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GAP YEAR EXPERIENCES Definitions Benefits Options.

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1 GAP YEAR EXPERIENCES Definitions Benefits Options

2 A Prolonged Period Between Life Stages

3 Why the Treadmill? A British Tradition Time out to develop, mature, grow, find oneself Structured or unstructured programs The difference between stopping out and dropping out is a well-conceived plan.

4 Benefits of a Gap Year Alternative to Mainstream Education –Recharge, Rethink, Reorient –Explore Career Options Taste the Real World –Explore career options –Develop educational priorities Develop Independence Without Academic Demands

5 Range of Programs Internships and Employment Community Service Travel Academics In a New Setting

6 Costs and Risks Go To College $25-50k / year 50% chance of graduation 4 to 6 year plan Incur debt in 1st year Take Time Off $5-50k / year Higher chance of completion 5 to 7 year plan Incur little or no debt in 1st year

7 Internships 9 month residential program, ages 17-22 –Individualized placement and mentoring –Career advising and college counseling –Outward Bound program in Maine –Live in group housing, share responsibilities –Community service –Adding services for LD in Jan. 2010 80% go on (or back in) to higher education

8 Travel Semester-long travel adventures –China, India, Himalayas, Andes/Amazon, West Africa, Mekong River Elements –Home stays –Language immersion –Community service Where There Be Dragons

9 Community Service Tutors and mentors in high- need urban areas Work in diverse teams of 6-12 youth Structured program, 12-hour days 19 sites around the country Pays stipend, insurance, education allowance, but not housing

10 Community Service Work in teams, based in one of several regions (Denver is regional hub) Training in CPR, safety, and other skills Projects vary throughout the 10 months Receive housing, stipend, health insurance, and education allowance

11 Academic Transition Post-Graduate Year College Campus--and Credits Structured Residential Program Tutoring and Support for LD Develop Plan for Higher Ed Transfer to Mitchell and Beyond Thames Academy at Mitchell College

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