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Editor & Publisher: Aarti Borole Volume 01 ; Issue 01 01 June 2012 SMSeLINK Abhay Sancheti Chairman Dear Family Members: It was really wonderful to see.

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1 Editor & Publisher: Aarti Borole Volume 01 ; Issue June 2012 SMSeLINK Abhay Sancheti Chairman Dear Family Members: It was really wonderful to see the enthusiastic month. The sports activities and the Celebration of our Companys Foundation Day has made a remarkable memory. Its your hard work and dedication which makes you stand out; out of the box thinking and ideas are amazing which is helping the company grow. Most important was the team work observed by members of all verticals. We are sure if we continue performing like this we will soon set the milestone to the next level. Congratulations!! To all the Winners. The World Environment day is on 5 th June This year it is based on Green Economy hosted by the country Brazil. The green economy is one that results in improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological green economy is an economy or economic development model based on sustainable development and a knowledge of ecological economics. The present environmental problem lies in our prevalent model of development, which has established consumerism as an index of development. The answer to this problem can be observed in Jain Philosophy. The first principle of Jain Philosophy is Ahimsa; by which non-violence or non- injury to any form of life is maintained. The second Principle is Aparigraha, which means to limit possessions to what is necessary or important. Both this principles help us in safeguarding the environment. I would also, like to congratulate the team members to grab the ONGC Tender at Nada after the continuous hard work for more than one year. Also, I heartily congratulate the MEPL team for achieving the Vasundhara Award for the industry sector of the year 2012

2 Inside This Issue: Company News CSR Activity Environment News HR Forum Time to Smile Opinions expressed by the authors in this magazine are not necessarily those held by the Management. Articles are also compiled or written in originally. (For private circulation only) Suggestions are COMPANY NEWS: Click the below link or copy and paste it on Browser to view more Photos /WASTEEXPO?authk ey=Gv1sRgCKat6rO4pceWDw Waste Las Vegas Our Chairman Mr. Abhay Sancheti attended The waste expo: the center of it all, where environment meets the innovation Conference and Exhibits at Las Vegas Convention Centre, Las Vegas, NV. This waste expo was scheduled between 30 April 2012 to 3 May 2012.

3 Click the below link or copy and paste it on Browser to view the video: New Achievements: Telecast of BMW Facility, Mumbai NADA: After chasing and hard work of more than one year; Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) has placed the Notification of Award (NOA) of contract on an SMS Infrastructure Limited for execution of the entire scope of works for Construction of ETP at NADA, Additional handling facilities along with laying of associated pipelines in Area IV at Ankleshwar Asset. The project is worth 144 cores. New Ghana: Our new Company viz. SMS-UGH GHANA LIMITED is being incorporated in victoriaborg Accra. The Certificate of Incorporation Effective from 3 rd November 2011 has been received. A video telecast of our Bio Medical Waste Management Facility, Mumbai was shown on Doordarshan Channel on 8 th April A very good message of handling and the importance of managing the biomedical waste was conveyed to the common man.

4 FOUNDATION DAY SMS CORPORATE OFFICE Conti… A foundation day was celebrated by SMS group of company in its premises at Corporate Office, Nagpur. The SMS Family members, their Spouses and Children were invited to the function. The Function was hosted by Mr. Sushant Mukherjee & Ms. Kavita Paliwal. The program started with a traditional Shlokas. Few young Employees presented a colorful cultural program which enthralled the audience. Our Managing Director Shri Anand Sancheti & Chairman Shri Abhay Sancheti also expressed their views on the 1 st celebrations of Our Foundation Day. The program subsequently followed by the various categories awards presentations. This function ended with a grand dinner. All of them cherished the performances and enjoyed the function. The list of various award winners is enclosed further.

