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Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Theresa Aitchison Undergraduate Coordinator, Ethnic Studies What is exemplary about Theresa is her willingness to.

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1 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Theresa Aitchison Undergraduate Coordinator, Ethnic Studies What is exemplary about Theresa is her willingness to imagine her job description and responsibilities in the broadest possible terms; and in so doing, to redefine the undergraduate coordinator position to be one that is absolutely integrated and integral to the functioning of our department - Jacqueline Griffin, MSO

2 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Lorlina Almazan SRA III - Supervisor, Division of Biological Sciences In her interactions with faculty, TAs, and students, Lollie is diplomatic and patient, and everyone who works with her is impressed by her professionalism, knowledge and thoroughness… Lollie truly believes she is here to make sure that UCSD students get the best educational experience possible. - Madeline Butler, LPSOE

3 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Gris Arellano-Ramirez MSO, Human Development Program Her strong work ethic and sense of personal dedication motivates the staff and faculty, and her outstanding performance is renowned both within and beyond the Center and Program. - Pamela Moses, Assistant Research Scientist

4 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Gayle Aruta Graduate Coordinator, Communications This year alone, Gayle has brought down a budget deficit of $113,000 by 25% through her extra efforts in identifying and helping students to attain external funding opportunities, teaching, and other resources. - Carol Padden, Professor

5 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Mary Baran Human Resources Analyst, Division of Biological Sciences Faculty and staff seek Mary out for help with tough problems. Her gentle counseling about issues with potentially dire consequences has provided positive outcomes rather than lawsuits – probably saving UCSD and the Division considerable monies. - Joan Turner, Human Resources & Payroll Manager

6 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer James Batti Staff Engineer, Structural Engineering His involvement… has led to innovative ideas to advance the development of the technologies required to realize the ambitious and specific goals of the system integration team… He has shown great initiative in advancing not only the capabilities of the earthquake engineering program at UCSD but also those of the national earthquake engineering community. - Christopher Latham, Senior Development Engineer

7 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Nora Bodrian Fiscal Officer, Sociology She is responsive in every way to the needs of the faculty, and often informs them in advance of things they have not thought about… She also raises money for the American Cancer Society. - Mary Blair-Loy, Assistant Professor

8 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Christopher Cassidy Assistant Development Engineer, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Chris has created an environment of inclusiveness, learning, challenge and fun. …Chris will help students solve their open-ended problems, boosting confidence of those in need and providing expert guidance. - Nathan Delson, Academic Coordinator

9 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Maryjane Chinn Credential Analyst & Undergraduate Coordinator, Teacher Education Program TEP has a nearly 100% placement rate for our new teachers, partly due to Maryjane guiding them through the challenging process of becoming fully credentialed. …Her personal manner and willingness to assist each student is an essential component in our students transitions from undergraduates to graduate students. - Marcia Sewall, Supervisor

10 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Priscilla Colby-Engelschjon Contract & Grant Assistant, Division of Biological Sciences …is especially good in mentoring and motivating newly hired junior faculty, who are easily overwhelmed by the complexities of the bureaucracy, and discouraged in the extremely competitive world of grant proposals. - Anna Gheissari, Administrative Assistant

11 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Ahren Crickard Assistant Director, Institute for International Comparative and Area Studies Everyone at IICAS… is familiar with Ahrens trademark closing phrase, Just let me know how I can help. For Ahren, this is not simply a polite phrase, she means it. …Her style of work emphasizes people and relationships and, above all, devising the means and taking the time to do things right. - Miles Kahler, Director

12 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Maureen Eijsermans Manager, Healthcare Executive & Degree Programs, ESPP Service is extremely important to Maureen for she truly believes, through her actions, that it impacts how UCSD is perceived in the community through the eyes of prospective and current students. - Grace Miller, Director, Healthcare Continuing Education

