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February 16th Final Results Briefing Albuquerque Heading Home.

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1 February 16th Final Results Briefing Albuquerque Heading Home

2 SURVEY WEEK - what we did Attempted to survey everyone on streets and in shelters Gave them option to complete Vulnerability Index Survey

3 SURVEY WEEK - what we did Sunday: Training on Vulnerability Index Mon & Tues: 4 to 6 am survey streets; evening shelters Weds: Transition to rescue operation Thurs: Data analysis Friday: Community Briefing

4 Shelters remain open 24 hours; outpouring of public generosity

5 22 confirmed transports to shelter during cold weather emergency


7 INTERVIEW METHODOLOGY Team leader with 4 or more team members Divided Albuquerque into sectors Covered each sector on 2 consecutive mornings Asked each person encountered to participate

8 VULNERABILITY INDEX Vulnerability Factors: 1.Liver Disease 2.End-Stage Renal Disease 3.HIV+/AIDS 4.Age over 60 years 5.History of Cold Weather Injury 6.3 or more ER visits in the previous 3 months 7.3 or more ER and/or Inpatient episodes in the past year 8.Tri-morbidity

9 ALBUQUERQUE RESULTS 700 people encountered 475 completed Vulnerability Index Survey 252 (53%) vulnerable with high mortality risk

10 ALBUQUERQUE RESULTS Risk indicatorNationwideAlbuquerque Sample Size15,204475 Number of Vulnerable6,579252 % Vulnerable43%53% Tri-morbid22% 32% 3x ER or Hospital last year19%27% 3x ER last 3 months11%21% 60+ years old11%13% HIV+/AIDS3%2% Liver Disease7%14% Kidney Disease4%5% Cold/Wet Weather Injury6%17%

11 ALBUQUERQUE RESULTS Special Populations Sub-PopulationsNationwideAlbuquerque Total surveyed15,204475 Veterans15%29% Youth under 257%15% Foster Care12%17% Jail67%79% Prison30%27% Victims of Attack, Since Homeless 29%47%

12 ALBUQUERQUE RESULTS DisabilityNationwidePercent Any serious health condition 46%64% Heart Disease13%21% Asthma16%23% Diabetes10%15% Hepatitis C10%20% Emphysema5%9% Cancer4%7% Brain Injury12%33% Mental Health38%53% Substance Abuse52%77% Dually Diagnosed33%45% Disabilities

13 Albuquerques 75 Most Vulnerable 53 years = average age 20 years = average time homeless 1,433 combined years of homelessness

14 235 inpatient hospitalizations Cost = $852,000 564 emergency room visits Cost = $141,000 Total estimated health care Cost = $993,000 in one year Albuquerques 75 Most Vulnerable

15 25% go to Health Care for the Homeless 25% go to University New Mexico Hospital Albuquerques 75 Most Vulnerable 41% report having no health insurance

16 #1 MOST EXPENSIVE PERSON INTERVIEWED 30 inpatient hospitalizations 120 emergency room visits $138,750 = estimated hospital costs for one year. This does not include ER transport costs, shelter housing and services, nor other related costs… …that taxpayers currently pay for this persons homelessness.


18 What well do Begin housing the top 75 most vulnerable Expand process to focus on families and youth Continue surveying and housing beyond those already interviewed, prioritizing by vulnerability Continue partnerships with businesses, non-profits, volunteers, government and the philanthropic community

19 What you can do Sponsor one person/family with move-in costs for $1,000 Volunteer to visit people in their homes Donate furniture and housewares Tell your friends about us on Facebook and Twitter


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