5 SR. NO. NAMEWINNERRUNNER UP 1LAWN TENNIS Hemant LodhaSushant Mukherjee Sandip DhodapkarDhiraj Telrandhe 2CHESSHarshal PatilAbhishek Mehta 3SNOOKERManish ThigaleMohan Ghorpade 4TABLE TENNIS [SINGLES]Koushalendra KumarSunil Mistry 5TaBLE TENNIS [DOUBLES] Afzal SorathiyaSandip Dhodapkar Koushalendra KumarSushant Mukherjee 6CARROM [SINGLES]Ravi TidkeVishesh Vairagade 7CARROM [ DOUBLES] Afzal SorathiyaRavi Tidke Deepak RahileShailendra Jaiswal 8BADMINTON [SINGLES]Sandip DhodapkarKoushalendra Kumar 9BADMINTON [DOUBLES] Anand SanchetiP. Radha Krishna Sandip DhodapkarRajesh Pant 10BADMINTON [SINGLES]Kiran AdatkarAarti Patki 11BADMINTON [DOUBLES] Kiran AdatkarAarti Patki Pooja AgrawalGauri Deshpande 12CRICKET G. V. PrasathAshutosh Dubey Abhijeet TwadeShshant Mukherjee Vishal ShisodiyaChandan Singh Mrigendra ManoharAbhishek Mehta Ratnakar PagareGhanshyam Naik Sagar DurugkarNitin Darvelar Kunal WaghelaVikrant Singh Manoj MisarMukesh Rambhad Deepak RahileSagar Sontakke Ajay ChavhanSamsudin Badsha Rajesh MishraRajesh Agnihotri 13 MAN OF THE SERIES - CRICKET VISHAL SHISODIYA 14 CHAMPION OF CHAMPION SANDIP DHODAPKAR 1st2nd 3rd 15DRAWING COMPETITION Kshitij JoshiBhavya NaikGarima Ppurohit Akanksha JoshiJushi MishraPrajkata Akojwar CULTURAL PERFORMANCE Aarti Borole Neha Ugale Apruva Tribhuwane Revati Wandhare Harshali Gomase Aruna Chaure Payal Modi Leena Dhanrajani Sangeeta Purohit Sumati Ramteke Revati Mulmule Sujit Acharjya Yogesh Tambuskar Milind Deshmukh Conti… The Sports & Other Award Winners are as follows:

6 Click the below link or copy and paste it on Browser to view: 1) Photos https:// /SMSFoundatio nDay?authkey=Gv1sRgCMaehNHl6JTIEg 2) Videos (in sequence) a) b) c) d) e) f) Best Performance Award (level 4&5) 1Mining division goes to Mr. H. Salam, Sr. Manager, T-Palle Project 2 Roads, Railways & Irrigation division goes to Yogesh Gawatre (Sr Engineer ) 3Electric division goes to Mr. Sanjiv Kumar; Jr. Engineer (Pen Project) 4E&CE division goes to Anil Nagose - Project department, Nagpur 5 UD, Tolls & Roads O&M division goes to Kishor Warkari, Delhi 6Other divisions goes to Hemkant Mishra - Finance Best Performance Award (level 6&7) 7Mining division goes to Mr. Satish Kumar, Surveyer, T-Palle Project 8 Roads, Railways & Irrigation division goes to Shivdas Sarode ( Billing Engineer ) 9Electric division goes to Mr. Devendra N. Mahajan (Supervisor - Dombivali Project) 10E&CE division goes to Vinod Bankar - MEPL mktg, Pune 11 UD, Tolls & Roads O&M division goes to Krishankant Sharma, Delhi 12Other divisions goes to Rajesh Pant - Human Resource Best Behavior Award (All Levels) 13Mining division goes to Mr. R. Srikant, Electrical Engineer,T-Palle Project 14 Roads, Railways & Irrigation division goes to Arun Nehare (Puchase Astt. ) 15Electric division goes to Mrs. Kiran M. Adatkar; Asst. Manager, HO, Nagpur 16E&CE division goes to Vinayak Kavade - SMSEL, Pune 17 UD, Tolls & Roads O&M division goes to Ravindranath Pandey, Durg-By-Pass Toll 18Other divisions goes to Akbar Saudagar - Finance Best Personality Award (All Levels) 19Mining division goes to Mr. K. Ramakrishna, Executive P.S.,T-Palle Project 20 Roads, Railways & Irrigation division goes to Sunil Parashar (Mngr Accts) 21Electric division goes to Mr. Jitendra Singh, Supervisor, SECL Project 22E&CE division goes to Ganesh Narawade - MEPL, Pune 23 UD, Tolls & Roads O&M division goes to Uttam Patodia, HRBC Toll, Kolkata 24Other divisions goes to Kavita Alone - General Service Best Service Mate Award (Level 8 only) 25Mining division goes to Mr. S. Madhusudan, Operator, T-Palle Project 26 Roads, Railways & Irrigation division goes to Nivrati Gai ( Shift Co- 0rdinator ) 27Electric division goes to Mr. Alkesh Dahake, Office Asst. HO, Nagpur 28E&CE division goes to Mukesh Sookinda - MEPL, Pune 29 UD, Tolls & Roads O&M division goes to D. Meshram, Gundugolanu O& M Site, NH-5, A.P. 30Other divisions goes to Raju Bhandari - Finance The Merit Award Winners are as follows:

7 Click the below link or copy and paste it on Browser to view more Photos /VisitorsToDelhiPlant?authkey=G v1sRgCJPj1MuYr6HLMQ Delhi BMW Facility from Vietnam on 30 April 2012 Under the world bank South-South knowledge program on Healthcare Waste management, delegates of Vietnam as well as official (s) from World bank & CPCB visited our Common Biomedical waste treatment facility on 30 April The purpose of the visit was to understand the bio-medical waste management aspects being followed at our facility.

