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Presentation for Head Start Grantees

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1 Presentation for Head Start Grantees
Orientation to First Year Conditions for ALL Five Year Grant Awards July 9, 2013

2 Increase grantee accountability Reduce risk in key areas
Rationale HHS intentions behind the new conditions: Promote priorities Increase grantee accountability Reduce risk in key areas Offer resources and support

3 Grantee Notice of Award/IM
“Your organization must complete the activities outlined below within the identified timeframes.” School Readiness Audit Webinar Governance Health and Safety

4 School Readiness “Grantee must participate in individual School Readiness Progress meetings with the OHS Regional Office” Formalizes our ongoing effort Continues to underscore significance and priority

5 School Readiness 45 CFR 1307.3(b)
Grantee responsibilities around establishing school readiness goals and taking steps to achieve them Throughout the five year project period, OHS will be assessing the grantees’ analysis of their progress toward the goals they have set, and whether grantees are making responsive program improvements based on that analysis

6 Audit Webinar “Grantee must participate in an OHS-sponsored single audit webinar within one year of the start of the project period.” Initial airing of Webinar scheduled for July 30 and August 1, 2013 Will then be archived on ECLKC for ongoing access

7 Audit Webinar Initial airing includes presentation and live Q&A
Content includes: compliance requirements and common findings, tips for navigating the audit process, tips for avoiding common audit pitfalls Intended audience: grantee agency governing body members and executive staff, Program and Fiscal Specialists

8 Governance “The grantee governing body must complete a governance and leadership capacity screening within 90 days of the start of the project period.” Optional screening tool developed by OHS Grantees may use a tool of their choosing but must meet the intent

9 Engaging Governing Body & Policy Council
Governance screener addresses both governing body and Policy Council requirements and joint activities Intended to emphasize importance and value of involvement and knowledge of both groups It is crucial the governing body and Policy Council work together, in consultation

10 Governance, Leadership, and Oversight Capacity Screener
The Screener Governance, Leadership, and Oversight Capacity Screener

11 What it looks like:

12 Format of the Governance Screener
Introduction Instructions Screening questions about Head Start Governance Practices and Related Regulations Summary page

13 Responses to Screening Questions
Practice is currently in place Practice will be fully implemented within first three months of funding Our organization needs assistance in understanding and implementing this regulation

14 Grantee Follow-Up Federal staff will check in with the grantee to find out when a governance screener is completed Discussion of screener results will lead to recommendations about next steps in building grantee capacity for Head Start governance

15 Governance Resources (PMFO)
Orientation for New Directors and Leaders Activities explain composition, roles, and responsibilities Head Start A to Z: Program Governance Materials currently available to Regional TA Staff

16 Governance Resources (PMFO)
In depth assessment of grantee governing body practices and readiness to oversee Head Start The Governance Readiness Tool Currently Available on ECLKC Orientation webinar will be available on Grantee Specialist Workspace

17 Governance Resources (PMFO)
Planning tool for grantee governance team Moves from design and implementation to self-assessment and innovation Governance System Builder Anticipated available August 2013

18 Governance Resources (PMFO)
E-learning training modules on governance topics Knowledge sharing and skill building Governance Training Modules Anticipated available Fall 2013

19 Governance Resources (PMFO)
Online certification for Executive Director, Head Start Director, and Governing Body members of new grantees Orientation to program governance Governance Certification Anticipated available Summer 2014

20 HS National TA Center for PMFO
PMFO provides user-friendly, evidence-based resources and tools that support Head Start and Early Head Start leaders, managers, and others in achieving the highest standards of accountability, efficiency, cost effectiveness, and leadership in their programs. For additional information and support, contact the PMFO InfoLine: PMFO-OHS ( )

21 Health and Safety “Grantee must complete a health and safety assessment of each center and/or family child care home where services are provided, within 45 days of the start of the program/school year” Optional screening tool developed by OHS Grantees may use a tool of their choosing but must meet the intent

22 Health and Safety NoA: “The grantee governing body must submit to OHS the signed certification of compliance with all applicable health and safety requirements, within 60 days of the start of the school year.” Certificate: “The signatures below attest that our agency has completed a health and safety screening of each site where children receive Head Start/Early Head Start services, consistent with the terms and conditions of the Notice of Award (NoA). Our agency commits to maintaining compliance with local, state, and federal health and safety requirements.”

23 What it looks like:

24 Head Start Health and Safety Screener
The Health and Safety Screening focuses attention on the most immediate indicators of potential threats to children’s health and safety. Hey, where are the child safety restraint systems? The agency’s director(s) and governing bodies should ensure that all health and safety requirements are met in the agency.

25 Head Start Health and Safety Screener
The Screener is not inclusive of all regulations. The agency must comply with all Head Start Performance Standards.

26 Health and Safety Screening
Elements Simple Directions Certification Form Center/Site cover page Screening Checklist


28 Regional Office Support
The Regional Office will follow-up with the grantee after the completion of the Health and Safety Screener. Regional staff will talk with the grantee about the outcome of the screener, any issue(s) and their plan for correction OHS expects grantees to immediately address any risk to child health and safety and will provide TA support.

29 Health & Safety Resources (NCH)
Crosswalk providing recommendations for quality health and safety practices and policies Compliance with Care: Crosswalk Between HSPPS and Caring for Our Children Currently Available on ECLKC

30 Health & Safety Resources (NCH)
Fact sheets of safety tips families can use at home and in other settings, and staff can use in various program settings Tips for Families Series Tips for Health Managers Series Currently Available on ECLKC

31 Health & Safety Resources (NCH)
Strategies to ensure educators “look, listen, and engage” to make sure children of all ages explore their environments safely Active Supervision: A Referenced Fact sheet from the Head Start National Center on Health Currently available on ECLKC

32 Health & Safety Resources (NCH)
Resource guide defining injury prevention; provides websites, campaigns, fact sheets, and resources emphasizing strengths-based strategies What is Injury Prevention Currently available on ECLKC

33 Health & Safety Resources (NCH)
Resource and action planning guide to support programs in creating a culture of safety 10 Actions to Create a Culture of Safety Anticipated available July 2013

34 HS National TA Center for Health
For more information about health services in Head Start, send your questions and requests to or call (toll-free). If you have a medical emergency, contact your local emergency services by dialing 911. For concerns about child abuse and neglect, contact the responsible investigating agency: State Child Abuse Reporting Numbers .

35 Thank You You play an important role
ensuring that children In Head Start are safe; and that they are getting the best early childhood services this nation has to offer.

36 Q&A Questions?

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