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ACT User Conference 2013. E-Statements Shopping Carts Secure FTP 2.

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1 ACT User Conference 2013

2 E-Statements Shopping Carts Secure FTP 2

3 2011 Legislative Change – HB 0843 Effective with 2012 tax year Owners can register to have certified statements sent electronically Must register on or before September 15 Once registered, emails are sent annually until revoked in writing 3

4 EMAIL_ADDR_OF_E-STMT_SUBMITTER: email address to use as the 'From' address for emails sent from TCS. This does not need to be a valid address unless your tax office wants to track which e-mails bounce back (i.e., fail to reach the recipient). E-STMT_EMAIL_DO_NOT_REPLY: If set to Y, a DO NOT REPLY TO THIS E-MAIL message appears on the e-mails sent to taxpayers. If it is set to N, then the DO NOT REPLY does not appear. JUR_ADDRESS1, JUR_ADDRESS2, JUR_ADDRESS3 4

5 E_STMT_BEGIN_YEAR: First year an account with a new request can receive emailed statements (change to next year after Sept. 15 of each year) STMT_IMAGE_URL: Directory path used for storing the e-mailed statement pdf files for retrieval on the E-Statement screen. The default path is statements/[client]/ 5

6 Entitlements: E_STATEMENTS: View the E-Statement screen. E_STATEMENTS_UPDATE: Ability to expire requests, update the Bad Address flag, and add new requests on the E-Statement screen. Task – Manage E-Statements ACT Jobs - Cashier1, CashierNo2, Head Cashier 6

7 Click link 7

8 Owner? If not, you cannot register. 8

9 9


11 Web Site Email 11

12 Request Date - Date the request was made on the tax office web site. Expired Date - Date the request for this account and email address was expired. Sent Date - Date the statement was produced for that year and link was emailed. Year – Most recent tax year of the certified statement. Stmt Seq - Tax year of the statement unless it was created by a print vendor. 12

13 Manage emailed statements that bounce back due to a bad email address. Possible only if the preference EMAIL_ADDR_OF_E-STMT_SUBMITTER is set to a valid (real) email address and if the IT (information technology) department at your tax office can provide a way for you to see which messages were bounced back. 13

14 Click in the correct request row, then click the Bad Address box. 14

15 To prevent emailing of statements in the future, click the Expire box for the correct row. 15

16 16

17 Click in blank line. Enter account no., press Tab. Enter Email Address. Click Save New Requests button, then OK. 17

18 If multiple requests exist for same account, one statement per email address is sent. Statements are not emailed to account/email combinations flagged with a bad address. Statements are not emailed to accounts with requests that are expired. 18

19 Run batch menu no. 1346 (Create Fiduciary Requests for E-Statement Accounts) to create fiduciary requests with type of 'ES' for active e-statement requests. Used during the certified statement billing process to either include or exclude these requests from files being sent to print vendors. 19

20 20

21 More fiduciary requests than email statement requests because – E-statement requests require owner information the year the request is made. Fiduciary requests can be made for future years, when owner information is missing. In this case, owner information is missing for some accounts for 2012 (assume, for ex., that certified roll is not loaded yet for 2012). After certified roll is loaded, the receivables and owner will exist and statements can be printed. 21

22 Exclude these accounts from the printing vendor's file (done by ACT on the statement wizard by selecting/deselecting 'Group 5', the e-statement accounts group.) If not using the statement wizard, you can prevent statements from printing by setting the ES fiduciary to have a Processing Option for certified roll of Tape to Tape in the Fiduciary Master screen. 22

23 Run batch menu no. 1646 (PDF Statements for E-Mailing) to create the statements. Email is sent with a link to the statement. Request without current year receivables will not receive a statement. Only links to certified statements with a 5- year history will be emailed. These will be the current statement format available from Online Products. 23

24 Statement Source: I – in house, V – vendor (only if individual.pdf files from vendor are loaded into ACT database first). Sequence No.: leave blank if Source is I. If V, enter statement seq. no. for the.pdfs that are loaded (contact ACT for the number). Extra Files: additional files must be 'uploaded' first (if you have an extra flyer, for ex.). 24

25 3 emails sent for 2012. Account 19748's request date is after Sept. 15, 2012, so no 2012 statement was sent. A 2013 statement would be sent after the 2013 roll is loaded. 25

26 26

27 27

28 Move requests with bad email addresses to trigger table, batch menu no. 1087. Statements can then be printed and mailed. Sets expired date to prevent statements from being printed the next time this batch menu process is run. Set expired date on bad email address requests without moving to trigger table – batch menu no. 1089. 28

29 Uses 'captcha' feature 29

30 Dallas County tax office approval required for each request. 30

31 Certified statements include e-bill ID code. On tax office web site, taxpayers enters the e-bill ID when requesting e-statements. E-bill ID changes if owner changes. Use TCS batch menu processes for fiduciary coding and emailing link to statements. 31

32 An alternative to portfolios for paying multiple accounts at once. No login required, but accounts and amounts are not saved after exiting. Start with single account search, 'Click to Pay Now', then begin new search for next account. 32

33 33

34 Account 1 34

35 35

36 Account 2 36

37 37

38 Account 3 38

39 Before changes to payment amounts 39

40 After changes to payment amounts Owes 2011, 2010 Owes $ but is paying escrow for future year Owes 2012 40

41 41

42 42

43 Collector Solutions web site 43

44 One convenience fee; one transaction for multiple accounts is being processed. 44

45 Email Web site 45

46 Pending payment message 46

47 47

48 Nothing has changed from the normal Internet posting lockbox. This is run first in edit mode. 48

49 Lockbox report shows amounts and years to pay 49

50 50

51 2013 year shows escrow payment, but for more than $100 51

52 Deposit Status screen shows the $100 escrow payment 52

53 Client preference: FTP_DIRECTORY_NAME For ex., Brazoria Login name and password are required FileZilla 53

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