8 Mr. Deepak Davda & Mrs. Anjali Khambete from MEPL on 5th May 2012 Mr. Deepak Davda, General Manager, Tech, Vapi Waste & Effluent Management & Co. Ltd & Ms. Anjali Khambete, Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, SVNIT College Surat from Vapi Industrial Association visited MEPL facility to explore the possibilities of Plasma gasification of Hazardous waste & Plastic waste. Visit of Alter NRG & Air MEPL on 29 th & 30 th May 2012 Mr. Mark Wright, Mr. Alex Goordetsky, Mr. Frank Petrocelli, Air Products visited the MEPL site on 29th May The purpose of the visit was to study the use of Anthracite to replace metcoke.

9 Visit of Solena Absi India Pvt. Ltd, Harayana to MEPL Facility Mr. Nitin Kalra, Country Director, India,Mr. Joseph Carlin, Executive VP, Project Development, Dr. Robert T. DO, President and CEO, Solena Absi India Pvt. Ltd from Haryana, visited the MEPL Facility to study the plasma technology and for further business proposals. Visit of Mr. Mark, Alter NRG & Guests from Global Korea Environment Co. MEPL on 30 th May 2012 Mr. Mark Wright, Alter NRG along with Mr. LEE, Sang Soo, CEO, Global Korea Environment, Co, Ltd. visited the MEPL facility on 30th May. The purpose of their visit was to explore the waste to energy through plasma gasification.

10 Vasundhara Award for MEPL MEPL is selected for Vasundhara Environment Award for the industry sector of the year The awards will be distributed on World Environment Day, 05 June 2012, at Mumbai. This is one of the most remarkable award in the field of Environment. The Vasundhara Award by Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) aims to:- a.Recognize the efforts of industries, urban local bodies, schools and environmental Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs) who have made significant contributions to sustainable development and made measurable improvements to their performance, whilst achieving their own business plans, service functions and societal objectives; b.Put forward role models in sustainable development for Indian industries, urban local bodies, schools, and NGOs for others to get inspired; c. Align with international best practices of promoting efforts beyond compliance by practicing sustainability. The award will be given in presence of Chief Minister Mr. Prithaviraj Chavhan and Dy. Chief Minister Mr. Ajit Pawar. We Congratulate the MEPL Team Members for this Achievement.

11 Distribution of 200 Nos. Of Mango saplings to the Karegoan Gram Panchayat As a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility, the MEPL Team distributed 200Nos. of Mango saplings to the Karegoan Gram Panchayat. Initiative for Plantation: MEPL took the initiative for plantation in coordination with MIDC, Ranjangoan by digging 1000 pits for plantation by MIDC in Monsoon.

12 Green Economy: Does it include YOU? The 2012 theme for World Environment Day is Green Economy: Does it include you? Evidently, there are two parts of this theme and the first tackles the subject of the Green Economy. This is where some people shut off their minds because they find the concept of the Green Economy a little too complex to understand. On the contrary, the Green Economy is really something that is applicable all around you and it is easy to imagine how you fit in it. The UN Environment Program defines the Green Economy as one that results in improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. In its simplest expression, a green economy can be thought of as one which is low carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive. Practically speaking, a Green Economy is one whose growth in income and employment is driven by public and private investments that reduce carbon emissions and pollution, enhance energy and resource efficiency, and prevent the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services. These investments need to be catalyzed and supported by targeted public expenditure, policy reforms and regulation changes. But what does all this mean for you? Well, this essentially what the second part of the theme is all about. If the Green Economy is about social equity and inclusiveness then technically it is all about you! The question therefore asks you to find out more about the Green Economy and assess whether, in your country, you are being included in it.

13 TRAINING GLIMPSE Corporate Finesse and Business Etiquettes The training program on the subject "Corporate Finesse and Business Etiquttes was held on 19 May 2012 at BMW Plant, Nilothi Village, New Delhi. The trainer Mr. Pranay Karnik had come from Indore and conducted all the points very clearly, enthusiastically. The response from all the participants was also very positive and remarkable. The trainer had explained about few etiquettes in corporate business such as writing, Visiting cards, shake hands, self esteem etc. Few activities for participants in a sense the growth of company with individual were provided.

