinds of incidents being reported to the police. Some become wide spread and accessible to anyone. Cannot be contained and controlled once on the internet – www. stands for world wide web. With the increase in mobile technology this is becoming more of an issue due to cameras etc – monitor your childs phone.

11 PAEDOPHILES Social networking sites are an easy platform for adults to make contact with children. They are experts in using the technology. The way they speak and ask questions. They will try 1000s at a time and all they need is one response Your children should not be talking to anyone they do not know already or adding them as friends to their profile

12 GROUP ACTIVITY In front of you, you will have a sheet of paper and a profile page that is from the social networking site Facebook. Activity – on your sheet of paper and in your groups can you please note as many bits of information you can find out about this person.


14 PETER CHAPMAN (THE REAL ONE) Used technology for criminal activity – fake profile account! Only caught by accident.

15 CONSEQUENCES There are many different consequences due to misuse of the internet and modern technology. here are a few that are most common: Arrests (age of criminal responsibility 10) Bullying No control of the material made and who can view it Offences of a sexual nature Extreme – Suicide/Death

16 SAFETY AND ADVICE There are many simple solutions to making the online world a safer and more enjoyable place to use and socialise. Limit the information on profiles Only have friends on that you know Monitor your childs usage Privatise profiles Be friends with them online Question them about anything that you are not too sure about Put parent blocks on websites


18 WHO CAN HELP? CEOPs button – online agency for all ages to report abuse (as seen in videos) Crime stoppers Police Schools Childline There are many more people/agencies that can assist with the issues discussed today.

19 CEOP Button- Child Exploitation and Online Protection

20 What they do online can affect you as well!

21 Q & A


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