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Timeline :Elias Thurman

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1 Timeline :Elias Thurman
Video production Timeline :Elias Thurman

2 King Kong King Kong was made in March 2 1933

3 The Wizard of Oz :The Wizard of Oz was made in August 25,1939

4 Titanic Titanic was release December 19, 1997

5 Seven Samurai was made on November 19,1956 http://www. google

6 Spawn The movie spawn was made on August 1,1997

7 Friday Night Lights Friday Night Lights was made on October 8,2004

8 First Digital camera The first digital camera was made by Kodak and Steve Sesson It was created in December 1975

9 First 3D Movie The first 3D took place at the Astor Theater, New York, on June 10, 1915. The movie was called Nat Deverich's 5-reel melodrama Power of Love

10 Animation The earliest animation January 1,1882

11 Cinemas The first cinemas was January 1,1877

12 First Camera Thomas Edison invented the first camera to ever record video in January 1,1891

13 Special Effect The first special effect is made January 1, 1895

14 First Projecter The First Projector was made October 10,1895

15 First video with sound The first video with sound was made January 1,1900

16 First film with color First film with color is produced January 1,1905

17 First Talking Film The first talking film was September 27,1927

18 Videotape The videotape was invinted January 1,1951

19 Kinescope Kinescope process was invinted 1st Jan, 1929

20 Joseph Nicephore used a sliding wooden box to take photographs in 1826

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