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Water Cycle and Weather Review

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1 Water Cycle and Weather Review
Fourth Grade

2 What are the processes in the water cycle?
Evaporation Condensation Precipitation Accumulation

3 What is evaporation? The process of water changing from a liquid to a gas

4 What is condensation? The process of gas changing into a liquid

5 What are some examples of condensation?
Fog on the bathroom mirror after a shower A “sweating” glass on a hot day Dew on the grass in the morning Clouds Fog

6 What is precipitation? The process in which moisture in clouds becomes too heavy and the moisture falls back to the ground

7 What are some examples of precipitation?
Rain Snow Sleet Hail Mist

8 What is accumulation? It is the process by which water collects in various places on the earth

9 What are some examples of accumulation?
River Stream Lake Pond Ocean Puddle Ground Water Ice Caps

10 What is the main source of energy that causes the water cycle on the earth?
The Sun!!!

11 Can you label the parts of the water cycle?
Condensation Precipitation Evaporation Accumulation

12 What are some instruments that are used to measure weather and weather patterns?
Wind vane (direction of the wind) Thermometer (temperature of air) Barometer (barometric pressure/ air pressure) Rain gauge (amount of rain or precipitation)

13 Weather tools Can you identify these weather tools?

14 What are some symbols used on a weather map?
Warm front Cold front Precipitation Temperature

15 Go to the Weather Bug website to learn more about weather.

16 More cool weather websites!

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