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Aesthetics and Performance: FEVE Fluoropolymer Resins for Powder Coatings Bob Parker D+D Webinar April 25, 2013.

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1 Aesthetics and Performance: FEVE Fluoropolymer Resins for Powder Coatings Bob Parker D+D Webinar April 25, 2013

2 FEVE Powder Resins Outline: Overview of FEVE resin technology Determination of best properties for an FEVE powder coating resin Introduction of FEVE resin for powder coatings Testing results of formulations made with FEVE powder resin 2 nd Generation FEVE Powder Coating Resin 1

3 FEVE Powder Resins What is an FEVE Fluoropolymer??? 1)A hybrid fluoropolymer resin with the ability to be used in standard coatings formulations like any other conventional coating resin 2)A high performance resin that can withstand severe ultraviolet light exposure 2-3 times longer than conventional coatings resins 2

4 FEVE Powder Resins FEVE Fluoropolymer Resins -FEVE is abbreviation for Fluoroethylene Vinyl Ether resins for coatings -Known for their high performance properties: 1)Exceptional resistance to UV degradation 2)Superior Chemical Resistance 3)Excellent Thermal Resistance - Known for their unique formulation properties: 1) Solvent soluble 2) Can be cured at ambient temperature with isocyanates 3) Can achieve high gloss formulations 3

5 Fluoroethylene Vinyl Ether (FEVE) Resins FLUORINATED SEGMENTS: Weatherability, durability, chemical resistance VINYL ETHER SEGMENTS: Gloss, solubility, crosslinking

6 FEVE Powder Resins Target Properties/Characteristics for an FEVE Powder Coating Resin 5 PropertiesCharacteristics Melting PointCan Simplify Extrusion of the Powder Coating Formulation During Manufacture Tg (Glass Transition Temperature)Important in the Retention of Powder Properties when in Storage Type of Crosslinkable Functional Group Can affect the Shelf Life of the Powder Coating Degree of FunctionalityAffects Film Performance

7 FEVE Powder Resins Test for Choosing the Best Tg for the FEVE Powder Resin: 1) Prepare powder coatings using several FEVE resins with different Tg properties 2) Place coatings in cylinders and apply 40 gm/cm ² force. 3) Place cylinders in 40 C. oven for 24 hours. 4) Check physical state of powder coatings. 6

8 FEVE Powder Resins Relationship of Tg of Resin and Blocking Properties of the Powder Coating 7 Tg of Powder Resin ( C.) Physical State of the Powder Coating 40Fused Hard Lump 45Fused Hard Lump 50Fused Soft Lump 55Retained Powder State

9 FEVE Powder Resins Connection between Cure System of FEVE Powder Resin and Shelf Life of Coatings 8 Functional GroupHardener for Crosslinking Shelf Life Hydroxyl (-OH)Isocyanate, Melamine2 years Carboxyl (-COOH)Epoxy, triglycidyl isocyanurate years Glycidyl (epoxide ring)Amine, acid3 months Hydroxyl functionality is the best choice!

10 FEVE Powder Resins Common properties of 1 st Generation FEVE Powder Resin 9

11 FEVE Powder Resins 10 Typical Powder Coating Formulation Flow Promoter: Eliminates surface imperfections Benzoin: Eliminates pinholes caused by out-gassing

12 FEVE Powder Resins Typical Laboratory Manufacturing Procedure: 1)Add all ingredients together; premix with blade mixer 2)Extrusion of powder coating premix: a. twin screw extruder w/ 16 mm Bore size b C. 3)Grinding with Blade Mixer 4)Filtering of powder through 3 sieves 180 micron 125 micron 90 micron 11

13 FEVE Powder Resins 12 Effect of Different Catalysts on Gloss *1 – used 500 gram weight and ½ diameter ball *2 – ISO 2409 cross cut adhesion test *3 - visual check for degree of orange peel; 1=highest and 10=lowest Crelan Ui: IPDI NCO adduct; E-Caprolactam blocked Crelan TPLS2147: IPDI NCO adduct; internally blocked Bismuth Octoate is best catalyst!

14 FEVE Powder Resins Advantages of FEVE Powder over Conventional Powder resins Produces a hard film - higher than 2H pencil hardness Has stronger Chemical Resistance to acids, bases, and solvents Demonstrates significant anti-graffiti properties Exceptional Weatherability properties Highly Transparent film - translates to a high transmittance of a wide spectrum of light rays Impact on application productivity - FEVE resin has least impact on comtamination 13

15 FEVE Powder Resins 14 Anti-graffiti Performance Test: Application of marker for 24 hours; attempted removal with Xylene

16 FEVE Powder Resins 15 QUV B313 Weatherometer Exposure

17 FEVE Powder Resins 16 Xenon Arc Weatherometer Exposure

18 FEVE Powder Resins 17 Dipla Metal Weatherometer (DMW) -Manufactured by Kato, Inc., which is based in Japan

19 FEVE Powder Resins 18 Dipla Metal Weatherometer

20 FEVE Powder Resins Test type : Inland weathering Test location : Miami, Florida (26°N) Exposure period : 11/30/2000 – 11/22/2010 Type of test : 45°Direct Global Radiant energy : Total: 62,281 MJ/m2(total) ; 1,488,552 Langleys UV : 2,863 MJ/m2( nm) 19 Exterior 10 year exposure:

21 FEVE Powder Resins Powder Resin : Lumiflon LF710F Hardener : Crelan VP LS2256 / Bayer Color : Brown 20 Exposed Powder Coating Formulation: Results of Exposure: 60 Gloss retention (%): 60.3 Color Change (ΔE): 2.3 Exterior 10 year exposure:

22 FEVE Powder Resins 2 nd generation FEVE powder resin: Introduced 3 years ago Improved flow and leveling vs. 1 st generation FEVE resin Improved impact resistance and flexibility vs. 1 st generation FEVE resin Comparable to 1 st generation FEVE resin in terms of hydroxyl functionality and Tg 21

23 FEVE Powder Resins PROPERTIES 1 st generation FEVE resin 2 nd generation FEVE resin Film Thickness (microns) Gloss Gloss 8078 Leveling (PCI Standard) Gloss retention after 6000 hours (QUV-B313 exposure)87%84% Mandrel Bend (mm)>83 Direct Impact (inch-lbs)1530 Reverse Impact (inch-lbs)1025 Cross-cut Adhesion (ISO 2409) 00 22

24 FEVE Powder Resins Summary: FEVE powder coating resins demonstrate exceptional resistance to UV degradation when used in powder coating formulations. while exhibiting the standard physical properties necessary for manufacturing a stable and easily applied powder coating formulation. 23

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