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Its Easy Being Green Exploring Simple Ways to Reduce Energy Usage.

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1 Its Easy Being Green Exploring Simple Ways to Reduce Energy Usage

2 Questions to consider: 1. How would your life be affected by a 24- hour blackout? (consider the electrical devices you rely on in your daily lives) Share & list with the class 2. Which of the items we listed are essential? a. Which would need to remain plugged in to operate properly? b. Which items are least necessary?

3 Power to the People! 3. What item in your house do you think uses the most power? Air conditioners are the biggest factor in energy increases. As the heat increases, more power is used In 1978, 50% of American households had air conditioning. By 2001, it was 77% & increasing. Since peak temperatures are increasing, air conditioners are being used more hours Overall, people are building bigger houses so it requires more power to cool; in addition, all of the electronics in the house increase power usage

4 4. List suggestions that the families (try to) implement Day-Mom-Swap-Video Day-Mom-Swap-Video 5. What ideas do celebrities suggest to go green? _julia-roberts-oprah-the-earth-day-s_people _julia-roberts-oprah-the-earth-day-s_people

5 6. What are some steps you & your family could realistically do to go green? 7. Where does your trash go? BTg BTg 8. What is the impact of trash on the ocean? hzw hzw

6 Go Green?! 9. How might the desire for personal comfort influence your willingness to conserve energy at home? 10. What might be long-term repercussions of increased energy demand? 11. Is it cheaper or more expensive to go green? think short-term vs. long-term Consider ready light products like stereo, TV, DVR, game systems that are always plugged in cost $3 billion/year

7 Consider: Would you use this? Toilet faucet – would you use? Find pic or video MF9I70 MF9I70 JtLTVg (explanation of design) JtLTVg

8 Discuss QUIZ dvertising-campaigns/energy-lives-here/quiz dvertising-campaigns/energy-lives-here/quiz Saving Energy / People & Energy What have electric companies, appliance companies, cities, &/or the government done to encourage energy efficiency? To what degree should individuals be responsible for conserving energy? What role – if any – should the government play in enforcing conservation regulation for businesses?

9 Assignment 1. As a team, select a site 2. How have you observed energy being wasted or used unnecessarily/excessively at this site? 3. Brainstorm 5 suggestions for reducing energy that would work well at your site 4. Narrow your list to the most simple, but effective suggestion for decreasing energy use. 5. Create an advertisement/poster with an eye- catching, colorful, creative, detailed, & concise of the suggestion for reducing energy

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