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Lead Generation and the Process to closing the sale Stephen Egan.

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1 Lead Generation and the Process to closing the sale Stephen Egan

2 Introduction Intro. Solas Financial – Property investment, development and mezzanine finance company servicing investors of varying wealth and risk profiles in mainland Europe and North America. – We Sell Investments. We are a Sales Company.

3 About Solas Financial Products are various asset classes from – Hungary (Budapest) – Florida – France – Ireland Value add – Tax efficient structures, legal, local finance, screening, syndicate organisation.

4 Business Model Commission on sale. (Cashflow & Transactional) Consult / Syndication. (Profitable and Time Consuming) % of profit on spec projects (V Profitable and V Time Conuming)

5 Sale Process Clear Definition of Ideal Client. – >150 equity, Joint Income of >85k (Cashflow & Transactional) – >500 equity, Joint Income of >200k. (Profitable and Time Consuming) – >1m cash plus significant other assets and willing to invest / co-invest into well researched projects. (V Profitable and V Time Conuming)

6 Sale Process Process is very Web Centric. – is the CRM Engine. – Extensive use of customisation features. – All Brochures delivered electronically – Leads direct to CRM, most are responded via Rules – Clear Documentation on how each lead get categorised Status: Warm, Hot, Closing, Cold, Closed. Capacity Rating: 250, 500, 1M Clear Definition on next action. Clear notes on each engagement. (large volume) Method to track and extract investors requirements. – (Example Jardins)

7 Sale Process (Advertising) – Web based Advertising. – Defined Cost Per Lead Objective (<10) – Lead defined as one with valid Email address and Valid Phone no. – Constant monitoring of where leads are coming from and what category of Client they fit into and monitoring whether they are closing Surprising results. Some advertisers a grossly underselling their online add space. More simply do not know how to price online advertising. – CRM process allow us to respond to c. 400 new leads per month. –

8 Sales Process, Ideal Client Defined Sales process feeds Cat 3 ideal Client Clear categorisation and screening eliminates effort and product been allocated incorrectly.

9 Summary Once product and sales process is defined and validated then, repeat and repeat and repeat. Hard, Repetitive, 99% Sweat and grunt work. Easy to find excuses not to do the repeat bit. Interesting work is not necessarily where the cash flow or profit lies.

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