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OBA 20041 Forward Air Controllers Museum A Proposal by the OV-10 Bronco Association.

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1 OBA 20041 Forward Air Controllers Museum A Proposal by the OV-10 Bronco Association

2 OBA 20042 FAC Museum FAC Museum Its Time Has Come

3 OBA 20043 Why an all FAC Museum? Forward Air Controllers have a great history Preserve our heritage and identity Inspire youth about aviation Educate public about FAC functions & history Need a place to memorialize our fallen brothers Many people/organizations have memorabilia FACM offers a “bricks and mortar” place to tell the FAC story, display memorabilia and accomplish the above objectives

4 OBA 20044 Why is OBA Initiating Corporate structure [501(c)3] to effect FACM startup with minimum impact, costs or delays Bona fide museum certified by Texas Historical Commission Approved for Air Force and Navy surplus aircraft program Access to the full restoration facilities of the OBA host, the Vintage Flying Museum (VFM) 4 years left on 5 year lease with option for 5 more years

5 OBA 20045 Why Fort Worth and Meacham Field? Central U.S. location Meacham located on the Fort Worth tourist corridor, near historic stockyards City of Ft. Worth, Texas DOT and FAA plan to spend $60 million upgrading Meacham Field over next 5 years Planned addition of airline service in 3-5 years Potential site for B-36 Peacemaker Museum

6 OBA 20046 Why Vintage Flying Museum VFM sits on 11 acres at Meacham Field, Fort Worth, TX Direct access to Meacham Field 11 aviation museums within 1 hour of VFM Complete restoration facilities on site Space available for Airpark expansion FAC artifacts already exist at VFM Balloon basket, YO-1, L-3, T-6, OV-10 Mockup

7 OBA 20047

8 8

9 9 I-35 Stockyards VFM

10 OBA 200410 Potential Structure OBA BOD OBA FACM Steering Committee Individual Members Sponsors Organizations Future Structure As FACM grows, structure can be modified by the Steering Committee and OBA Board of Directors

11 OBA 200411 HOW? An all FAC Museum will need broad based support by memberships: Sponsors $1,000 per year Provides a seat on the Steering Committee At Large Members $20 per year Aggregate of 50 or more At Large members can elect a representative to the Steering Committee Currently do not propose Life Memberships FACM will need a steady stream of income. Planned giving or bequests $$$$ Corporate Sponsorships and/or Grants

12 OBA 200412 Launch/Viability Criteria Need Membership/Sponsor Commitment of Time, Talent, and Treasure $3,200 in the bank by July 4, 2004* Will cover 80% of 1 st years rent OBA procure the additional space at VFM and hold for one year *If this funding is not met, all moneys collected will be returned to donors. A FACM account has already been established by OBA to keep funds separate.

13 OBA 200413 Future Requirements Bare Bones Build Out of space will require approximately $12-15,000 Space is approximately 1,200 sq. ft. This provides materials only for insulation, walls, basic lighting, and HVAC. Need “Sweat Labor” for build out from all participating organizations/members. Cost to hire work done will be a 2-3x factor.

14 OBA 200414 OBA Ready Room Before After

15 OBA 200415 Proposed FACM Concept 1 OBA RR N Outside Hangar Deck

16 OBA 200416 Proposed FACM Concept 2

17 OBA 200417 Actions Needed Your Commitment Your $20 (or more) individual membership Your $1000 sponsorship Your Inputs/Ideas Your Memorabilia Make checks payable to: Forward Air Controller’s Museum Mail to:OV-10 Bronco Association 505 NW 38 th Street Fort Worth, TX 76106 For other payment options, visit

18 OBA 200418 Possible Sponsors Forward Air Controllers Association International Bird Dog Association International Liaison Pilot’s Association Mosquito Association Misty FACS ANGLICO Association RUSTICs Covey FAC Association Edgar Allen Poe Literary Society USMC Vietnam Helicopter Association A-37 Association Air Commando Association 185th Recon Airplane Co. 505th Tactical Control Group The ROMAD Locator OV-1 Mohawk Association Army Aviation Heritage Foundation NAILs

19 OBA 200419 Questions???

20 OBA 200420 Thank You

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