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The Influence of media on women

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1 The Influence of media on women
By: brianna Case

2 Intr0 We are all surrounded by media
TV, iPods, iPhones, computers, etc. What we see = huge effect on our everyday lives Women - highly affected by what they see Targets= create issues within themselves


4 The beginning Film= huge impact on society Impact on women
Started in the early 1920’s Women began to realize who they were Wanted to break away from tradition become whoever/ whatever without anyone having a say.

5 The beginning . “Filmmakers saw all of this change as a new opportunity to capitalize and they set out to depict the new attitude, behaviors, and style as examples of the new society within their films ("Early Films and Their").” As time went on filmmakers not only presented what was going on in society, but began to mold society itself. Had women be a certain way, talk a certain way Put it all into their films Caused those who saw/ watched it, become, or want to become what it presented.


7 Influence “The issue is especially prevalent because the more the media uses sexual content regarding women, the more viewers seem to buy into them. Thus, the media is able to shape the culture's sense of dating, romance, sex, and what is 'ideal' within society (Barber).”

8 Influence Causes women to see their bodies as not their personal self, but as sexual object This unhealthy “thought” or way of seeing one’s self can lead to many issues/disorders Low self-esteem Depression Eating disorder etc.

9 Influence A study->157 undergraduates Picked at random Exposed to:
“ultra-thin models, average sized models, or not models (Stice and Shaw).” Stress Guilt Shame Insecurity Body dissatisfaction Bulimic issues Depression

10 Influence 11.9% of Fijian teenage girls 50% of South Korean girls
Bulimic after watching U.S. television programs 50% of South Korean girls Cosmetic surgery to change the appearance of their eyelids Pregnant women affected (Orbach)

11 Influence 81 Latina girls (ages 11 to 17) Frequent viewing
52 of these girls participated in a follow-up 2 years later. Frequent viewing decreases in body image( Schooler) All ages, races, heights, etc. of women are being highly affected by media.

12 Media Film is a big part Not the only one to influence Easier access
iPods Internet ipads Computers cell phones Magazines etc. These all make easier Easier access Young children are even a part of this.

13 Media Media in the 20’s was popular Now easier to access than ever
People had some access Now easier to access than ever Influencing, whether it be in a positive way, or negative.

14 Media "Hollywood has forever been built on illusion. As a result, many people are unaware of the dangerous portrayals of women in, not only films, but as well, magazines, television and music videos (Barber).”

15 Conclusion Media has a huge effect on ALL women
Surrounded everyday by all kinds of media Since day one Film has portrayed women as sexual objects. Those who pay close attention and are exposed to such things are highly affected.

16 Conclusion Women don’t look at themselves as who they are but what they want to be. See people like Marlin Monroe, Meagan Fox, Victorias Secrets models, and other women looking “ideal” Told this is beautiful, this is sexy, and this is how you should look Causes women to want to be just like them Begin to analyze their appearances


18 Conclusion Women are becoming More exposed= More mentally affected.
depressed Low self-esteem, Eating disorders More exposed= More mentally affected.


20 Works cited Barber, J. (2011, February 27). Objectification of Women in Entertainment Media. Retrieved 2012, from Media & Change website: Early Films and Their Impact on Society [Blog post]. (2011). Retrieved from American History for Travelers website: Orbach, S. (2011). Losing Bodies. EBSCOhost, 78(2), Schooler, D. (2008). Real Women Have Curves A Longitudinal Investigation of TV and the Body Image Development of Latina Adolescents. Journal of Adolescent Research, 23(2), Stice, E., & Shaw, H. E. (n.d.). Adverse Effects of the Media Portrayed Thin-Ideal on Women and Linkages to Bulimic Symptomatology. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology,

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