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Jingling of dirhams Once upon a time there was a godly and righteous man, named Juha. He was looking for a job, so he went to the Governor to find him.

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2 Jingling of dirhams Once upon a time there was a godly and righteous man, named Juha. He was looking for a job, so he went to the Governor to find him a job. He knocked the door and said, I need a job, any kind of job. The Governor said, I will find you a job. Juha said, I can be a witty skillful judge, you can hire me in the judicial office The governor approved and told him to come the next day. Juha came back and found that the governor has appointed him as a judge. Juha wanted to show his gratitude and how much thankful he was so he wanted to kiss the governors hand, but the governor refused. Juha kept thinking about it and he was so excited about it that he had dreamt of it. The other day he brought all his belongings to put them in the room next to the governors. One day two men came to the governor; the complainant said: This man didnt pay me the right fare. He kept buying from me and I used to cheer for him saying hay, hay, but he never paid me.

3 The Governor said: What do you want?. The man said: My voice became worse because of that. The Governor thought about it but he found out that it was a weird case, so he decided to pass it to Juha to work it out. The complainant and the defendant went to Juha and the complainant insisted that he had to be compensated. Juha did a lot of thinking and found out that it needed a fair and just solution for both men. It was a weird case and wanted to consult the governor at first, but he gave it up. Then he went to his grandma and told her all about it, yet she couldnt find the right solution for such a strange case.

4 Juha was at risk of giving the wrong solution. He couldnt solve it; he woke up and went to the dawn prayer. He supplicated to Allah, the almighty to find a solution to that strange case. On the same day, an idea came to his mind, so he requested the complainant to give him the Dirhams that Siraj Aldin paid him. Juha threw them on the floor in order to make a loud jingling. You must hear the sound of the jingling of dirhams that fell on the floor in exchange for his loud cheers for you. Juha said and laughed loudly.

5 Juha and the Rabbit One day, a man was running fast. Juha went to him and asked him, Why are you running so quickly? The man said, The thieves are following me. Stop the thieves. The next day, the man came and brought him a rabbit. Why are you giving me this rabbit? asked Juha. Because you saved me, the man replied. You are a good man, said Juha. The following day, Juha heard a knock on the door. When he opened the door, he found the man who gave him the rabbit. Juha welcomed him and said, the rabbit was delicious. Oh but I have to try your food to decide if it is delicious or not, said the man. Juhas wife cooked and the man loved the food. At noon next day, a few men visited Juha. He asked, Who are you? We are the neighbours of the man who gave you the rabbit. He invited them to lunch. The next day, another group of people visited Juha claiming that they are the neighbours of the neighbours of the man who gave you the rabbit. Juha welcomed them and provided them hot water for lunch. A man shouted, this is hot water. Oh no!! This is the broth of the broth of the rabbit, answered Juha.

6 Juha and the Judge One day, while Juha was shopping, a man who was behind him slapped him on the face. Juha turned around and wanted to have a fight with him. Unexpectedly, the man apologized sincerely, I am terribly sorry, Sir. I thought you were somebody else. Juha didnt accept the mans apology and insisted on suing him. They started shouting when the people suggested that they go to the judge to solve their problem. Next day, they went to the judge, who happened to be the mans relative. When the judge heard what his relative had done, he winked at the man, suggesting his desire to help him out of this mess, then ordered his relative to pay Juha 20 dinars as a punishment for what he did. But the man started complaining, But Sir, I dont have any money now.

7 The judge winked at him and said, Go and fetch the money right now and Juha will wait for you here. The man went and Juha sat waiting for his opponent to fetch the money in the court. However, he waited for hours and hours but the man didnt come back. Then Juha got it; he understood that a trick was played on him particularly that he saw the judge wink at his opponent. So what did Juha do? He headed for the judge and slapped him so hard that the judges turban fell off his head and then said, If my opponent comes back and fetches 20 dinars, its all yours. Then he left.

8 Juhas Scam In a far away town, there lived a man who was very stingy. He was so mean that the tradesman didnt know how to deal with him as he would purchase any commodity with the price he wanted. Juha wanted to sell his beautiful fat goose. A goose for three dinars!! Who wants to buy? The people gathered around him and they all wanted to buy it. The stingy man heard him and asked, How could you sell such a slender, weak goose for three dinars? Juha said, What do you know about animals? The man remarked that he was an expert in animals. The two men started arguing and bragging about animals and who knew better than the other

9 Juha said that he had a lamb that was so big that if he lifted up his toes and stretched his hands he would never reach its back. The man surprisingly asked how much it was. Juha replied that he wanted to sell the goose first, the man offered to buy it on the condition that he would go and see the lamb. After that they went to see the lamb. But when he looked at it, he was shocked and said that it could not be the same lamb Juha had talked about earlier. Juha assured him that it was the same and he ordered him to lift up his toes and stretch his hands and he would figure out that it was the same lamb because he would never reach its back as it was so short, then Juha giggled loudly. It was an excellent trick played on the mean man to teach him not to be stingy.

10 Juha and the donkeys Juha went to the market and saw people buy and sell goods. This made him think, I will sell the donkeys. He went home, got the donkeys out and started to count them; they were 10 donkeys. He walked to the market with the donkeys. Feeling tired, he rode on the back of a donkey. After a while, he counted the donkeys again just to find them 9 forgetting the one he was riding. He shouted, Where on earth is the tenth donkey? he searched and searched; he searched everywhere. After giving up, he went back and counted his donkeys

11 To his surprise, they were ten. So, he thought, Walking is better. When he reached the market, the merchant started fighting for his donkeys. It didnt take much time till he sold them all. He earned a lot of money. When he went home, he rushed to his wife and told her, Thank God, I walked to the market. If I hadnt, I would have lost the price of a donkey.

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