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Title Formats NEC FACET Center.

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1 Title Formats NEC FACET Center

2 Rule # 1: Capitalization
In a title, capitalize the first word, last word, and all of the important words in between. EXAMPLES: The Great Gatsby Where the Red Fern Grows Approaching Literature in the 21st Century

3 will not be capitalized unless
In other words, A The An will not be capitalized unless they appear as the first word in a title they appear after a colon

4 Example: A The Grapes of Wrath The An “A Christmas Wish”
Rhetorical Reader: A Visual Approach Writing Essentials: An MLA Handbook The An

5 Also, (They should not be capitalized
words Conjunctions are “non- important” and but or nor for yet so (They should not be capitalized unless they appear after a colon.)

6 More “non-important words”
to, from of by at in, out with on, off Do not capitalize prepositions

7 (Different titles use different formats.)
Rule # 2: Proper Format (Different titles use different formats.)

8 Italicize these titles. . .
Book titles Newspaper titles Magazine titles Film titles

9 AND italicize these titles too . . .
Play titles TV program titles Titles of musical works Titles of software

10 Examples Book: Joy in the Morning Newspaper: The New York Times
Magazine: ESPN Film: Pride and Prejudice T.V. Program: CSI Play: The Taming of the Shrew Software: Reading Comprehension Long Musical Work: Eroica

11 Use quotations with these titles. . .
Short story titles Poem titles Article titles Song titles Essay titles

12 Examples Poem: “I’m Nobody! Who are You?” Short Story: “Two Kinds”
Essay: “West Coast Discourse” Article: “Religious Themes in Hawthorne’s Works” Song: “Amazing Grace”

13 Side note. . . When using another source’s title, always copy it word for word. Precision is . . .

14 “My Dear, Loving Husband”
Example: Source’s title: “To My Dear and Loving Husband” “To My Loving Husband” “To My Dear Husband” “My Dear, Loving Husband” These are not accurate!

15 Word to the Wise Do not put the title of your own essay in quotations
This is wrong Maria Smith Butler Eng 1113 5 May 2006 “Immorality in America”

16 This is correct. . . Maria Smith Butler Eng 1113 5 May 2006
Immorality in America

17 Unless . . . within your title, you are giving another author’s title.
Maria Smith Butler Eng 1113 5 May 2006 Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” title within a title

18 How to develop your own essay title
Be creative and to the point Example: The purpose of your essay is to show how cloning is unethical.

19 These titles are bland. . . “Cloning” “Ethics of Cloning”
“Morals and Cloning”

20 These titles are enticing. . .
“Eggs and Stem Cells: The Unethical Frontier” “Cloning: A Pandora’s Box”

21 Summary of Rules Capitalize the first word and all other major words.
Either use italicizing or quotations with a title depending upon the source. Do not use underlining or quotation marks for your own titles. If citing another source within your own title, use either italicizing or quotations depending upon that source.

22 In other words, Titles introduce an author’s work. . .
handle with care.

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