13 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Angela Finnerty Fiscal Officer, History Our graduate students, faculty, and staff are all extremely grateful to Angie for all her tireless efforts in making our department a better place to work. …She is an extraordinary supervisor, caring and effective, and always kind and genuinely interested in the welfare of those she supervises. - Alejandra Ruiz, MSO

14 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Megan Freitas Senior Academic Counselor, Office of the Provost - Eleanor Roosevelt College On her own initiative, Megan created a Counselor Handbook; this has served as an important training tool for new Advising staff. …As a UCSD alumna, and now a staff member, Megan takes pride in the university that is apparent for all to see. - Vanessa Saraspe, Academic Counselor

15 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Nelda Hann Faculty Assistant, Chemistry Ms. Hanns most important contribution to the teamwork and positive treatment of others is found outside her amazing contributions to the department. Ms. Hann has been a central player in organizing the Faculty and Staff Art Show in the Price Center. - Clifford Kubiak, Professor/Chair

16 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Sheila Harley Administrative Specialist, Office of the SVC-Academic Affairs In the midst of a fast-paced and often chaotic working environment, Sheila is a master at bringing order and calm to stress-filled situations. …She considers helping others a natural part of her job. - Jennefer Collins, Assistant Vice Chancellor

17 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Paul Harris Information Desk & CPNM Manager, Social Sciences & Humanities Library He creates opportunities for staff at all levels to develop leadership skills by actively soliciting their ideas and suggestions and rotating responsibility… and he puts endless effort and patience into staff development and morale. - Sarah Archibald, Associate Specialist

18 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Dee-Dee Higgins Undergraduate Coordinator, Sociology …distinguishes herself… in initiatives she has taken to advance the interests of the undergraduate program. Dee-Dee undertook comparative research on enrollment and majors in other Social Science Departments, so that we could determine how to make our own program more effective and attractive. - John Evans, Associate Professor

19 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Shirley Higgins Assistant Head, Catalog Department, University Library …has demonstrated a consistent concern for staff morale, and is always looking for ways to improve the quality of work life. …she founded …Stressbusters, an innovative and occasional library-wide lunchtime program that allows interested staff to explore a variety of creative possibilities for an hour of stress relief. - Linda Barnhart, Head, Catalog Department

20 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Romel Hokanson Assistant to the Chair, Ecology, Behavior, & Evolution Romel has gone way beyond the expectations of her office, providing an indispensable resource for the whole graduate student body in organization of seminars, counseling and mediating student affairs. - Art Poon, Graduate Student

21 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Jennifer Johnson Academic Affairs Specialist, Sociology Jennifer has been indispensable at holding together the staff and also responding to faculty inquiries… She …takes the initiative in figuring out how to get specific jobs done and to make sure staff members have the support they need. - Harvey Goldman, Professor/Chair

22 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Gabriel Johnston Production Coordinator, Music …continues to have an incredible sense of where attention is needed before problems occur. …He consistently welcomes challenges with a warm sense of caring. Were lucky to have such an enthusiastic and capable employee!! - Marjorie Hardy, MSO

23 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Hildegard Kleiser Student Services Officer, Psychology Hildegard Kleisers attitude and behavior are amazingly positive and even contagious enough to help excite and motivate her coworkers and faculty in the Department to donate their own time to service and outreach initiatives. - Amira Rezec, Lecturer

24 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer April Langwell Fiscal/Administrative Assistant, Political Science …sits on the Staff Enrichment Program Planning Committee. As a committee member volunteer, April helps ensure that the Division of Social Sciences provides the tools, training, resources, and work environment required to help and retain staff. - J. Lawrence Broz, Assistant Professor

25 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Charlotte Lauve Materials Science & Engineering Program Coordinator, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Charlotte Lauve is different. She cares. …Life here at the university would be much tougher without her. …In a nutshell, Charlotte treats us as family by giving us a voice in the university, guidance, and a shoulder to lean on. - Nicole Justis, Graduate Student Researcher

