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The True Cost of Skipping Class

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1 The True Cost of Skipping Class
You smack the snooze button in the early morning, “Just a few more minutes, Mom…wait, Mom?” Nope, no Mom, and your responsible roommate has already left for class. You slept through 4 alarms and are now 23 minutes late for class. Well, there’s always tomorrow right? See just how much it costs you, or your parents, or the generous organizations providing you with grants and scholarships, to skip class, even just once in a while.

2 Yearly Tuition & Fees $21,200 $41,158 $47,284 In-State Out-of-State
International *Calculated for Freshman with 15 credits/semester and standard housing/meal plan *Note: This does not include program fees $21,200 $41,158 $47,284

3 Price Per Credit Hour $420.75 $460.00 $100.00- $545.00
Undergrad (Lower Division) Undergrad (Upper Division) Program Fees per Semester . Or the price of: Designer Handbag 4 Tickets to see Matchbox Twenty and the Goo Goo Dolls at DTE HD LCD 40 inch TV $420.75 $460.00 $ $545.00 *Based off of In-State *REMEMBER: This is for a 1 credit class. Most classes are 3-4 credit hours

4 That Adds UP! Per Semester = $512.78 Per Year = $1,025.57 In 4 years
= $4,102.31 *Based off of In-State for skipping of a 3 credit class period (1 ½ hours)

5 Financial Aid Spent on Skipped Classes
On average, full-time students receive $15,000 per year in financial aid. That means that approximately 10% of your financial aid each year is spent on skipped classes. Over 4 years, $57,129 of debt for classes you attended $2,871 of debt for classes you skipped *Assuming at least 70% of your financial aid is student/parent loans

6 Earn Back Your Lost Money!
Only 56% of the class of 2010 had a job 1 year after graduating If you get a job, check out how long it will take to pay off your debt: 131 hours of work 152 hours of work *That’s just for your SKIPPED classes, not including other debt Male college grads earn an average of $21.68/hour Female college grads earn an average of $18.80/hour

7 Why Do Students Skip? EXCUSE EXCUSE EXCUSE Other common Excuses:
-Too lazy -Not expecting anything “important” to happen in class -Doctor or other appointment They could be lying, About 1 in 3 US workers have used a fake excuse to get out of work - college students are no exception. EXCUSE EXCUSE EXCUSE

8 The After Effects 3X more likely to be unemployed 2X more likely to
Those who waste time in college are: 3X more likely to be unemployed 2X more likely to live with their parents

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