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An Overview of the Insurance Services Offered by Packers and Movers.

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1 An Overview of the Insurance Services Offered by Packers and Movers

2 Hiring a professional Packing and Moving service is important in ensuring your belongings are delivered safely and on time. However, despite all the precautionary measures taken by the company, there is always a slight chance of your goods getting damaged, destroyed or lost. Why you need Packing and Moving Insurance

3 Although insurance cannot prevent damage or loss, it can help you recover the losses. Hence, having a proper insurance during your relocation process isnt just a good idea; its a necessity. Insurance For Relocation


5 A good insurance will protect you from accidental losses, theft, delays and natural disasters. Heres a quick look at the different types of insurance services provided by most Packers and Movers. Different types of insurance provided

6 Comprehensive insurance Transit insurance Storage insurance Types of insurance

7 Damages that may result from fires, theft, accidents or even natural disasters are compensated under this. Compensation is given for any kind of damage, save for scratches. If you need to further insure your fragile items, it can be done by paying an additional premium to the company. Comprehensive insurance

8 With regards to car transportation, this type of insurance will cover damages that are not a result of an accident. Comprehensive insurance- Car transportation

9 Transit insurance covers items and goods while they are in transit between the source and destination. Compensation is given only in the case of an accident. If your goods are already damaged at the time of loading or are found damaged at the time of unloading, you will not be eligible to make a claim. Transit insurance

10 Storage insurance is categorically aimed at losses that may occur during storage or warehousing. In the case of loss or theft, you can claim your compensation. Storage insurance


12 Read the terms and conditions on the insurance document carefully before signing, as these may differ for different companies. Most Packers and Movers will not cover your goods under a safety insurance, if you decide to do the packing yourself. In such a case, if there is any damage, it will be considered as damage done at the time of packing. Precautionary measures to be followed


14 You no longer have to worry about damage or loss during the shifting process. With insurance from a good Packing and Moving company you can get a secure shifting and peace of mind. Insure and be Secure

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