26 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Erik Matwijkow Administrative Assistant, Biomedical Library …is an exemplary team member with a very high standard of customer service. …His reliability, good organizational skills and excellent level of follow-through mean that tasks assigned to him are invariably completed accurately and on time. - Susan Starr, Associate Librarian/Director, Biomedical Library

27 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Michael Mogelinski Director, Library Facilities Mikes budget savvy combined with his extensive knowledge of contractors, building construction, library infrastructure, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems have saved not only this campus major resources, but they have also saved our sister campus, Merced, hundreds of thousands of dollars. - Brian Schottlaender, University Librarian

28 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Mira Morse Data Manager, Jacobs School of Engineering Miras attitude and behavior in the work place is remarkable. She consistently deals with everyone she comes in contact with with the highest levels of civility and decency. - Steve Ross, Assistant Dean

29 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer David Norris Student Affairs Manager, Physics …has been an active participant in service projects in the San Diego community that strongly reflect the UCSD cares image....including serving as a motivational speaker, delivering education and support services training, serving as a peer mentor, delivering hot meals to shut-ins, and providing re-employability counseling. - Jennifer Sanchez, Academic Coordinator

30 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Gerard Norwich Staff Research Associate IV, Bioengineering Jerry plays a major role in the success of our research and education functions. …Because of Jerrys knowledge and expertise in instrumentation, he is widely sought after to provide advice and service, and he is always willing and able to deliver this. - Shu Chien, Professor/Chair

31 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Victoria ORiordan Visual Resources Curator, Arts Libraries Due to Ms. ORiordans patient and professional demeanor and initiative, the library has been successful in working directly and in partnership with other campus entities for the benefit of an improved instructional environment. - Leslie Abrams, Head, Arts Libraries

32 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Jennifer Oh Postdoctoral & Research Personnel Coordinator, OGSR Jenn has a rare combination of having a deep understanding of UCSDs academic mission and programs and the ability to develop and implement new policies, procedures, and programs in a cost-efficient manner that achieves academic objectives. - Shelley Marquez, MSO

33 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Annette Parker Student Services Supervisor, Extended Studies & Public Programs …has developed a program that empowers our student staff and places them on the same level, in terms of respect, standards and treatment, as our full-time career staff. …Annette Parker is more than our supervisor – she is a friend that we know we can count on. - Edward Abeyta, Registrar

34 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Michell Parks Assistant to the Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering Michells performance was flawless, so much so that faculty from other UC campuses provided unsolicited letters of exceptional praise to her employee file, and created an award and plaque specifically in her honor. - Jan Cox, MSO

35 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Ginger Perry Academic Personnel Specialist, Chemistry Ginger consistently deals with demanding faculty with grace and good nature, and never loses patience. …Ms. Perry is as honest as an open book and as confidential as a closed book; her integrity is absolutely indisputable. - Richard Uriarte, Executive Officer

36 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Shirley Roy Administrative Assistant II, Center for Astrophysics and Space Science Shirley absorbed …additional work responsibilities on top of a busy schedule, adapting to change in stride. …She consistently is cheerful, despite workload challenges, and always maintains a professional demeanor. - Andi Stephens, MSO

37 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Jo Rudolph Graduate Coordinator, Sociology Jo has always performed the work of one and a half people, working overtime, and going far beyond the call of duty to help our program run with exceptional smoothness. - Andrew Scull, Professor

38 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Ronni Russell Fund Management Supervisor, Division of Biological Sciences Shes got a photographic memory where you can vaguely describe the rule you think is at issue and she comes back, quotes it, and gives you the correct interpretation of it. - Kathleen Brownell, Senior Administrative Analyst

39 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Jennifer Scholl ArtsBridge Coordinator, Theatre and Dance In 2002, when the Office of the President proposed the virtual elimination of outreach funding, Jenny realized the devastating impact this would have on ArtsBridge and sprang into action. …Jenny Scholl, on her own initiative, researched potential sponsors, and developed and proposed an innovative project that was funded. - Nan Daugherty, Undergraduate Coordinator

