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Gymstars Scrip Program. Substitute Money Scrip means.

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1 Gymstars Scrip Program

2 Substitute Money Scrip means

3 Gymstars Scrip Program Like this… And this… And even these…

4 Gymstars Scrip Program GLSC brings hundreds of Americas most respected retailers to your non-profit organization.

5 Gymstars Scrip Program Non-profit organizations all across the country raise money with scrip fundraising.

6 Gymstars Scrip Program Great Lakes Scrip Center buys gift cards from retailers at a discount, and processes them at their headquarters.

7 Gymstars Scrip Program The Gymstar Scrip Coordinator places the order at

8 Gymstars Scrip Program Families buy the scrip from our organization and pay full face value.

9 Gymstars Scrip Program Then shop at the participating retailers, and redeem the scrip for full face value.

10 Gymstars Scrip Program The difference between the GLSC discount and the face value is kept in the form of rebate earnings.

11 Gymstars Scrip Program And it can really add up…

12 Gymstars Scrip Program …to make a serious difference.

13 Gymstars Scrip Program Type of purchaseMonthly Family PurchasesAnnual Earnings Toward Your Non-Profit Groceries$600 (avg 4% return) $288 Gasoline$200 (avg 2.5% return) $60 Dining Out$200 (avg (10% return) $240 Clothing$200 (avg 6% return) $144 Entertainment$50 (avg 9% return) $54 Home Repair and Improvement $150 (2% return) $36 $822 How Much Can You Earn?* *Results shown for year round scrip program. Actual results will vary. Per year, per family

14 Gymstars Scrip Program Thats why scrip is called Shopping Cart Fundraising No selling Raise money with your household shopping budget Retailers donate a portion of their profit to your NPO in exchange for your loyalty

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