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An Opportunity for the Community Presented by… Brian Baldridge Gary Thompson May 2011.

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1 An Opportunity for the Community Presented by… Brian Baldridge Gary Thompson May 2011

2 Chico Air Museum 501(c)3 Non-Profit Status, Established 2004 Successful Fulfillment of Mission Statement Many Contributors and Supporters Growing Fleet of Display Aircraft and Artifacts Acceptance by Local Schools as Educational Venue World Class Aviation History Speaker Series Well Developed Relationships Within Museum Circles Certified Recipient of Military and NASA Surplus Extremely Dedicated Volunteer Staff

3 Vic Alvistur CAM Board President CAM Co-founder Former CEO Aero Union Previous Chico Planning Commission Chairman Lifetime Chico resident

4 Norm Rosene D.D.S. CAM Board Member CAM Co-Founder Established Local Dentist Lifetime Chico Resident PV High School, UC Davis, UCSF School of Dentistry Pilot and Aircraft Owner Aircraft Acquisition Specialist

5 Noel Wheeler CAM Board Member CAM Co-Founder Former Shell Oil Executive Longtime Chico Resident Docent Manager Former Butte County ALUC Commissioner Speaker Series Coordinator

6 Brian Baldridge CAM Board Member CAM Co-Founder Former President NVPA Commercial/Instrument Pilot Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic Former Chico Airport Employee CSU Chico Graduate Former Manager, Tech Support Diamond Aircraft, Eclipse Aviation Department of Defense Program Manager, Surveillance Aircraft Contractor

7 Gary Thompson CAM Co-founder Former Executive Director Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum Former Executive Director Pearson Air Museum Vintage Aircraft Restorer Author and Pilot Barnstormer Aviation Historian

8 CAM Mission Statement The Chico Air Museum was founded to collect, preserve, document and display artifacts significant to the rich aviation and aerospace history of Chico Army Air Field and the North Valley. Our primary purpose is to educate and inspire people of all ages, while honoring the creativity, dedication and sacrifices of the men and women who contributed to the remarkable aviation heritage in the Northern Sacramento Valley.

9 Rich Aviation History Titan ICBMs 1963 Friesley Falcon 1921 Vultee BT-13 in Formation 1944 Thad Kearns 1911 WASPs 1943

10 Thaddeus S.Kerns Chico Boy Pilot 1910 Built and flew first aircraft in Chico at age 16 only 7 years after Wright Bros. (1910) Renowned airshow pilot Granted several U.S. patents for aircraft design

11 Chico Army Air Field (CAAF)

12 Historic Chico Army Air Field 1942 to 1945 5,500 Combat Pilot Cadets trained, BT-13, P-39, P-63, P-38, B-29 Aircraft, Aerial Gunnery, Advanced Tactics Thousands of Combat Support Personnel trained for overseas deployment Women Air Service Pilots utilized (WASPs) to reposition aircraft Women aircraft maintenance mechanics employed Development of the famous 555 th Operation Firefly of African American smokejumpers to counteract to Japanese incendiary balloons threat to U.S. West Coast

13 Notable Chico Airport History Chico City Council leases Airport Land to Army Corps of Engineers for $1 per year to build Army Training Base 1941 Site of Nuclear Missile Silo Explosion and Early Anti- Nuclear Vigils at Titan I-C Missile Base 1962 Site of First Airline Hijacking in the U.S. 1961 Launch Site of Top-Secret High Altitude Unmanned Balloon world record of 186,240 feet, the greatest altitude ever reached by a flying object requiring the surrounding air. Guinness Book Record 1972

14 North Valley Aviation History 1921 Freisley Falcon built at Eddie Rickenbacker's farm in Gridley. First aircraft to fly a baseball team.

15 North Valley Aviation History 1953 Invention of Aerial Fire Suppression, Willows Tactical U-2/SR-71 Base

16 Original CAAF Hangar Now Available

17 The Opportunity Built in 1943 as line maintenance and engine change hangar for CAAF Classic 40s style construction In-buildings perfect for museum displays, meeting rooms, gift shop

18 The Goals of Growth Create First Class Tourist Destination Inspire and Educate all Ages Provide Jobs Build Aviation Reference Library Acquire and Preserve Historic Aircraft and Artifacts Provide Mentorship Program Opportunities (CHAMPS) and CSUC Museum Management Program Stimulate Redevelopment of CMA Establish Corporate/Service Organization Meeting Facility


20 The Opportunity


22 The Vision

23 Together We Can Make It Happen We Need Your Support

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