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BGSA Bolingbrook Girls Softball Association Exclusive Girls Fastpitch Softball Program Bolingbrook, IL.

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1 BGSA Bolingbrook Girls Softball Association Exclusive Girls Fastpitch Softball Program Bolingbrook, IL

2 Girls Fastpitch softball has become one of the fastest growing sports at the youth, high school and college level.









11 BGSA Executive Board President Randy Fortner 1 Claridge Ct Bolingbrook, IL Vice President Patty Trojnar 1433 White Pines Lane Bolingbrook, IL (630) Treasurer *Vacant/ VP will Start Position Secretary Debbie Garcia 1513 Lang Dr Bolingbrook, IL Field Manager/BAC Rep Jeni Kobelt 616 Pontiac Bolingbrook, IL Equipment Manager Heidi Wagner 236 Penny Lane Bolingbrook, IL Coach and Player Development Coordinator Tony Garcia 1513 Lang Dr Bolingbrook, IL Purchaser Gina Davidson Bolingbrook, IL (440)

12 BGSA – Advisory Committee President- BGSA Randy Fortner 1 Claridge Ct Bolingbrook, IL BHS Softball – Varsity Head Coach Jean Ryan-Moak Sociology Teacher Head Softball Coach Bolingbrook High School ext.3495 BHS Softball – Assistant Varsity Coach Annie Placket Sociology Teacher Assistant Varsity Softball Coach Bolingbrook High School Jane Addams Varsity Softball Coach Kellie Soliday Language Arts Teacher Head Softball Coach Jane Addams Middle School Coach And Player Development Coordinator Tony Garcia 1513 Lang Dr Bolingbrook, IL

13 Fastpitch Player Growth

14 Softball Field Allocation for 2008 Central Park Saturday Fields 1, 2, 3, 4 – All Day Monday – Friday Fields 2, 3, 4 Brooks Middle School Saturday One Field – All day (4 Game Slots) Monday – Friday One field (6pm Games only) Remington Lakes Saturday All Day – East and West Fields Tuesday – East and West Fields

15 Panther Fastpitch and Slowpitch Game Times for 2008 Slowpitch – 214 Game Times Fastpitch – 228 Game Times Fastpitch July – 109 Game Times Total Available Game Slots – 1019 Total Unused Games Slots Central Park – Saturday, fields 2*, 3,4 M-F Remington – Saturday, Tues Brooks Middle School – Saturday, M-F

16 2009 Softball Field Times 2009 (Adding Bulldog Park) April - May Fields Available June Fields Available July Fields Available This would give a total of Available Slots for the Softball Season Field Times. -Assuming fields stay consistent from 08

17 Fastpitch - Residents vs. Non Residents

18 2009 Coaches 14 Experienced Head Coaches to remain in the Bolingbrook Girls Softball Association. Anticipate 14 – 20 Spring/Summer teams.

19 2008 Fall Ball Currently, five fall ball teams ready to play in the SWS league this year. Season will run Setp. 1 – Oct. 15 th. Six teams in 2007.

20 SWS Fastpitch League In House Recreational Teams/Programs

21 Travel Teams Retain Bolingbrook Players

22 Program Goals Travel Team Goals: 10U – 12U: Prepare girls to play High School Varsity Softball at the earliest possible age. 14U – 18U: Prepare girls to play Softball in College through College exposure tournaments. In House Goals: - Fun, recreational, prepare girls to play softball at the next level.

23 The Organization Retain Bolingbrook Players

24 BGSA Finances Section 12. Purchaser A.The Purchaser will be responsible for doing due diligence to ensure the best price on the desired product or brand. B. The Purchaser will submit PO#s for all purchases and will keep a log of items purchased. C. The Purchaser will present purchases over $200 to the BGSA executive board for approval with a majority vote. E.The Purchaser must receive all PO#s from the BGSA Treasurer.

25 NOT Competing with Panthers Our structure and Program is different then Panthers We are an EXCLUSIVE GIRLS FASTPITCH Organization. We offer a progressive program for Bolingbrook Girls, focusing on one sport. We offer Softball opportunities for Girls Including an In House and Travel Program. We are fully organized and ready to give girls in Bolingbrook another opportunity to be active and participate in Sports. The BGSA is currently working with Middle School and HS coaches to properly prepare girls to be successful against other communities at the School Softball level.

26 Offer to work together with Panthers BGSA and Panther Sports Club - Proposal to work together The BGSA and Panther Sports Club agree that the BGSA will run as an independent program and board. Both parties agree to work in association with each other to promote the programs and sports offered by both. The BGSA will appoint a BGSA rep to be a Non Voting attendee of the Panther Sports Club Board. The BGSA Rep will provide information and/or answer questions regarding the BGSA to the Panther Board. Have a BSGA rep that will work with the Panther BAC rep for any and all field time. The BGSA Rep will provide a P/L and or Balance sheet of the BGSA to the Panther board upon request. The BGSA will clearly show a segregation of Purchasing of products/services in the BGSA By Laws. The BGSA will have a board position for purchasing. The BGSA will allow Panther coaches that held a Rage Head Coaching position in the summer of 08 to come back as the same level coach for fall and summer of 09. In particular, Jack Pankau and Ken Gambon as head coaches. BGSA will not hold any coach or assistant coach in bad favor if they did not decide to remain in the BGSA. The BGSA will freely welcome back players and parents that made a decision to not play in the BGSA. The BGSA and Panther Boards will have the right to see an annual audit by the selected outside auditing agency of each organization as outlined in each organizations by-laws. The BGSA will carry on as an independent program by taking care of their own financial matters, purchasing D&O, General Liability and secondary medical insurance. The BGSA will offer to purchase the used fastpitch gear (Practice balls, team bags, catchers gear, throw down bases, etc.) from the Panther Sports Club. Or the Panther Sports Club will donate the used fastpitch gear to the BGSA to show good will. The BGSA will write in a dissolution clause into the BGSA by-laws that will turn assets, including finances, gear and registered names over to the Panther Sports Club first, then the Bolingbrook Park District after all bills are paid. If this agreement can be reached, the BGSA will announce the agreement via an announcement, press release and Parent Meeting. The BGSA will have a working agreement to work together with the Panther Sports Club. The BGSA will encourage players that dont make a fastpitch team to play Panther Slowpitch. The BGSA will support and announce registrations or opportunities for girls to play Volleyball, Basketball or Slowpitch in Panthers. The Bolingbrook Rage and Panther Sports Club websites will link promoting registration, news and info. The BGSA will promote good will with the Panther Sports Club and not have any animosity toward coaches, parents or players that will be coming back to the Rage Program. In the end, the kids in Bolingbrook win, the community of Bolingbrook wins as well as Panthers and the BGSA. It is a win win situation for everyone involved.

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