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MISO Southern Region Integration – ARR/FTR Timeline FTR WG February 6, 2013 1.

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1 MISO Southern Region Integration – ARR/FTR Timeline FTR WG February 6, 2013 1

2 Background 2 The scope of the transmission system available for use under the MISO tariff will expand to include the MISO Southern region in December 2013 MISO will conduct a Partial Year Allocation process for the remainder of the 2013-2014 Allocation Period (12/19/2013 – 5/31/2014)

3 3 Partial Year FTR Allocation Process Partial Year FTR Allocation will be a single stage Allocation with 100 % of available transmission capacity considering already existing FTRs from most recent Annual FTR Auction The Nomination will be conducted via spreadsheets and allocation results will be communicated via spreadsheets (email) Entities can participate in the subsequent FTR Auctions FTRS will be allocated for two seasons: –12/19/2013 – 2/28/2014 –3/1/2014 – 5/31/2014 Entities will participate in Year 1 Annual ARR Allocation from 2014/15 Planning Period and onwards

4 4 Data Gathering Data Gathering and Registration establishes which transmission services are eligible to participate in the ARR/FTR Allocation Data evaluation is based on a Reference Year –Reference Year is the year that is used by MISO to determine the initial ARR Zones and ARR Entitlements Establishes a qualified set of ARR Points of Delivery (sinks) and Resources (sources) –Determines ARR Zones and Reserved Source Points (RSP) –Determines which RSP are Baseload (BRSS) and which are Peak (PRSS)

5 Data Gathering Business Rules Transmission services eligible for obtaining FTRs/ARRs in the Allocation (These services are from TSR conversion process described in slides 7-8) –Network Integration Transmission Service (NITS) valid during the Reference Year –Yearly firm Point-to-Point (PTP) transmission service valid during the Reference Year –Grandfathered Agreements (GFAs) Reference year: June 1, 2012 to May 31, 2013 A Data Gathering Workshop will be held the later part of June 2013 5

6 6

7 7 Expanded to include new member transmission facilities Includes Network and Point-to-Point Service Tariff Expansion Integrating Entity added to MISO OASIS Node OASIS Consolidated and placed on MISO page of MISO OASIS node MISO will be listed as Transmission Provider Existing Integrating Entity Transmission Service MISO Tariff Expansion TSR Integration-the Basics A more in depth discussion of TSR Integration is available on the MP Training section of the MISO public website

8 8 Phase 1: MISO determines customers eligible for transmission service MISO contacts eligible customers regarding registration arrangements Transmission customers must complete all required application and MP registration processes Phase 2: Identified transmission customers complete Transmission Service Agreement registration process for network and point-to- point transmission service as a Market Participant (includes identification / registration of commercial pricing nodes) Phase 3: MISO transfers existing Integrating Entity OASIS reservations to the MISO node on the MISO OASIS TSR conversion requests must be communicated to MISO TSR Integration-the Phases

9 Next Steps 9 FTR email exploder – Partial Year Allocation status updates Partial Year Allocation timeline will be posted on the FTR Calendar section of MISO public website Email notification will be sent out

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