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Reflections I Explore the Arts! Susan Rupert Vice President and Director Programs

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1 Reflections I Explore the Arts! Susan Rupert Vice President and Director Programs

2 National PTA – Reflections Arts Recognition Program Started in 1969 Mary Lou Anderson Explore their talents & express themselves 10 million < participants Not a contest Theme 6 art areas Prek thru 12 grade

3 Benefits Unleash their creative talents and be inspired Express themselves imaginatively in their artwork Experience the joy and fun of making art Tap into critical thinking skills to create art inspired by the annual theme Receive positive recognition for their original works of art

4 2014-2015 Reflections Theme “The world would be a better place if…”


6 Grade Divisions PRIMARY (Preschool- Grade 2) INTERMEDIATE (Grades 3-5) MIDDLE SCHOOL (Grades 6-8) HIGH SCHOOL (Grades 9-12) SPECIAL ARTIST (All Grades)

7 Special Artist Division  Traditional – Grade Division most closely aligns to their functional abilities – Recognized without regard to special need or challenge  Special Artist Division – Non-graded (i.e. PK-2) – Meets ADA guidelines – Receive non-artistic accommodation and assistance

8 National PTA Reflections Arts Program Stages of Recognition Local Unit Program MO PTA (State) Level National Recognition

9 Local Unit Program – Each local PTA unit holds it own local program – Discussing today  different phases  hints & ideas  available resources – Advance no more than 3/division/category to state round of recognition

10 – 1 st thru 5 th place, up to 5 honorable mention – Award winners announced in March – Unit Presidents and Reflections chairs receive list – Students receive special invitation to Showcase – April 18, 2015 at the new Stoney Creek in Independence as a part of the 2015 Annual Meeting. – 1 st place award recipients advance to National MO PTA State Level of Recognition

11 National Recognition 7 Outstanding Interpretation Awards Awards of Excellence – 3 Awards per Division of Each Arts Area Awards of Merit – Up to 5 Awards per Division of Each Art Area Honorable Mention - All Remaining Students Reaching National Level

12 View Award Winning Artwork National Gallery and Awards—Art Exhibitions pta. org - programs tab State Winners – programs tab reflections/awards

13 The Basic Steps

14 #1 – Be a Unit in Good Standing Local PTA units must be deemed to be in “good standing” in order to fully participate in the programs (i.e. Reflections)and benefits offered by the association.

15 A PTA unit is “in good standing” if it: Adheres to the Purposes and basic policies of the PTA; Remits national and state dues to the state PTA by dates required (the 1st of each month) Has bylaws approved every three years according to the procedures of the state PTA; Submits a copy of the unit’s fiscal yearend report to the state PTA by December 1 st of each year; Submits a copy of the unit’s annual financial review (formerly known as the audit) to the state PTA by December 1st of each year; Submits a copy of the required IRS tax form to the state PTA by December 1 st of each year; Submits the names and addresses of officers to the state PTA by March 31 st of each year; and Meets other criteria as may be prescribed by the state PTA. If a local PTA becomes “not in good standing,” as soon as it has fulfilled the necessary requirements, it is again considered “in good standing

16 The …ing Phases of a Reflections Program Planning Promoting Informing Collecting Judging Advancing Celebrating

17 Planning Phase Form a committee Don’t be the “Lone Ranger” Be informed Utilize Resources Time line Map out the process Contact judges Do this early so they can plan their own calendar

18 Reflections Program Resources Email questions to state chair at Webinars and recorded training at Missouri Reflections Tool Kit on

19 National PTA Reflections® Webinar Training Schedule and Registration Links – website, leaders guide. Live sessions & recorded trainings Reflections 101: Introduces general program information, share ideas, and offer recommendations on how to implement PTA Reflections in your school and beyond. If you can’t join us live, visit our digital toolkit to view a recording. Instructions for Reflections Online Registration: Will guide Local, Council, District, and State PTAs on how to: Create an Account; Submit your PTA Registration Form; Submit Student Entry Forms; and Review & Advance Winning Entries.

