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LinkSceem – ISRAGRID – Eddie Aronovich ( Eddie Aronovich TAU, IUCC Oct 2008.

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1 LinkSceem – ISRAGRID – Eddie Aronovich ( Eddie Aronovich TAU, IUCC Oct 2008

2 LinkSceem – ISRAGRID – Eddie Aronovich ( Short intro to Grid and Clouds NGI (EGI) Zisapel Committee ISRAGRID EGEE

3 LinkSceem – ISRAGRID – Eddie Aronovich ( Need for more: Processing power Storage Share research facilities E-science: computationally intensive science that is carried out in highly distributed network environments, or science that uses immense data sets that require grid computing;

4 LinkSceem – ISRAGRID – Eddie Aronovich ( Global challenges with high societal impact Big Science and the role of empowered citizens Data deluge… born digital material… virtual-labs Cross-disciplinarity Spread of skills and competences Mário Campolargo, EGEE 08

5 LinkSceem – ISRAGRID – Eddie Aronovich ( Scientific facilities....... Linking at the speed of the light Sharing computers, instruments and applications Sharing and federating scientific data Mário Campolargo, EGEE 08

6 LinkSceem – ISRAGRID – Eddie Aronovich ( Coordinates Distributed Resources Using standard, open, general-purpose protocols Deliver non-trivial qualities of service Foster, Kesselman/The grid: Blue Print for a new Computing infrastructure

7 LinkSceem – ISRAGRID – Eddie Aronovich ( Off-Site, Thirds-party provider Access via Internet Minimal/no IT skills required to implement Provisioning = self-service requesting; near real-time deployment; dynamic & fine-grained scaling Fine-grained usage-based pricing model UI - browser and successors Web services APIs as System Interface Shared resources/common versions Source: IDC, Sep 2008

8 LinkSceem – ISRAGRID – Eddie Aronovich ( eIRG, Lisbon, 12 October 20078 Need to prepare permanent, common Grid infrastructure Ensure the long-term sustainability of the European e- Infrastructure independent of short project funding cycles Coordinate the integration and interaction between National Grid Infrastructures (NGIs) Operate the production Grid infrastructure on a European level for a wide range of scientific disciplines

9 LinkSceem – ISRAGRID – Eddie Aronovich ( Formation of National Grid Initiatives (NGIs) which unite efforts within each country, providing a single point of contact for coordinated efforts and reducing the management and organisational overhead of international cooperation around Grid computing. These national bodies will be complemented by a second structure, European Grid Initiative (EGI) coordinating issues on a European scale, including operations management, policy, standards and middleware testing. Such a structure addresses the key issue of long-term sustainability of the European Grid Infrastructure, ensuring the availability of Grid services to researchers from all backgrounds and disciplines as we move further into the 21st century. From EGI Paper, Version 3.2, August 2006: Towards a European Infrastructure for e-Science

10 LinkSceem – ISRAGRID – Eddie Aronovich ( EGEE08 Istanbul, 10 Each NGI … should be a recognized national body with a single point-of-contact … should mobilize national funding and resources … should ensure the operation of a national e-Infrastructure … should support user communities … should contribute and adhere to intl. standards and policies Prof. Dieter KRANZLMUELLER, EGEE 08

11 LinkSceem – ISRAGRID – Eddie Aronovich ( Forum for National R&D Infrastructure (TELEM) appointed Yehuda Zisapel on Jan 2007 to examine Grid infrastructure for Israel. Members: David Horn (TAU), Julian Satran (IBM), Doron Havatzelet (MOD), Assaf Maron (BMC), Eliezer Rabinovici (HUJI), Yossi Matias (TAU, Google), Shuki Glaitman (AXC), co-ordinator: Avi Shavit. Final report handled on July 2007. National Research Infrastructure approved the recommendations to establish the ISRAGRID!

12 LinkSceem – ISRAGRID – Eddie Aronovich ( Gain knowledge and train professional for the industry. increase compute resources and improve their utilization for the benefit of the community Establish inter-organizational Grid in Israel Supply infrastructure for the Israeli academia and hi-tech

13 LinkSceem – ISRAGRID – Eddie Aronovich ( The network would be used for R&D and will be based on the existing NREN. Users will finance the establishment and operation of the GRID operation. All the research entities will be invited to participate. The network will be available with secure access. Each partner will finance his own resources (to be shared) and connectivity to the NREN.

14 LinkSceem – ISRAGRID – Eddie Aronovich ( Accessibility to vast amount of resources that were not accessible otherwise. Lowering processing cost by sharing resources Improve resources utilization by balancing between computation demands and (idle) resource availability. Parallel process in order to shorten the computing time. Establish user communities (VO) in Israel

15 LinkSceem – ISRAGRID – Eddie Aronovich ( ISRAGRID administration will be located in IUCC (local NREN) Skilled personnel will be hired to provide the needed services for all the users ISRAGRID is the Israeli official grid representative in international organizations. Establish and maintain VOs for all the users in Israel. Helping users to establish new sites and share resources Maintain the core services and grid related security. Each site in the ISRAGRID will contribute some resources for the benefit of all.

16 LinkSceem – ISRAGRID – Eddie Aronovich (


18 Virtual Organization management Information services Certificate Authority (EUGridPMA, IGTF) Monitoring CERT Co-Ordination with other projects

19 LinkSceem – ISRAGRID – Eddie Aronovich ( Academic teaching – The Planning and Budgeting Committee (PBC) Encourage Grid training in all institutes that acquire degrees in computer science or engineering have Grid research. Each University that will give 3 weekly hours course will get additional 100K NIS The training will be done thru Gilda node that will be maintained by the administration. Academic research – National Science Fund (NSF) Allocate 3-5 grants in domains related to grid computing (incl. parallel processing, game theory, queuing theory, internet etc.) as long as they have clear association with the field. The grants application should be submitted according to the regular procedures of NSF and pass the needed academic committees.

20 LinkSceem – ISRAGRID – Eddie Aronovich ( Initial operation will be based on EGEE EGEE will help with introduction and training in the first year Current users are from Physics and BioMed community

21 LinkSceem – ISRAGRID – Eddie Aronovich ( ReplicaCatalogue Logging & Book-keeping ResourceBroker StorageElement ComputingElement InformationService Job Status DataSets info Author. &Authen. Job Submit Event Job Query Job Status Input sandbox Input sandbox + Broker Info Output sandbox Publish SE & CE info User interface

22 LinkSceem – ISRAGRID – Eddie Aronovich (

23 ISRAGRID is the Israeli National Grid Initiative (NGI) and the official representative of IL. Main interest: Create communities for R&D that will allow resource and information sharing ISRAGRID services for Grid and cloud computing incl. info serv., comm, security, traning, etc. ISRAGRID is open to any entity interested in grid or clouds

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