14 Note: Any conflict with this page please contact the HR department directly Conti… S.NName Of the Emp.DOBCo. 36Vilas Shrivastav2-JunVEPL 37PATIL SACHIN RANGRAO2-JunSMSIL-D 38saba khan2-JunSMSIL 39Satyendra Yadav3-JunMEPL 40Arun Patil3-JunSMSV 41Yashwant D. Rane3-JunSMS ENVOCLEAN 42GHAN SHYAM TRIPATHI3-JunSMSIL-D 43MAHENDRA MESHRAM3-JunSMSIL-D 44bhushan betwal3-JunSMSIL 45GAJANAN K. DESHMUKH3-JunSMSIL 46M. VARADA RAJULU3-JunSMSIL 47SRIDEO BHANDARI3-JunSMSIL 48Santosh Shid4-JunSMSEL 49n vishwanadham (narsingoju)4-JunSMSIL 50Vipin Kr. Mishra5-JunMEPL 51Kiran Bhor5-JunMEPL 52Navnath Wakhre5-JunMEPL 53Ajinath Gaikwad5-JunMEPL 54Baboo V. Borade5-JunSMS ENVOCLEAN 55BALAI GHOSH5-JunSMSIL-D 56SURAJ DHANDE5-JunSMSIL-D 57ANIL TODAK5-JunSMSIL-D 58GOPAL VASATKAR5-JunSMSIL-D 59Rohit Sinha5-JunSMSIL 60Shashikant Gaikwad6-JunMEPL 61Manoj Chaudhari6-JunMEPL 62CHANDER6-JunSMSIL-D 63Ramsiromani Dubey6-JunSMSIL 64Naikade Yogesh7-JunMEPL 65PRAVIN N DAWARE7-JunSMSIL-D 66MANGESH BORULE7-JunSMSIL-D 67SACHIN VASANT JOSHI.7-JunSMSIL-D 68Mr.Rupchand Mandoker7-JunSMSIL-D 69NILESH ADAI7-JunSMSIL 70Amol Kale8-JunMEPL S.NName Of the Emp.DOBCo. 1Sanjay Sakat1-JunMEPL 2A.B.Ughade1-JunMEPL 3Bhange Suresh1-JunMEPL 4Vijay Pachundkar1-JunMEPL 5Mayappa Pujari1-JunMEPL 6Balu Khedkar1-JunMEPL 7Raju Jagtap1-JunMEPL 8Ramdas Dighe1-JunMEPL 9Yogesh Mangar1-JunMEPL 10Jadhav Changdev1-JunMEPL 11Sambhaji Jagtap1-JunMEPL 12Raju Admane1-JunMEPL 13Suresh M. Raskar1-JunMEPL 14Kardile Hanumant1-JunMEPL 15Ishwar Parhad1-JunMEPL 16Kamar Khan1-JunMEPL 17Phalke Dilip1-JunMEPL 18Balhu Tilekar1-JunMEPL 19Sahebrao Navale1-JunMEPL 20Sarjerao Gorde1-JunMEPL 21Rajendra Zanjad1-JunMEPL 22Umesh Tonpe1-JunMEPL 23Shashikant Meshram1-JunVEPL 24Dilip Salve1-JunCETP-Waluj 25Dattaram Lase1-JunSMS ENVOCLEAN 26Gopal Pawar1-JunSMS ENVOCLEAN 27Rijwan H. Ansari1-JunSMS ENVOCLEAN 28Navin G. Reddy1-JunSMS ENVOCLEAN 29Vilas N. Gurav1-JunSMS ENVOCLEAN 30Satish Gaikwad1-JunSMSEL 31Balaji Rathod1-JunSMSEL 32TEK1-JunSMSIL-D 33ANIL SHARMA1-JunSMSIL-D 34DEVENDRA KUMAR SAHU1-JunSMSIL-D 35Pandhari Ramteke1-JunSMSIL