40 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Barbara Schumacher SRA IV, Bioengineering After each day of work, Barb leaves the lab just as she arrived: smiling and waving a friendly good night. Her attitude and behavior are contagious, making a lab filled with sterile instruments and -20˚ C freezers a warm and welcoming place to work. - Tannin Schmidt, Graduate Student Researcher

41 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Sherry Seethaler Director, Science Education Outreach, Office of the Dean - Physical Sciences In only her first six months on the job, she produced more than a dozen news releases, wrote numerous articles for the first issue of the UCSD Alumni Magazine and produced and directed a film segment about a new development in UCSDs chemistry department. - Kim McDonald, Director, Science Communications

42 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Carol Simmons Program Representative, Office of Graduate Studies and Research Her sense of responsibility, willingness to help others, sense of humor, and friendly manner promote a positive environment in the office and with departments across campus for cooperation and collaboration. - Victor Chavez, Jr., Student Affairs Officer

43 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Ann Tatro Payroll Coordinator, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering The Payroll/Personnel Assistant position is not one that receives a lot of the limelight. But without Ann, every other task in the department would be much more difficult to achieve. - Adam Di Profio, Financial Manager

44 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Cecelia Tran Program Assistant, Office of the Provost - Warren College Cecelias relationship with …students is a model of mentorship. She trains, works side by side with them and counsels them. Cecilia guarantees that they walk away from their work experience with new skills and a sense of accomplishment. - Nancy Gilson, Assistant Dean of Advising

45 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Joan Turner Human Resources & Payroll Manager, Division of Biological Sciences Joan retires from the University this June after celebrating her 40th anniversary in April 2004. Year after year, faculty and staff point to Joan as the employee that exemplifies the platinum standard. - Joanna Mancusi, MSO

46 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Imani Tyus Industrial Internship Coordinator, Bioengineering If you ask Imani why her attitude is always positive and with high energy, she will simply respond, I love my job… It is hard to find employees who have such passion for their jobs. - Irene Jacobo, Program Rep

47 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Carol Uribe Admissions Evaluator, Office of Graduate Studies and Research Insightful determination and dedication to helping her colleagues… made Carol Uribe an invaluable asset to the staff and faculty throughout the campus involved in international graduate student admissions. - Michele Peters-Coville, Fund Manager

48 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Michael Voegtline Lab Manager, Bioengineering Michael deals well with the spectrum of individuals within or visiting the lab. …He is able to interact well with anyone from the most shy and introverted freshman student, to the daily delivery person, and to the unexpected visiting Professor touring labs with our Department chair. - Robert Sah, Professor

49 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Linh Vu Programmer Analyst, Bioengineering She is …a person who constantly thinks out of the box. During the past year, she developed an online web-based review system that automated the admission review cycle for graduate students. …this system is unique in the UCSD system. - Loretta Smith, MSO

50 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Jonathan Whitman Programmer Analyst, Office of the Provost - Warren College Jonathan has initiated, designed, and implemented extra programs and services that have revolutionized the ways in which the colleges can serve their rapidly growing student populations. …he pays close attention to the needs and desires of his clients. - Nancy Groves, Dean of Academic Advising

51 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Tracy Williams Payroll/Personnel Assistant III, Physics When someone acknowledges those instances in which Tracy performs beyond the call of duty, she humbly replies, its my job, and Im happy to help. Tracy is always eager to help others, always looking to make work life better, and Tracy always, always greets others with a smile. - David Norris, Student Affairs Manager

52 Academic Affairs 2004 Star Performer Van Wong SRA II, Bioengineering …enjoys mentoring other motivated students and seeing the results. …Van has assisted with the Expanding Your Horizons program, a program that brings in young girls from middle and high school to the University to encourage science and engineering as a profession. - Albert Chen, Assistant Project Scientist

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