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GEOGRAPHY By: Naira. Continents A continent is a large area of land that is surrounded by water. There are 7 continents: Australia Africa Europe Asia.

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2 Continents A continent is a large area of land that is surrounded by water. There are 7 continents: Australia Africa Europe Asia Antarctica North America South America

3 Australia Map of Australia Australia is a continent in the south east part of the world. Its the only continent that is an island. The capital city of Australia is Canberra, which is marked on the map with a star. Australia is the smallest continent in the world! The flag of Australia A capital is a city or town where government takes place for the area or country.

4 Europe Europe is the 6 th biggest continent. It is in the north east part of the world. There are 50 countries in Europe. Some of them are the following: France- The capital of France is Paris. United Kingdom- The capital of the United Kingdom is London. Germany- The capital of Germany is Berlin. Spain- The capital of Spain is Madrid. Flag of United Kingdom

5 Landscape There are two main oceans that go around Europe: The Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Landscape is what the land is like. In Europe there are mountains, beaches, hills, and plains. A plain is flat area of grass.

6 European Culture Europe is known for its long line of royalty and beautiful architecture. This is the Neuschwanstein Castle in Munich, Germany which they started building in Above is Le Chateau de Chambord which was built in 1547 in France. There are also many cities and small towns in Europe. German Flag

7 Asia Map of Asia Asia is the largest continent in the entire world! It has 44 countries including islands. Some of the countries in Asia are the following: China- China has the worlds largest population. Russia- The worlds largest country Japan- Is made up of islands Population means how many people are in a certain place Flag of RussiaFlag of Japan Flag of China There are 2,197 languages spoken in Asia!

8 Landscape of Asia The oceans that borders Asia are the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. There are many beaches, deserts, plains, mountains, and hills in Asia. Pacific Ocean on the Earth In Afghanistan, another country in Asia. A river in a valley in Taiwan, another country in Asia. Mount. Everest highest mountain in the world is in Asia.. It is 8,850 meters tall (29,035 feet) To the right is Mt. Everest. Above is bright neon signs in a city in South Korea, another country in Asia.

9 Africa Africa is the 2 nd largest continent in the world! It also has the second most people, while Asia has the first. There are 54 countries in Africa. The equator is an imaginary line that goes through the middle of the earth. The equator goes through 7 countries in Africa. They are Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe, Gabon, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Kenya, and Somalia. equator

10 Landscape of Africa In Africa there is the Nile River, which is the longest river in the world! There is also the Sahara Desert which is the worlds largest desert! The Nile River Sahara Desert There are also many large, beautiful cities. The city of Cairo in Egypt The Nile River runs through Egypt, a country in Africa.

11 Antarctica Antarctica is mostly ice. Less than 5% of Antarctica doesnt have ice. Antarctica is the southernmost continent. Even though its in the south, it is the coldest place on earth! Antarctica is split into two parts: West Antarctica and East Antarctica. The South Pole is in Antarctica. Map of Antarctica

12 Landscape of Antarctica There are many mountains in West Antarctica. The temperature in East Antarctica is much colder West Antarctica. A glacier is ice that moves over land. About 69% of Antarctica is covered with glaciers. Glaciers in Antarctica A picture of mountains in Antarctica

13 Animals of Antarctica There are no people in Antarctica, but there are many animals there! Examples of types of animals in Antarctica are: Penguins Seals Fish Emperor Penguins Harp Seal Emperor Penguins are a type of penguin. They are also the biggest type of penguin. They can stay underwater for 18 minutes! Harp Seals are another type of seal that live in the Arctic. They can stay underwater for 15 minutes!

14 North America North America is the worlds 3 rd largest continent. There are 23 countries in North America. North America has the Caribbean, Central America countries, Canada, Mexico, the United States of America and Greenland. Greenland is the worlds largest island! Flag of the United States of America Flag of Canada Caribbean

15 South America South America is the 4 th largest continent on Earth! There are 13 independent countries in South America. For Example: Peru Brazil Chile Argentina Flag of Peru Flag of Brazil Flag of ChileFlag of Argentina

16 Landscape of South America The worlds highest waterfall is in South America, in Venezuela! It is called the Angel Falls. The largest river is in South America, also! It is called the Amazon River. The longest Mountain Range in the world, the Andes, is in South America. The worlds largest rainforest is in South America, called the Amazon Rainforest. Angel Falls Amazon River Andes Mountains Amazon Rainforest A mountain range is a group of mountains grouped together.

17 Quiz!! #1!! 1. Which countrys flag is this? Each quiz will have a couple of questions. Choose the best answer. Do your best! 2.) What is the capital city of Australia? Options: a.) Sydney b.) Canberra c.) Cairo 3.) Name one animal in Antarctica. a.) Penguins b.) Tigers c.) Zebras 4.) What is the largest desert in the world? a.) Lollipop Desert b.) Atacama Desert c.) Sahara Desert

18 Across 1. Largest rainforest in the world 3. Largest desert in the world 5. A flat area of grass 8. Tallest mountain in the world 9. World's 2nd largest continent 10. Falls Highest waterfall in the world Down 2. Earth's 3rd largest continent 4. Capital of Australia 6. Worlds longest river 7. The largest country 11. Imaginary line that goes through the middle of the earth Geography Crossword Puzzle

19 Quiz #2!! Each quiz will have a couple of questions. Choose the best answer. Do your best! 1.) Which countrys flag is this? 2.) What is ice that moves over land? a.) Glacier b.) Desert c.) Rainforest 3.) What is the highest waterfall in the world? a.) Niagara Falls b.) Victoria Falls c.) Angel Falls Complete the sentence. Fill in the blank. 4.) A plain is a _____ area of grass. 5.) The Nile River is the ____ river in the world. 6.) There are 54 countries in _______.

20 About Me Hello! My name is Naira, and I am very excited to be doing Books of Hope. I am in 7 th grade. I hope you like my Books of Hope and learn a lot! I like geography and learning about different countries, and I hope youll like it, too! Bonjour! Hola! Bon Giorno! Guten Tag! Dia duit! ! Hello!

21 Answers to the Quizzes Answers to Quiz #1!! The Answers are: 1.) The flag is the flag of Russia. 2.) The answer is choice B. Canberra 3.) Answer A. Penguins 4.) Answer C. Sahara Desert The Answers are: 1.) The flag is the flag of Canada 2.) The answer is choice A. glacier 3.) Angel Falls, answer C. 4.) Plain 5.) Longest 6.) Africa Answers to Quiz #2!!

22 Answers to crossword puzzle Across 1. Amazon 3. Sahara 5. Plain 8. Mount. Everest 9. North America 10. Angel Falls Down 2. North America 4. Canberra 6. Nile River 7. Russia 11. Equator Bon Giorno!= Hello! In Italian Bonjour!= Hello! In French Dia duit!= Hello! In Irish Guten Tag!= Hello! In German = Hello! In Japanese Hola!= Hello! In Spanish ! = Hello! In Korean

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