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The Internet and Multimedia

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1 The Internet and Multimedia
Chapter 2 The Internet and Multimedia

2 How the Internet Developed
The Internet developed from a research project started by the U.S. Defense Department in 1958. Three inventions that spread the use of the Internet were: The personal computer (early 1980s) The World Wide Web (1989) The browser (1991)

3 Connecting to the Internet
In order to connect to the Internet you must have: A modem: allows your computer to send and receive signals though telephone lines An Internet service provider (ISP): required for all home connections Browser software: might need plug-in programs to retrieve some types of media applications

4 Navigating the Web In order to work with multimedia on the Internet, you must understand: The browser screen and its standard elements URL addresses and the information they contain

5 Standard Browser Elements
Additional links Navigation buttons Menu bar Web address or URL Sidebar Main display area Hyperlinks

6 URL Elements

7 Searching the Web Use search engines to find the right Web page:
Create search queries that include keywords. Use Boolean search strategies to narrow your search. Use the right search engine to conduct faster, more efficient searches.

8 Communicating on the Internet
There are several ways to communicate on the Internet: Sent to a specific address. Can have attachments. File transfer protocol (FTP): Often used to transfer large files from one computer to another. Chat rooms: “Virtual” rooms where you can exchange typed messages with others who are in the room. Instant messaging: Allows you to communicate in real time with one person.

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