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Sports and Entertainment Promotion

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1 Sports and Entertainment Promotion
10.1 Promoting Sports and Entertainment 10.2 Advertising and Placement 10.3 Publicity and Sales Promotions

the process of making customers aware of a product, service, or event Chapter 10

3 Promotional Goals Increasing sales is the primary goal of promotion.
Related goals include increasing customers’ usage maintaining customer loyalty building a fan base educating potential customers overcoming the hesitation of first-time buyers Chapter 10

4 Gaining New Fans – An Example
Soccer fans from all over the world were beginning to get mad over the faking of injuries and bad sportsmanship going on in the game. So, In 2006 Nike started a “Joga Bonito” campaign for the up coming world cup in Germany. Chapter 10

5 PROMOTIONAL ELEMENTS The four elements of promotion are advertising
publicity sales promotions personal selling Chapter 10

6 Advertising advertising product placement
a paid form of communication delivered by a product maker or seller to consumers Roughly $4 million dollars per 30 seconds in the 2013 super bowl, $1.7 million dollars for the 2013 Oscars. The Simpsons: It's not exactly the ratings powerhouse it once was, but it's still a top ten most-expensive show for advertisers, pulling in around $254,000 per spot. Monday's most expensive series for advertisers is Two and a Half Men ($252,000), Tuesday's is Glee ($267,000), Wednesday's and Thursday's are both X Factor ($320,000 and $283,000), poor Friday's is Blue Bloods ($76,000), and Saturday's is college football ($85,000) product placement a product integrated into the plot of a television show or a movie more discreet than advertising Chapter 10

7 Publicity publicity any unpaid media attention
either positive or negative Chapter 10

8 Sales Promotions sales promotions
additional incentives offered for a limited time to encourage consumers to buy a product Chapter 10

9 Personal Selling personal selling
an in-person, face-to-face communication between a seller and a customer Chapter 10

10 ADVERTISING Advertising informs consumers about new products and services and helps consumers make comparisons among alternatives. Chapter 10

11 Step by Step Cost effective advertising requires:
Set a measurable advertising goal. Develop the advertising budget. Create an advertising theme. Choose the advertising media. Create the message. Develop an advertising schedule. Measure the effectiveness of the advertising. Chapter 10

12 The Goal specific measurable Chapter 10

13 The Budget marginal analysis
setting the advertising budget by estimating the point at which an additional dollar spent on advertising equals additional profit. How much is advertising worth? Can your company get away with limited advertising? Name some companies that do limited advertising, but make millions. Chapter 10

14 percent of sales fixed sum per unit competitive parity share of voice
directs a percentage of expected sales revenues to the advertising budget fixed sum per unit an advertising budget based on the expected number of units to be sold competitive parity designed to maintain the current share of voice share of voice maintaining a similar dollar amount or frequency of advertising as that of competitors Chapter 10

15 The Theme The Media tagline (theme) print broadcast/cable Internet
a slogan that conveys the main message of the ad Just do it. – Nike, M’m! M’m! Good! – Campbell Soup, Got Milk? – Milk The Media print broadcast/cable Internet out-of-home in-home Chapter 10

16 media strategy choosing the media that will bring the most effective advertising message to the targeted consumer Which avenue is best utilized for your specific target market?? reach the number of people in the target market expected to receive the message through the chosen medium Chapter 10

17 The Message copy wear out
the words to be spoken or printed in the advertisement wear out when advertising loses its effectiveness due to overexposure or poor message quality Can you think of any products or services that this is currently happening too? Chapter 10

18 The Schedule frequency concentration schedule dominance strategy
the number of times the targeted customer is exposed to the media concentration schedule relying on a single medium dominance strategy a firm buys the maximum reach and frequency in one medium and purchases additional space in or time on other media Chapter 10

19 The Effectiveness response rate
the number of customers who connect with and act in relation to the ad Chapter 10

20 Its Showtime primetime
when the largest viewing audiences are watching TV the most expensive time to advertise Chapter 10

21 Interactive Advertising
Effective advertising will engage viewers and motivate them to take specific action. Digital communications can be used to create an interactive connection with potential customers. Chapter 10

22 PRODUCT PLACEMENT Product placement is a fast growing form of sales promotion used in films TV shows live theater Chapter 10

23 The Basics Product placement can be used to offset the need for traditional advertisements. 24 on the Fox network Ford vehicles used extensively Chapter 10

24 Who Pays? Three common ways that product placement deals might be constructed include fee basis A corporation will pay a fee to the film’s producers for prominent product placement. barter If a very expensive product is needed, it may be provided for use in the film in exchange for the prominent display of the brand name. Chapter 10

25 A corporation may make an agreement with a film producer to include movie promotion in its product advertising in exchange for placement of the product in the movie. Assuming they appeal to the same market, both parties will gain from the connection. Chapter 10

26 PUBLICITY Although publicity is free, the message is controlled by
the news media others that are presenting the message Chapter 10

27 Goodwill goodwill customers’ positive feelings about the business
Chapter 10

28 Damage Control publicist damage control
a person who is responsible for maintaining relations with the public and news media damage control an attempt to refute, justify, or downplay negative stories trying to focus attention on more positive stories Chapter 10

29 Grass-Roots Publicity
grass-roots effort when an unknown person or event is propelled into the spotlight by fans viral campaign a promotion where a few online mentions turn into a real buzz about a movie propels the movie into a mega hit Chapter 10

30 Image is Everything public relations (PR)
the arm of promotion that tries to create a favorable public opinion for an individual or organization Public relations focus on the future with the intent of creating a positive image of the business. Chapter 10

31 Professional athletes feel the pressure of being public role models while meeting athletic performance standards. Sports facilities and sports fans need to have a positive image to encourage visitors to attend games. Chapter 10

32 SALES PROMOTIONS Sales promotions are marketing efforts that offer
customers an additional incentive to buy a limited time to make the purchase Chapter 10

33 Consumer Sales Promotions
directed at the final consumer temporary price reductions price-pak deals coupons special gifts contests rebates Chapter 10

34 THINK CRITICALLY How could a gift shop located in movie theaters near the exits help increase sales? What is the value of diversifying distributors of Disney merchandise? Chapter 10

35 How can Disney benefit from associating with other well-known and respected companies?
Can sales of related merchandise increase attendance at the Disney movies? Explain. Chapter 10

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