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Y EAR 10 O PTIONS 2014 – 16 Briefing for parents Jim Parker - Headteacher Debbie Chivers - Assistant Headteacher KS4.

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1 Y EAR 10 O PTIONS 2014 – 16 Briefing for parents Jim Parker - Headteacher Debbie Chivers - Assistant Headteacher KS4

2 A IMS To engage students with the options process To start students on the right courses To start students on courses which suit their learning styles To start students on courses they can pass

3 C ORE C URRICULUM : Y EAR 10 English7 hours2 GCSEs Maths5 hours1 GCSE Science8 hours2 GCSEs RE4 hours1 GCSE Computing5 hours1 GCSE PE4 hours PDE1 hour TOTAL34 hours

4 C ORE C URRICULUM : Y EAR 11 English7 hours Maths6 hours Science6 hours RE4 hours Computing3 hours PE3 hours PDE1 hour TOTAL30 hours

5 O PTION C HOICES 4 option choices with - 4 hours in Year 10 - 5 hours in Year 11 GCSEs – one option choice BTECs First Awards– one option choice Vocational courses – three option choices

6 Q UALIFICATIONS Level One D – G equivalent Level Two A* - C equivalent GCSE Vocational Courses GCSE BTEC Awards Vocational Courses

7 GCSE S Exam based academic qualifications Assessed at the end of the course with some controlled assessments Graded A*-C (Level 2) D-G (level 1)

8 GCSE S Art & DesignHistoryTech: Catering Business StudiesMedia StudiesTech: Graphics DanceMusicTech: Product Design DramaPETech: Textiles FrenchUse of Maths (A/S) Triple Science GeographySpanish

9 L EVEL 2 BTEC F IRST A WARDS One option choice Equivalent to one GCSEs at A* - C grade graded Pass, Merit, Distinction and Dist* All can reach Pass grade but the higher grades are challenging 80% coursework(20% external assessment) Less exam focus than other subjects but you need to be just as hard working

10 L EVEL 2 BTEC F IRST A WARD Business Sport Health & Social Care

11 V OCATIONAL O PTIONS All count as three options Access to these courses will be agreed with individual students as they are specialised options Level OneLevel Two Construction Hair & Beauty

12 S TUDENT S UPPORT Study Plus Additional English and Mathematics (Learning Guides will tell you if it would be sensible to choose this option) Small Learning Community Study Centre

13 E NGLISH B ACCALAUREATE A fairly new qualification that shows if a student has a good overall academic ability GCSE passes in: English Language Mathematics Two Sciences (Core + Additional / Triple / computer science) Language Humanities (Geography or History)

14 P ATHWAY 1 S TUDENTS Expect this group to follow a traditional academic route Should predominantly consider GCSEs Will take the English Baccalaureate Need to complete a special Pathway 1 form BTECs may be appropriate, especially in favourite subjects or if it suits learning style

15 P ATHWAY 2 S TUDENTS Should consider GCSEs, Level Two vocational courses and BTECs Could do English Baccalaureate

16 P ATHWAY 3 S TUDENTS Curriculum choice is crucial Should consider, BTECs rather than GCSEs (where theres a choice) Additional English and Maths (where we recommend it) Level One/Two vocational college courses Study Plus might be a good option too

17 P ATHWAY 4 S TUDENTS Should definitely consider BTECs rather than GCSEs Additional English and Maths may well be a good option if we recommend it Consider level One vocational courses Study Plus would be a good option

18 P ATHWAY S UMMARY PathwayGCSEsBTECsVoc. Level 1 Voc. Level 2 Student Support English Bacc. 1YesPossiblyNo Yes 2 NoYesPossibly 3Yes Possibly No 4PossiblyYes NoYesNo

19 I SSUES WITH O PTIONS No BTEC/GCSE in similar subjects Language choice A/S in Use of Maths Science options: Additional or Triple Year 8 in to 9 options

20 H OW TO CHOOSE OPTION SUBJECTS Read the booklet carefully Listen to advice Choose subjects you enjoy Choose subjects you are good at Be an individual Opt in to subjects not out of others Take a long term view – 4 more years in education/training

21 T HINGS TO CONSIDER Do you know what is studied in each subject? Do you have a career in mind? Are you considering a science subject at A level? Are you thinking about university one day? Which qualifications suit me best? GCSE/BTEC/vocational? But not What are my friends doing? Which teachers do I like?

22 T IMELINE 29 th JanOption Evening 12 th Feb.Parent Consultation. Learning Guides to arrange appointments with their students 14 th Feb.Option forms returned and checked by Learning Guides

23 Y EAR 10 OPTIONS EVENING Parents and students can start visiting subject areas from 7pm in the following locations. T block Art, Technology and Media C block social area PE, H&S Care, Business Studies, Study Plus, Use of Maths, Triple Science, Vocational courses (College) M1/drama studio Drama, Dance and Music A Block social area History, Geography, MFL


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