15 Note: Any conflict with this page please contact the HR department directly S.NName Of the Emp.DOBCo. 106Raju Bhandari17-JunSMSIL 107Vikas D Fulzele17-JunSMSIL 108DINESH SHARMA18-JunSMSIL-D 109PAWAS VERMA18-JunSMSIL-D 110Hemant Mehar19-JunVEPL 111PRASHANT BHANGALE19-JunSMSIL-D 112Rahul Dange20-JunSMSIL-D 113Shubh Kant Jha20-JunSMSIL 114Ganesh Dande20-JunSMSIL 115SUDHAKAR LAXMAN MADKE20-JunSMSIL 116MUKESH RAMBHAD20-JunSMSIL 117vishekhar patruji mate20-JunSMSIL 118Jitendra Garasia21-JunSMS ENVOCLEAN 119Ravindra Waikar21-JunSMSEL 120Walmik Pawse22-JunMEPL 121Vikas Gulalkari22-JunSMSEL 122Shekhar Sangamnerkar22-JunSMSEL 123KALYANI SHINDE23-JunSMSIL 124SATISH INGLE24-JunSMSIL-D 125G Venkatesh Prasath24-JunSMSIL 126Renuka Majge25-JunMEPL 127Devendra Jadhav25-JunSMS ENVOCLEAN 128Rajkumar Malhi26-JunMEPL 129Siddharth Gaikwad26-JunCETP-Waluj 130Ganesh Muthukumar Asari26-JunSMS ENVOCLEAN 131Rahul Patil26-JunSMSEL 132SHIV KUMAR SHARMA26-JunSMSIL-D 133RUPESH THAKARE26-JunSMSIL-D 134A.K. SHRIVASTAVA26-JunSMSIL 135Sunil Parashar26-JunSMSIL 136Rajesh Khotale27-JunVEPL 137Babarao P Belsare27-JunSMSIL 138RUCHI Sharad KASHIV27-JunSMSIL 139PRAVIN ASHOK NIKHADE27-JunSMSIL 140MANGESH TEKADE28-JunSMSIL-D 141pravin gujjewar28-JunSMSIL 142Asif Hussain29-JunSMSEL 143Imran Ahmed30-JunMEPL 144vivek thaokar30-JunSMSIL S.NName Of the Emp.DOBCo. 71KISHOR WARKARI8-JunSMSIL-D 72PARMESHWAR DOUBALE8-JunSMSIL-D 73ABHAY KATHALE8-JunSMSIL 74Nisha Vijay Sancheti9-JunSMSIL-D 75Rovena Anthony10-JunMEPL 76Bhiku Patil10-JunSMSIL-D 77BHIMRAO INGLE10-JunSMSIL-D 78RAJENDRA SHIMBARE10-JunSMSIL-D 79Sanjay M. Thute10-JunSMSIL-D 80Sarika Kamthe11-JunSMSEL 81Ashish Yawale12-JunBCPL 82Ganesh Mhatre12-JunSMS ENVOCLEAN 83PREMBIR SINGH12-JunSMSIL-D 84GANESH MHATRE12-JunSMSIL-D 85Matin Sayyed13-JunMEPL 86SACHIN SALUNKHE13-JunSMSIL-D 87VINOD SHEKHAWAT13-JunSMSIL-D 88NIMBAJI SURALKAR13-JunSMSIL-D 89DEEPAK MORE13-JunSMSIL-D 90Charushila Sonawane14-JunMEPL 91Nilesh Karkhile14-JunMEPL 92Pranali Banait14-JunVEPL 93RAVI INGLE14-JunSMSIL-D 94Kiran Chavan15-JunMEPL 95Sonji Surase15-JunCETP-Waluj 96PRABHAKAR KOTHALKAR15-JunSMSIL-D 97Manoj Manna15-JunSMSIL-D 98PUNARAT RAM DHIWAR15-JunSMSIL-D 99nita navghare15-JunSMSIL 100R.G.Ughade16-JunCETP-Waluj 101MANAS MANNA16-JunSMSIL-D 102Sakharam Patil17-JunMEPL 103DNYANDEO BARHATE17-JunSMSIL-D 104PRASHANT ADAI17-JunSMSIL-D 105Shivdas Dalvi17-JunSMSIL-D

16 Four men were bragging about how smart their dogs were. One man was an engineer, the second man was an accountant, the third man was a chemist, and the fourth was a government worker. To show off, the engineer called to his dog. T-square, do your stuff. T-square trotted over to a desk, took out some paper and a pen, and promptly drew a circle, a square, and a triangle. Everyone agreed that, that was pretty smart. The accountant said that his dog could do better. He called to his dog and said, Spreadsheet, do your stuff. Spreadsheet went out into the kitchen and returned with a dozen cookies. He divided them into four equal piles of three cookies each. Everyone agreed that, that was good. The chemist said that his dog could do better still he called to his dog and said, Measure, do your stuff. Measure got up, walked over to the fridge, took out a quart of milk, got a ten-ounce glass from the cupboard, and poured exactly eight ounces without spilling a drop. Everyone agreed that, that was pretty impressive. Then the three men turned to the government worker and said, What can your dog do? The government worker called to his dog and said, Coffee Break, do your stuff. Coffee Break jumped to his feet, ate the cookies, drank the milk, claimed he had injured his back while doing so, filed a grievance report for unsafe working conditions, put in for worker compensation, and went home for the rest of the day on sick leave. They all agreed that, that was brilliant!

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