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2 The Importance of Temperature Monitoring What can temperature tell ? A fever is one of the body's immune responses that attempts to neutralize a bacterial or viral infection. A fever can be caused by many different conditions ranging from benign to potentially serious. Fever is a common symptom of many medical conditions : Infectious diseases, e.g., influenza, HIV, malaria, infectious mononucleosis, or gastroenteritis Various skin inflammations, e.g., boils, or abscess Immunological diseases, e.g., lupus erythematosus, sarcoidosis, inflammatory bowel diseases, Kawasaki disease Tissue destruction, which can occur in hemolysis, surgery, infarction, crush syndrome, rhabdomyolysis, cerebral hemmorrhage,etc. Reaction to incompatible blood products Cancers, most commonly kidney cancer and leukemia and lymphomas Metabolic disorders, e.g., gout or porphyria Thrombo-embolic processes, e.g., pulmonary embolism or deep venous thrombosis

3 Small change; Big difference. The importance of closely and accurately monitoring body temperature lies in the fact that a fever ; which as described earlier, could be a symptom of a number of different-not so serious or serious conditions- is indicated by a very small change in temperature. A SMALL CHANGE from 102F to 104F- makes a very BIG DIFFERENCE

4 The Thermometer Story

5 The Next Generation

6 How to Use The last black Dot indicates the patients temperature. NexTemp; Place in heat pocket under tongue or in axilla. One minute under tongue and three minutes in axilla. TraxIt ; Peel off and adhere to axilla. First reading after 2-3 minutes. Continuous readings thereafter.

7 Made for Accuracy

8 Safety The chemicals (only 2 milligrams of liquid crystal chemicals) are fully encapsulated by a clear polymeric film which prevents contact. While this provides as an extra safety precaution, the chemical has passed rigorous tests to prove its safety as per U.S.A safety requirements. NexTemp and TraxIt are both Latex Free and Mercury Free.

9 Applications- Nextemp Disposable : Ideal for use in all medical institutes Throw away the Germs Economical ; No Breakage, No extra costs. Reusable : Convenient wallet card Easily Cleaned

10 Applications- TraxIt For difficult-to-take temperatures, and continous readings Ideal for infants, aged, post operative patients/ unconcious patients and patients overcome with coughing, weakness or vomiting. Also ideal for all ages in illnesses that require continuous readings such as dengue, viral infections and malaria. Adheres easily and stays on through bathing.

11 Quality Assurance Manufactured by Medical Indicators in the USA- Nextemp and TraxIt are FDA registered, Class І Medical Devices. Also approved and registered by the CDDA, Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka.

12 Safe Accurate Easy to Read Fast and automatic reset No Glass Latex Free Mercury Free Environmentally Friendly No special storage conditions required Economical/Affordable; No Breakage, No extra costs. TheAdvantage


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