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Redstone Met Team Test Area 1 Meteorological Team Office UNCLASSIFIED.

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1 Redstone Met Team Test Area 1 Meteorological Team Office UNCLASSIFIED

2 Met Team Functions Daily Forecast for RTC Weather Advisories
Present forecast at Test Range morning briefing. to various individuals at RTC and Redstone Arsenal. Provide forecasts to various test facilities at RTC. Weather Advisories Lightning within 10 & 20 miles (or other special requirements). Severe weather (Severe Thunderstorm/ Tornado watches/warnings). WBGT advisories. (Wet Bulb Globe Temperature is the Army standard for heat stress) Provide forecast and real-time conditions to forestry personnel for controlled burns. Provide Demo & Burn site real-time data and forecast conditions. Climate Data to Customers Maintain database accessible on the internet. Data for planning tests. Web Site Contains: Forecast Current weather conditions on the Test Range. (15 minute updates) Daily Upper-Air Sounding (When available – normally 12Z Mon-Fri) Archived Data Can be accessed by anyone on or off post. Maintained locally at this time. 2

3 Meteorological Equipment
Doppler Radar DWSR-88S S Band Enterprise Electronics Corp (Upgraded to RVP8 and RCP8 by Baron Services March 2007) Built 1987 Installed at RTC in 1991, new dome and pedestal in 2010 14 ft Parabolic Dish 120 NM Range 1.85° Beam width Linear Horizontal Polarization MHz Frequency at 550 KW Output Outputs: Mean Velocity, Spectral Width, Calibrated Reflectivity SAMS (Surface Automated Meteorological System) Designed by Physical Sciences Laboratory, New Mexico State University. Installed 1986, original computer was HP1000, upgraded to PC- based in 1993. Campbell Scientifics CR 3000 Currently 12 DCPs (Data Collection Platforms ) in operation, can be easily expanded. Data remotes via Radio Frequency ( MHz) to CMO/ 900MHz SpreadSpectrum 2 meter portable DCPs can be setup at any location. Special measurements can be configured to customer needs. DCPs can measure the following parameters: Temperature/Humidity (2Meters AGL) Wind Direction and Speed (2Meters AGL) (Russell Tower – 106 Meters AGL) Barometric Pressure Delta T Visibility Soil Temperature (Various Depths) Solar Radiation Precipitation Additional Measurements available 3

4 DCP Locations at Redstone
. ASP . Airfield (pending) . NASA Hazard Site . 4

5 Meteorological Equipment
Solar Radiation – Qualimetrics and Kipp & Zonen Located at 4 Sites Visibility New Vaisala PWD 20 sensors (Range 10 to meters). Located at 6 sites WXT510 All-in-one weather sensor by Vaisala. 2 on site Wind Speed 0-60 mps =/- 0.3 mps Wind Direction 0-360° +/_ 3° Liquid precipitation 5% Accuracy Barometric pressure Range hPa Accuracy ±0.5 hPa at °C ( °F) Air temperature Measurement range °C ( °F) Accuracy at +20 °C (+68 °F) ±0.3 °C (±0.5 °F) Relative humidity Measurement range %RH Accuracy ±3 %RH within %RH ±5 %RH within %RH Outputs NMEA 0183 V3.0, SDI-12, or ASCII (RS-232/RS422/RS485) 5

6 Meteorological Equipment
Lightning Detection System Viasala satellite fed lightning strike mapping of 60 mile range Ingest of local field mil readings from CMO sensor, 5 mile radius Playback capabilites of historical events Metbox Dell Precision™ T7400 Intel® Xeon® Processor Linux Operating System NOAAPort data ingest of satellite and NEXRAD images Utilizes Garp, Nmap, Nwx to display graphics. Sodar-VT1 Mobile Windlab Phased array Doppler w/500 watt solar power supply Local Wind profile from 15m to 300m System Control and Operation by Laptop Computer Viasala SPS220 Rawinsonde System Upper air measuring system utilizing RS92 sondes Complete profile and stability from surface to 65,000 ft. Historical database of past events 6

7 Meteorological Equipment
WBGT (Wet Bulb Globe Temperature) WBGT is the US Army heat stress standard. 5 Custom designed systems located at different areas on Redstone Arsenal. Stand alone systems easy to use for soldiers in the field to prevent heat injuries. MOMS Trailer Portable trailer that can hold fully operational weather station with upper-air capabilities Can be located anywhere with hard power Has been utilized at Eglin Air Force Base and Red River Army Depot in Texas with Redstone personnel for Spartan Motor burns. Scintillometer - Measures Cn^2 Scintec BLS 900 Range 200 to 5000 meters Portable LASER Ceilometer – Simrad Model CBL-2 Fixed Laser Ceilometer Vaisala CL31 5 to 25,000 ft range Moisture Sensors – Delmhorst Model G40 for wood Model DP for plaster Used for measuring bunker moisture Ozone Analyzer – Dasibi Model 1008AH Flow Rate: 2 l/min Precision: ppm Linearity: ±0.001 ppm 7

8 Atmospheric Computer Modeling
DAS (Data Acquisition System) 4DWX (Four- Dimensional Weather System) RTC Site Click on DCP site/pull down menu FDDA Model Image Viewer RT-FDDA (Real Time – Four Dimensional Data Analysis) Using NCAR computers to run models WRFmodel Domain 3 (30 to 3.3Km Grid) 3 hour update cycle MRRD (Multiple Regional Radar Display) Lightning overlays Ingest of local observations JAAWIN Joint Army AirForce worldwide modeling 72 hour forecast from surface through 55,000 ft Internet based. Lightning monitoring BUFKIT WRF and GFS modeling profile 48 through 144 hour forecast through 70kFT Scalable for higher resolution. Lightning, Hail, and Cloud forecasting. ANC(AutoNowCaster) VDRAS wind model profile 975mb to 100mb Convective initiation and lightning forecast Convective boundary movement and decay 8

9 Questions??? Contact Us Met Team phone 256-876-2465 DSN 746-2465
Website 9

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