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Welcome to ASI Presented by ASI Distributor Services.

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1 Welcome to ASI Presented by ASI Distributor Services

2 I recently took the big leap and decided to venture out on my own. Now, less than 6 months later, I just closed a deal that netted me over $11,000 profit on one sale. Starting my own company through ASI has been the best business decision I have ever made. Brennan Ryan asi/194718 Since joining ASI over a month ago we acquired four new prospects, are quoting on several large jobs and expect orders very shortly. We can see now that we will be getting printing jobs from these new leads as well. We just did a printing job for one of our prospects because of inroads with promotional products. John Lesko asi/225065 "ESP Online gives me a competitive advantage in the industry. Im able to quickly pull together organized personalized quotes for prospects and customers consistently beating my competition to the table. The time savings is worth the membership cost many times over. Combined with search capabilities, and subscribing is a no-brainer." Chris Dixon asi/300094 "I love my ASI membership because it puts money in my pocket fast. I can quickly create a presentation of ideas in ESP Online… send out those ideas within 30 minutes of a request... I have had orders signed within one hour from initial request and I didn't leave the house, now that's putting money in my pocket fast. Thank you ASI!" Terry Greer asi/304978 ASI & UPS: this simple partnership single handedly added several thousand dollars to our bottom line in '07 and '08. This was a "turning point" for me in our appreciation of ASI's partnership. Bobby Lehew asi/309656 I had a huge presentation recently for one of our top clients. Our job was to present new, unique, and unusual ideas…We used ESP Onlines virtual sample feature to seamlessly place the client's logo onto the products. We not only impressed them with our presentation, but walked out of the meeting with a 10,000 piece order for one of the virtual sample items! Jessica Ibsen asi/194718 In one transaction we earned over $70,000 with minimal effort. We had a tight delivery schedule, but worked with our supplier to make sure the in-hands date could be met. We believe our achievements in the business are a direct result of ASI and ESP Online. Lisa Buehler asi/372419 dream INK has grown each month since our start in January with your sales and support. ASI allowed me to challenge local competitors, utilizing my creative talents, problem solving skills and marketing experience with a truly unique, "one-source" network of anything that can be printed, packaged or promoted! Jason McSweeney asi/183364 As an owner of a trophy and awards shop we wanted to offer our customers choices, competitive prices, and promotional products. We joined ASI, subscribed to ESP Online and LogoMall and increased our sales immediately. Jeffrey Lesko asi/115022 We are very new to ASI, but have seen an immediate benefit to being a Member. With ASI on our side, customers can now look to us to supply them with all their promotional needs as well as the products and services that they already get from us. Anthony Narcise asi/300849 ASI membership entitles us to several advantages. Partnerships with UPS, Affinity Express (who we use exclusively), and OfficeMax have more then paid for our membership. Nancy Lott asi/353551 ()

3 Promotional Products Industry Promotional products are items imprinted with a logo or advertising message and given to customers as premiums, prizes, commemorative products or other incentives.

4 Promotional Products Industry $19.6 billion spent on promotional products annually

5 Top 10 Reasons To Sell Promotional Products 1.You will increase sales from your current customers. 2.Youll introduce your main business to new customers. 3.There is no inventory to carry & no investment in expensive equipment. 4.Youll improve your customer retention – no need for them to go to another vendor. 5.You understand logos/ artwork, you already know the products.

6 Top 10 Reasons To Sell Promotional Products 6.Big savings on everyday business services. (average ASI member saves $2400/year) 7.New technologies make sourcing products and promoting your capabilities simple. 8.The average order is about $1,000 and customers typically buy 3 times per year. 9.Low barrier to entry & costs less than a cell phone bill to get up and running. 10.Your customers already buy promotional products - shouldnt it be from you?

7 What is ASI? ASI is the largest media and marketing organization serving the advertising specialty and promotional products industry for over 50 years. –With over 25,000 members it is the largest professional membership network in the industry 3500 Suppliers: manufacture or import promotional products. 22,000 Distributors: sell products to end buyers Premier provider of media services to the ad specialty industry which includes award-winning magazines, catalogs, tradeshows, and business software.


9 ASI Benefits Add Up To Huge Savings Discounts up to 45% shipping, 65% freight with worlds largest package delivery company Savings as much as 50% on monthly credit card processing fees Special member pricing on hundreds of items

10 The Power of Branded Marketing 71% of business professionals reported receiving a promotional product in the last 12 months. 76.1% of consumers could remember a companys brand when given a promotional product. In comparison: 53% could recall the name of a single magazine or newspaper advertiser. Spending on branded products was 83% greater than radio advertising, 73% greater than Internet display ads and nearly 5 times larger than outdoor advertising.

11 95% of all businesses purchase Promotional Products… Who tops the list? 1.Financial 2.Manufacturing 3.Health/Medical/Hospitals 4.Consumer Products 5.Education/Schools/ Universities 6.Associations/Clubs/ Civic Groups Source: Counselor Magazine State of the Industry, July 2008

12 How End-Buyers Use Promotional Products 73% Business gifts 52% Customer retention & loyalty programs 48% Trade shows 47% Employee incentives & recognition 41% Customer acquisition Source: Counselor Magazine, December 2007 Survey look at the buying habits of 500 end-buyers

13 Top 5 Most Effective Products End buyers Top 5 in 2008 Survey: - Apparel - Writing Instruments - Desk Accessories - Food Gifts - Gift Cards

14 The Successful Start Position yourself as a Branding & Marketing expert Crossing over from another industry?... Start with the clients/contacts you already know! Set up a display & order imprinted catalogs Actively promote your website everywhere New business? Start by selling to people you know

15 Customize Your Solution What is the purpose? Who is your target market? What are you willing to spend to accomplish your goal? Budget for the project–not a product What is your timeframe?

16 32,000 Distributors, including 100% of the Counselor top 40 distributors use ESPOnline to manage their business, increase sales and profit margins. Find products quickly and create professional presentations. Sales Generating Event Planner Industry Standard Purchase Order Professional Virtual Samples Confirmed Pricing by Suppliers

17 End-buyer shopping engine –Over 300,000 items for end-buyers to purchase –Same shopping engine that powers Home Depot, Barnes & Noble, and 24/7 Lead generator –Generate ideas with a Google-like keyword search –End-buyers orders come directly to your inbox Professional appearance –Give your company a first class website to impress your customers

18 Catalogs ASI produces 10 different catalogs to market your business Top sellers: -Spectrum -Idea Showcase -Media File -The Gift Book The average catalog is viewed by 3 or more prospective customers Drives traffic to your website

19 ASI Membership Packages ESP Online, LogoMall and Catalogs$209.99 ESP Online and LogoMall$189.99 Membership and ESP Online$129.99 Basic Membership$ 29.99 Monthly Payment


21 ASI Resources For Success New member website Download: Jumpstart - 30 days to revenueJumpstart - 30 days to revenue Marketing your business, free sales collateral, marketing tips, and worksheets Education: Getting Started Video SeriesGetting Started Video Series ASI Education: ASI Shows and 24/7 Webinars

22 Thank You We look forward to helping your business grow in our industry ASI Distributor Services 800-546-1350

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