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Question Answer Ch. 6 & 8 Jeopardy 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 PeoplePoliticsCultureSocietyPotpourri.

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2 Question Answer Ch. 6 & 8 Jeopardy PeoplePoliticsCultureSocietyPotpourri Final Jeopardy

3 Question Answer Help (1) Click on the house to go back to the game board. (2) Click on the value under the category you want. (3) Click Answer. (4) Click to see if you got the Question right. (5) Use the home red button after each question. ©Norman Herr, 2003

4 Question Answer People -100 ANSWER: Working at the University of Toronto with graduate student Charles Best, he discovered insulin. QUESTION: –Who is Fredrick Banting?

5 Question Answer People -200 ANSWER: –His 5-cent speech led the liberals to be voted out in QUESTION: –Who was King?

6 Question Answer People -300 ANSWER: –Canadian artists influenced by the impressionists QUESTION: –Who are the Group of Seven?

7 Question Answer People -400 ANSWER: –Strike leader who became the first leader of the CCF (Co-operative Commonwealth Federation) QUESTION: –Who is J.S. Woodsworth

8 Question Answer People -500 ANSWER: –Many letters were written to him and he gave many people money out of his own pocket. QUESTION: –Who is R.B. Bennett?

9 Question Answer ANSWER: –Sworn in as Prime Minister in July QUESTION: –Who is Arthur Meighan? Politics -100

10 Question Answer Politics -200 ANSWER: –Founder of the League of Indians QUESTION: –Who is Fred Loft?

11 Question Answer Politics -300 ANSWER: –A number of farmers formed this federal political party of their own. QUESTION: –What are the National Progressives?

12 Question Answer Politics -400 ANSWER: –This party swept into power in Alberta in QUESTION: –What is the Social Credit party?

13 Question Answer Politics -500 ANSWER: –New political party formed in Quebec during the depression, led by Maurice Duplessis. QUESTION: –What is the Union Nationale?

14 Question Answer Culture -100 ANSWER: –The use of movies to forget hardships for 25 cents. QUESTION: –What is the Great Escape?

15 Question Answer Culture -200 ANSWER: –Created in 1938 to promote the production and distribution of films in the natiob. QUESTION: –What is NFB (National film board)?

16 Question Answer Culture -300 ANSWER: –Created in 1933 to counteract American domination of the airwaves. QUESTION: –What is the CRBC (Canadian radio brodcasting commission)?

17 Question Answer Culture -400 ANSWER: –Developed from the CRBC QUESTION: –What is the CBC (Canadian Brodcasting corporation)?

18 Question Answer Culture -500 ANSWER: –Established in 1937 to promote Canadian writing. QUESTION: –What are the Governor Generals Awards?

19 Question Answer Society -100 ANSWER: –The virus that soldiers brought back from overseas. QUESTION: –What is the Spanish Flu?

20 Question Answer Society -200 ANSWER: –More workers bringing home their paycheques and the dropping of the crime rate are some social benefits that came from this. QUESTION: –What is prohibition?

21 Question Answer Society -300 ANSWER: –The walking of the job by workers of almost all industries in a Manitoba city due to unfair wages, hours and working conditions. QUESTION: –What is The Winnipeg General Strike?

22 Question Answer Society -400 ANSWER: –Emergency financial assistance given to some of the unemployed to keep them from starving. QUESTION: –What is relief?

23 Question Answer Society -500 ANSWER: –This fear of foreigners started in the 20s but surged during the depression and led to many deportations. QUESTION: –What is xenophobia?

24 Question Answer Potpourri -100 ANSWER: –Colourful term used to describe the crash of the stock market. QUESTION: –What is Black Tuesday?

25 Question Answer Potpourri -200 ANSWER: –Production of agricultural product swelled in the 20s but led to overuse of the land and then an extreme drop in prices in the 30s. QUESTION: –What is wheat?

26 Question Answer Potpourri -300 ANSWER: –This Statute made Canada completely self- governing on December 11, QUESTION: –What is Statute of Westminster?

27 Question Answer Potpourri -400 ANSWER: –Term refers to the conflict between the governor general and prime minister in QUESTION: –What is the King-Byng crisis

28 Question Answer Potpourri -500 ANSWER: –Copies of American companies in Canada. QUESTION: –What are branch plants?

29 Question Answer FINAL JEOPARDY ANSWER: –Raising of these in the 30s led to a stalling of international trade. QUESTION: –What are tariffs?

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