20 Finding the Missouri “Reflections Tool Kit” State website Programs /Services drop down tabPrograms /Services Click on Reflections/Awards Click on 2014-2015 Reflections Tool Kit

21 2014-2015 Reflections Toolkit Missouri PTA Reflections Local Leaders Guide Appendix A 2016-2017 Theme Search Entry Form Appendix B National PTA Webinar Training Schedule and Registration Links Appendix C Local PTA Unit Participation Form Appendix CC - Reflections Chair's Checklist Appendix D - Student Entry Form Appendix E - 2014-2015 National PTA Reflections General Participation Rules.pdf Appendix E - Dance Choreography Rule Appendix E - Film Production Rules Appendix E - Literature Rules Appendix E - Music Composition Rules Appendix E - Photography Rules Appendix E - Special Artists Rules Appendix E - Visual Arts Rules Appendix F - Arts in Education Flyer ENGLISH Appendix F - Arts in Education Flyer SPANISH Appendix F - Explore the Arts! Participate in PTA Reflections Flyer ENGLISH Appendix F - Explore the Arts! Participate in PTA Reflections Flyer SPANISH Appendix F - Special Artist Division Flyer ENGLISH Appendix F - Special Artist Division Flyer SPANISH Appendix F - The world would be a better place if Poster ENGLISH Appendix F - The world would be a better place if Poster SPANISH Appendix G - Information for Judges Appendix G - Sample Judging Score Card Appendix H - Arts and Reflections Messages To Share Appendix H - Certificate of Recognition Template Appendix H - National Awards and Recognition ENGLISH Appendix H - National Awards and Recognition SPANISH Appendix H - Template Media Advisory Appendix I - Template Acknowledgment Letter Appendix J - Sample Program Evaluation Appendix K - Donation Request Letter Appendix K - Speaker Request Letter Appendix L - PTA UNIT IN GOOD STANDING

22 Time Line Keep in Mind: The deadline for advancing artwork to the state round of judging is Wednesday, December 10, 2014 at 4 p.m. holidays and no school days Time for preparing artwork for advancing Allow time for judging Collecting artwork & preparing for judging The “Life” factor padding Hint: Think of it in reverse order to determine your deadline

23 Judges Local professionals of the art categories Retired teachers College professors Parent volunteers

24 Promoting Phase “The Kick Off” Customizable resources Back to School Activities Arts in Education Week Local media School media Social media PTA meeting Arts organizations in/out of school

25 Informing Phase Call for Entries Form Customize it Distribute to students

26 Don’t forget to utilize the back!

27 Promote the 2016-2017 National PTA Theme Search Use form in the local leader’s guide Submit form to MO PTA by midnight, October 31 MO PTA selects 5 to advance to National PTA The student who’s entry is selected by National PTA as the winner will receive $100, and his/her theme will be presented at the Annual National PTA Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina from June 25-28, 2015.

28 Theme Search Form Attach a theme search form Be sure to include information about your local deadline.

29 Requesting More Information Ideas/Benefits: Attach to information flyer Saves paper Not overwhelming Tracking method

30 The “Participant” Packet Student Entry Form General Participation Rules Art Category Specific Rules Special Artists Information if applicable Make sure your local deadline information is included in this packet – When & Where

31 Student Entry Form Be completed by student/parent Incomplete required areas result in DQ Enter this information online for those entries advancing to state round

32 Submission Deadline Reminders Announcements School Bulletin Bulletin Boards Social Media Postcards

33 Collecting Artwork  Completed Student Entry Form  General Participation Rules Followed  Art Category Guidelines/Rules followed Correct dimensions Correct format Preliminary screening of artwork

34 Judging Phase Suggested Rubic Category Rules for reference Clear placing Deadline Blind Judging

35 “Blind” Judging Reduces the concerns of favoritism Remind students not to “sign” name to artwork If on front use painter’s tape to cover on photography & visual arts. Anonymity almost impossible on dance & film

36 Preparing for Blind Judging Number the entry on the entry form, i.e. VA 100 (Visual Arts) then #s beginning with 100 are your primary level, 200 = intermediate, 300 = MS, 400 = HS, 500 = Special Artists Use painter’s tape & perm marker to number artwork Make a copy of the entry form. Cut off the student’s info and secure to back of artwork. Allows judges to see only title and artist’s statement Sheet protectors

37 Advancing Phase Hold That Thought!

38 Participation Achievement Recognition Parent Engagement Community Involvement Celebrating!

39 Advancing Phase (in brief) 3 Entries per Division per Art Category Entries are submitted online only to MO PTA Deadline is December 10, 2014 Online submission process covered in Reflections II workshop on Sunday Ethan Clark, National PTA Arts Manager will join us!

40 The state reflections chair position is currently vacant. If you are interested in finding out more about this opportunity or other ways to serve Missouri PTA units. Please contact us!


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