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16 Event Sponsorship, Product Placements, Celebrity and Branded Entertainment (Advertainment)

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1 16 Event Sponsorship, Product Placements, Celebrity and Branded Entertainment (Advertainment)

2 Examples of Event Marketing The Charmin Pottypalooza Promotion shows that: – The creative ways marketers are using promotional tools to create meaningful connections to consumers. – The unconventional is becoming conventional and mass media are no longer enough to provide impact for a brand. – IBP efforts are directed at hard-to-reach niche markets often in urban locations, where new market trends tend to originate. Other examples of new methods include : – trucks that drive endlessly through city streets as mobile billboards (strippermobile!) – ads beamed onto the sides of office buildings; – racks of postcard ads placed in trendy restaurants and nightspots – small signs attached to the backs of messenger bikes that patrol the canyons of downtown corporate America.

3 Event Sponsorship Involves a marketer providing financial support to help fund an event. The appeal of event sponsorship: – Effective media coverage and exposure – Fan loyalty converts to sales – Events can foster brand loyalty – Events attract well-defined audiences

4 Guidelines for Sponsorship 1.Match the brand and the event 2.Define the target audience 3.Stick to a few key messages 4.Develop a plot line 5.Deliver exclusivity 6.Deliver relevance 7.Use the Internet 8.Plan for the before and after

5 Rewind Video Rewind Video Rewind Video Rewind Video Click Bar To Start Video Next Slide Next Slide Next Slide Next Slide AOL sponsored the 2004 Super Bowl half time. Did the wardrobe malfunction fiasco promote or disrupt their exposure?

6 Branded Entertainment Embedding a brand or brand symbol in entertainment programming – Product placement is placing a brand into the content of an entertainment product. – Agents, marketers, producers and writers are finding ways to incorporate brands in movies, webisodes, and reality TV. – Anywhere and any time people are being entertained, there is opportunity for branded entertainment. Examples : – On Time Warners WB network, a shiny orange Volkswagen Beetle convertible played an important role in Smallville. – In the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, Ray Romano chased his wife around a grocery store, knocking over a Ragu display. – Queer Eye for the Straight Guy has provided a bonanza of placement opportunities with brands like Amaretto, Redken, and Diesel.


8 Two Men Marc Frank Montoya Snowboarding Liko Smith Hotels Snowboarding + Hotels = - One Vision

9 Snowboarding + Hotels = Skiing Mountain Biking Hiking BoatingGambling Wind-surfing

10 Board Racks Ipod Stereos Snowboarding + Hotels = Hip Hop BlueBird Wax Room Culture Game Consoles Free Movie/Game Rentals Boot/Glove Warmers VIP Status THATS ME! Poker Room

11 Brand Beginnings Brand Building Brand & Beyond! G4 MTV Snowboard Magazine Snowboarder Magazine Trans World Snowboarding International Coverage Various other media outlets CNN Financial Outside Magazine Mens Journal New York Magazine Inc. Magazine Penthouse X Games Westword LA Times NY Times


13 THE BLOCK Rail at Heavenly

14 Sponsored Hotel Room Formula Emotional Connection e = mc 2 1 + 1 = 300! Endemic vs. Non-Endemic Dangers & Rejects Long-term

15 Sponsored Hotel Rooms DVS Shoe Company Retro Vibe

16 Branded Rooms Vivid Pornstar

17 Branded Rooms Bear Mountain Mountain Made

18 Branded Room Formula Emotional Connection e = mc 2 1 + 1 = 300! Endemic vs. Non-Endemic Dangers & Rejects Long-term

19 A La Carte Sponsors/Partners

20 Event marketing…

21 What event sponsors want… Win EXPOSURE Film Premieres THE BLOCK Rail Jam International Coverage THE BLOCK Party Press Releases Win

22 ASSOCIATION Anything But Square Relevant Sponsors Authentic Relationships Pro Snowboarders Win What event sponsors want…

23 Why our partners love us…

24 Event marketing…

25 Sponsors love EVENT MARKETING

26 Celebrity Marketing

27 Overview Talent agencies negotiate salaries and other perks for celebrities. These agencies find and secure the best possible roles, money, and other benefits for actors.

28 Factors Affecting Salaries Popularity of Celebrity Position in Career Whether or not the actress/actor has just made a blockbuster film Overall Public Perception – Ex. Serious films/Art Films generate lower salaries

29 External Factors Which Determine Demand State of the Nation – Ex. 9/11, Spiderman Time of Year/Season – Ex. Independence Day premiered 7/4 Economy – Ex. Disposable Income

30 External Factors Determine Demand contd Public Opinion – ACNielson Study – Positive reviews – almost half of all movie viewers were influenced to see a film by a positive review. – While only 29% said a negative review persuaded them to skip a movie. – Only 1/3 decided on a film based on its positive box office results.

31 Determining Public Demand Marketing Research uses – Surveys ACNielson Study – survey of 10,000 households – Opinion polls – Test Screening Ex. Ghost Secondary Research – Previous films, actors, directors, etc.

32 Results of Marketing Research MR determined Titanic and Forrest Gump would be huge hits Biggest impact on the budget is quality determined by director and producer – Cast/talent, equipment, editing, location

33 Movie Budget Statistics http://www.the- http://www.the-

34 Gross Earnings (millions) Top 5 Male Actors 1.Harrison Ford - $118.6 (25 films) 2.Tom Hanks - $109.4 (25 films) 3.Mel Gibson - $104.3 (30 films) 4.Robin Williams - $102.9 (27 films) 5.Tom Cruise - $100.4 (20 films)

35 Gross Earning (millions) contd Top 5 Female Actors 1.Julia Roberts - $86.9 (21 films) 2.Carrie Fisher - $79.2 (17 films) 3.Whoopi Goldberg - $62.5 (25 films) 4.Drew Barrymore - $60.3 (23 films) 5.Sally Field - $56.3 (24 films)

36 Questions?

37 Why is marketing research significant in the process of determining a celebritys salary?

38 Give an example of a movie that was expected to be a hit but resulted in a flop. So you think that marketing research was conducted properly or at all?

39 The producer of Titanic is thinking about producing Titanic II, but wonders what the audience response would be to the sequel. Define the management decision problem.

40 Define the marketing research problem corresponding to the management decision problem you have identified.

41 Based on your problem definition, identify two research questions and develop two hypotheses for each question.

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