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Management review Phoenix Branch 711 February 12, 2010.

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1 Management review Phoenix Branch 711 February 12, 2010

2 Results of Audits WE HAD NO AUDITS IN JANUARY Prior ISO audit that was done on our location we scored an 80 we have dramatically improved this total but we need to stay on coarse.

3 CUSTOMER FEEDBACK Out of 89 sent out we have only got 6 back All gave us high marks over all We need to have more contact with customer feedback starting at job site and person to person

4 Supplier Performance &Conformity This month no problems

5 Measurable Objectives We are below bench mark and on target great work everybody


7 Corrective Actions /Incident Reporting WE ONLY HAD ONE REPORT ALL MONTH? Ether this is great or there is not enough participation in reporting C-OO7-711 CANYON PIPE :Customer stated we fabricated incorrectly a F x F wrong length. Upon investigation it was fabed correctly length checked with certified tape.

8 Training & Resource Needs All associates need additional training in regard to ISO standards. All managers need to periodically quiz associates on ISO standards

9 Quality Management System The house has had a change and a congratulations to be sent out. Brian Strauch is now the regional operations manager for 1 & 2 regions Danny Garcia is now the branch manager

10 Opportunities for Improvement As we all know it has been slow with this slow down comes extra time to change things and improve things. Like change those racks move those cabinets the list goes on lets start a list.

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