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Photo Album Sandy A storm to remember. Before the storm: Mantoloking Bridge.

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1 Photo Album Sandy A storm to remember


3 Before the storm: Mantoloking Bridge

4 After the storm: Mantoloking Bridge

5 Breezy Point section of Queens, New York, now littered with burned-out homes

6 Firemen continue to pour water on smouldering fires on Beach Blvd in Breezy Point, New York. More than 100 homes were destroyed by fire after Sandy passed directly though the area.

7 Fires ripped through around 130 homes on Breezy Point

8 A property in Rockaway, New York

9 New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg views damage in the Breezy Point area of Queens.

10 A community north of Seaside, New Jersey lies covered in sand.

11 Brant Beach on Long Beach Island, New Jersey

12 Tuckerton, New Jersey

13 One day after and a portion of Harvey Cedars on Long Beach Island NJ remains underwater.

14 The south shore of Staten Island, New York

15 The south shore area of Staten Island was severely damaged by the strong winds and floods coming in from Atlantic

16 Long Beach

17 Fenwick Island, Delaware, sit surrounded by floodwaters.

18 Long Beach, New York

19 The South Ferry subway station in New York

20 A row of beachfront houses tilts backwards on the New Jersey coast.

21 The facade of this New York apartment building was knocked off by Sandy

22 Fallen power lines lie across a road in Atlantic City

23 The sun sets over the Robert Moses Causeway leading to Fire Island, New York.

24 A warehouse in Brooklyn, New York

25 South shore of Staten Island

26 Hudson Street in Hackensack, New Jersey

27 A boardwalk and Houses in Atlantic City, NJ

28 Taken from a helicopter it shows the devastation along Jersey Shore

29 Long Beach, New York

30 Cars floating after being pushed out a flooded basement in New York City

31 A 168-foot water tanker, the John B. Caddell, sits on the shore where it ran aground on Front Street in the Stapleton neighbourhood of New York's Staten Island

32 Yellow cabs in a parking lot are surrounded by water in Hoboken, NJ

33 Waves pound a lighthouse on the shores of Lake Erie, near Cleveland, Ohio

34 A boat moved by gushing waters rests on the tracks at Metro-North's Ossining Station on the Hudson Line

35 Breezy Point Queens, New York

36 This aerial photograph shows burned-out homes in the Breezy Point section of the Queens borough of New York after the fire.

37 An aerial view of flooding on the bay side of Seaside, New Jersey

38 A crane attached to One 57, a luxury apartment tower under construction in midtown Manhattan, hangs down after partially collapsing amid gusts from Sandy

39 Flooded subway station

40 The famous casinos of Atlantic City, New Jersey, were submerged after super storm Sandy hit land nearby

41 A car is covered by water near the Consolidated Edison power plant in New York, after Sandy knocked out power to at least 8million people, and large sections of the city were plunged into darkness.

42 Heavy waves smash over the seawall in Winthrop, with the 911 system inundated with 10,000 calls every half hour.


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